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Macbook pro laptop..
Wanna to be a media manager..
Be part of SM company family..
Earn big bucks$$...=p
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

i don't know what am i thinking? maybe i giving in too much in this relationship.. this is my first relationship.. do i really love him or just a crush or just a mistake to be together? we had different culture yet i read and research about his culture.. i make effort to adopt into his culture.. maybe i was wrong.. i shouldn't care at all... he just went missing like that without telling me.. i shall let him go missing in my heart..

Let time heal the wound in my heart.. i already forget about him.. tomorrow will be a better day for me.. i not letting him affect me.. eileen FIGHTING!!!

Stay Strong =)

*Be Yourself~

Thursday, July 01, 2010

i never thought of going those club. but i met my baby boy. he is sweet and cute. haha. He now in thailand but i miss him like crazy yet i don't tell him. i just tell him i will miss once a while.. so bad of me.. he draw an heart shape in msn for me.. so cute na..

i will upload more about us and my life.. haha.. i now update my drama stroy..

Ps. sorry that i never been update for so long time.. my blog going to die soon..

*Be Yourself~

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I hate my life.. i gonna destroy my world right now... bye people.. no more suffer...

*Be Yourself~

Thursday, September 03, 2009

~Sinking into a Depression~

I am a person dare to hope and dare to reach for my dreams i had.. but now.. i changed.. a person don't dare to hope anything anymore.. i had lost myself.. i am lost.. i really really wish that i could leave the world without any worries.. i though i was right all along until i found out the truth.. A truth that i don't wish to know about.. i keep bluffing myself until it come out by it own... i though i had walk out my past.. walk out the depress mood i had.. but now.. all had came back.. i am scare.. i scare that i cannot control myself that i use to.. i don't dare to think what will i do.. i just wanna to be normal person.. Can I??


*Be Yourself~

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Time For Confession

(Confession Of A Friend)

It's been a while..
Since my heart began to change little by little..
Since i was aching inside..
From sometime ago, every time i see you get hurt..
I began to hate the person who made you suffer..
I began to think it might be better for me to be there for you..
I began to think that now, i want to be the one to hold you and love you..
baby please come to me, and be my baby that i love the most..
You know i always stood by you for far too long.. but i stood without saying a word..
all i can to do is hiding this aching heart of mine to myself..
You always say that we are friend.. we only can stay as friend..
I couldn't tell you how i feel..
But i had to keep it inside..
Holding my hand, saying there's no one else like me..
you alway saying that having a friend like me is a true blessing..
Everytime you wanted to remain as friends this way..
So i had to suppress my love for you..
I began to think it might be better for me to be there for you..
kept thinking, kept trying to hold it in..
I'm afraid of losing you but..
As a friend.. to stay as friends..
i still couldn't tell you how i feel...
i had keep it inside my heart for very long..
But now i want to confess and say i love you..

Everything was too late to confess.. i leart my lesson that waiting for you about three years, six months and one week... although i always think that waiting for a person that you love is easy task.. i always thinking forget about a person also a easy task.. everything i had done was foolish.. it time for me to change.. it had been two months that i wanna to change myself yet i afraid to lose to myself that i always be..sometime i don't know what i doing.. what am i proving to myself? that you will love me back.. forget about it..

Its gonna be a Hot Issue when a person was reborn to be another person...
Good girl gone Bad..
this is gonna be a mind game to her for changing...

*Be Yourself~

Monday, June 29, 2009

This is another love story.. A love story about a girl wanted to meet her idols in real life and fall in love with one of the member in DBSK.. even does not happen in real life but just a fairytale..

In the story the characters were DBSK and the little girl "it's you" that love them.. let's name the girl as "Dream"..

Dream profile:
Name: Dream
Birthday: November 30, 1988
Birthplace: Singapore
Religion: unknown
Blood Type: A

Random Facts:
-She love to day-dream
-Her fav band is DBSK
-Never had first love/kiss before
-Want be a director/producer
-Want to help DBSK shoot an MTV.
-Has one elder brother

Chapter 1

Dream live in Singapore. she always had a dream to meet DBSK in real life. So she started to save money to go korea to find them one of those days. while she is study as a media management in singapore, she also had a part-time job as asst. producer in some local short film. she started to learn DIY stuff like knitting , sewing and many other skills and also cooking. she hope she had a chance to cook for them to eat. As her dream come true. One of her short film had won awards of best short film, best director, best producer, best storyteller and best production team. she had a chance to go korea's film company work as producer.

Before she could go korea, she need to finish her studies in media management diploma. She just left three more months to completed her studies. When she completed her studies, she need to fly to korea as in she had already signed the contract with the korea's film company. In the meantime, she started to learn korea lauguage and search for DBSK like wat kind of stuff and etc. she started knit scarf for each member with their fav colour. she brought some football video game for Junsu.A collection of Harry potter books for Changmin. A collection of superhero comic books for Yunho. A collection of cooking books for Jae Joong. Dream try to use her connection to find out YooChun's brother and mother location. As Dream knows he miss them a lot yet they are overseas. She also brought a lot of local food for them too.

After she completed her studies, she apply one month leave. she was telling her company that she need to know the enviroment of Korea and the company agreed. But actually, she find each of DBSK memeber family. she took photo of their family and letter of their family wanted to tell them. At first, their family feel weird. thinking what is Dream doing. she explain herself. she wanna give her fav band a big surprise. she packed each of DBSK present into box with her drawing of each memeber's face on top of the box. Each of the five boxes are big and heavy. But YooChun's box was light. Dream feels a bit unfair that other memeber has a lot gift. she start to search YooChun fav stuff. YooChun like to compose music. so she brought a mini keyboard.

She started to looking info where they are staying, so she could give those boxes to them. meanwhile she also need to find a place to stay in korea too. The film company already had brought apartment for Dream. All she needs to brought some grocery for her new home. she keep on looking for DBSK location. she find out from their company. they will having event for three days in japan. but she just hope to send those gift to them. Bringing those heavy stuff with her. she doesn't wanna to give up search their house. every info she had, she won't give up a single hope. After the whole day looking the place where they stay, she decided to go home. she wants to get some rest so she had energy to search for the next day.

Walking back to her apartment. she saw a familiar person backview. she walk up to the person. It was Yunho. He was throwing some rubbish from the house. Dream was thinking whether she was dreaming or see the wrong person. but it was Yunho. she was thinking this is not his real house. while she keep thinking, Yunho looked at her. Dream looks blur. Yunho say "annyong haseyo!" hello in korea to Dream with a sweet smile. It is so shocking to Dream. Dream reply to Yunho "annyong haseyo!" in korea with a bow. When Yunho was going back to the house, Dream forget the present that she wants to give. Suddenly she shout "Oppa!". Yunho was shocked and turn back look at her. Dream's face quickly turn red. she run toward YunHo and keep saying " Sorry Sorry!" with a lot of bow. It's beacause she accidently shouted too loud. YunHo smile and say " It's ok!" in korea. Dream taking out a korea book from her bag as she is trying using korea lauguage talk to YunHo. But seem YunHo quite puzzled what Dream was trying to say. Dream trying very hard to find words and hand signs as in she wanna tell YunHo that how she coming all the way from Singapore to here. Having a chance to come to korea to work. She want has a chance to shoot their MTV.


Chapter 2

Suddenly, YooChun comes out from the house. YooChun thinks something happen to YunHo. YooChun walk to YunHo side was asking what is Dream doing here.

Dream: "annyong haseyo" with a bow to YooChun.
YooChun: annyong haseyo! with a smile.
YunHo reply to YooChun in korea: I think she finding her way back to hotel, she does not look like local.
Dream look at them puzzled. YooChun started talk to Dream in english.
YooChun: Are you asking the way back to your hotel?
Dream: Nope! i was look for you guys.
YooChun:You are one of our fans from overseas?
Dream: Yea. i was from Singapore. You guys don't have event in Singapore and i wished to see you guy in real person.
YooChun: How you know we are staying here?
Dream: Don't worry. i not a stalker. i just got chance to work here in a film company. so i wanted to pass you guys some gift that i made by myself.
YooChun: Had you find a place to stay? you seem to carry a lot stuff with you.
Dream: I already had apartment to stay.
YooChun: Are you looking the way to your apartment?
Dream: Nope. i was on my way back to my apartment. than i saw YunHo oppa. i was looking for you guys the whole day.
YooChun: For?
Dream: i just wanted to pass some gift to you guys.

YunHo looking at them. He don't know a single words what they are saying. YooChun started explain to YunHo in korea what was happening. Junsu came out from the house.

Junsu: Hyung! what are you guys doing outside?
Dream: "annyong haseyo" with a bow to Junsu.
Junsu: "annyong haseyo!" with a smile.
Yunho was telling Junsu what happening.
YooChun: what is your name?
Dream: My name is Dream. nice to meet you.
YooChun: i think you should know our names.
Dream: "ne" yes in korea.
YooChun: Are you learning korea lauguage?
Dream: Yes. so i could communicate with you guys and my company.

Jae Joong just came back from shooting. He was amazed why all of them is outside.
Dream:"annyong haseyo" with a bow to Jae Joong.
Jae Joong:"annyong haseyo!" with a smile.
Junsu and YunHo started explain to him what happen.
Junsu started to sneeze. It was winter time in korea. Dream started to rememeber about the gift. So she pass Junsu the gift box and also to YunHo, YooChun and Jae Joong. She ask Junsu to wear the scarf that she made. When Junsu open the box. He accidently drop the football video game.
Dream: opps!
Junsu: Ah!
When Junsu pick up the football video game. He was happy and started looking those football video game that Dream gave.
Junsu: "Kamsa hamnida!" i like those video game and the scarf that you made for me in my fav colour.
Dream only understand thank you in korea but not the rest. so YooChun telling her in english that Junsu love those gift that you gave.
YooChun invited Dream into the house for a hot drink.
Dream: "kamsa hamnida!" thank you in korea.
YooChun, YunHo, Junsu and Jae Joong smile at her.

When they step in the house,
Changmin: Hyung! what are you guys doing outside so long?
Dream: "annyong haseyo" with a bow to Changmin.
Changmin: "annyong haseyo!" with a shy smile.
Changgmin started to ask YunHo what happen. So YunHo explain to Changmin.
Jae Joong: i go upstair and bath.
Junsu started playing those football video game that Dream gave him. Dream passed the gift box to Changmin with a smile.
Changmin: "kamsa hamnida!"
Dream: welcome.
Junsu: Ahh!
Everyone look at Junsu.
Junsu: Inside the box, there was my family photo and my family wrote me a letter.
Junsu run toward Dream and hugged her.
Dream: oh!
Junsu: Thank you! i really miss my family a lot.
Dream don't know what to say Junsu. Junsu started read those letter. YooChun pass Dream a cup of hot chocolate.
Dream: Thank you.
YooChun: Welcome.
YooChun: Thank you for the gift box. So you been search for us the whole day?
Dream: Yup. i just wanna to pass you guys the gift box.
Dream: ohh! i forget something.
Dream started open her bag and bring out a big pack of Singapore local food.
Dream: Try some of my country local food. there were BBQ pork and some goodies.
YooChun: Thank you. you are such a nice girl, brought us some many stuff.
YooChun, YunHo, Changmin and Junsu started eat those food that dream brought for them.
YooChun: Hyung! come down eat some food brought by Dream.
Jae Joong: Who is Dream?
YooChun: i forget to tell u guys.. Her name is Dream.
Jae Joong: Wow! it look so Yummy..
Dream: It look very late. oh.. already 2am..
YooChun: i don't think so.. It was 3am.
Dream: ohh.. i think my time still in singapore time. haha..
Dream: i think i need to go off already.
YooChun: stay over here. it is very late and dangerous for a girl to go home at this time somemore this area not really safe.
Dream: i scare trouble you guys if i stay here.
YooChun: Don't worry. we have guestroom.
Dream: Sorry to trouble you guys.
YooChun: It's ok. i bring you to the guestroom.
Dream: Thanks.

YooChun bring Dream to the guestroom.
YooChun: In the toilet, there were extra towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and facial wash.
Dream: Thanks a lot.
YooChun: Good Night.
Dream: Good Night.
Dream started day- dream.. thinking DBSK thinks about her...

Back to the living room.
Changmin: Those food are great. we should tell our manager to had event in Singapore.
Yunho: Yea..
Junsu: i am very happy to received a great gift from her.
Jae Joong: i haven open my gift box. it was at upstair.
Changmin: let me open mine. wow. she even draw my face in the box. oh my.
Yunho: What?
Changmin: she brought my fav book and a scarf made by her with my fav colour. it was a collection of Harry Potter's books. also my family photo and letter from my family.
Yunho: wow. i must open mine too.
Yunho: oh.. she also draw my face in the box. she brought my fav superhero comic books and a scarf made by her with my fav colour too.. i also have my family photo and a letter from letter..
Changmin & Yunho: How sweet is she..
Jae Joong: i can't wait to look my gift box. but the food here wan me to finish up.
Junsu: how she can find our family? she not stay in korea. thinking how she get those information.
Yunho: she had our heart to find them. i think she know all of us miss our family.
YooChun come out from the guest room.
YooChun: what you guys talking about?
Junsu: we were talking about dream.
Changmin: had you see your gift box?
Yunho: she had drawn our face in the box and made a scarf.
Junsu: not even that. she also brought our fav stuff too.
Changmin: also our family photo and letter from our family.
Junsu: we were curious how she find our family.
YooChun: Dream working in a film company in Korea. i think she asking from her company or something.
Changmin: Hyung! you wanted a family photo and a letter from your family. why don look at your gift box.
YooChun: Cannot be.. my family not in Korea. how she find?
Yunho: quite true. just see what she gave you.
YooChun: Ok!

When YooChun gonna open the gift box.Suddenly, Dream come out from the guestroom.
Dream: Sorry. i don't know you guys are talking.
Yunho and changmin run toward her give her a big hug.
Dream: oh! sorry.. have i done wrong?
YooChun: nope. they will touched by the gift you gave.
Dream: really? i so happy that you guys like those gift.
YooChun: all of us miss our family a lot.
Dream: had you open yours?
YooChun: haven. later. i though u should be sleeping.
Dream: yea. i just forget to say good night to all of you.
Yoochun: ohh..
Dream: Good night Junsu oppa! Good night Yunho oppa! Good night Jae Joong oppa! Good night Changmin oppa! Good night Yoochun oppa!
Yoochun tell the rest that dream was saying good night to us.
DBSK: Good Night Dream!

YooChun and Changmin started to clean up the food that is leftover.
JaeJoong: i need to rest. later 9am i had shooting again.
YunHo: ok.. you go rest. good night..
JaeJoong: Good night everyone.
The rest reply: Good Night.
Junsu: oh my. i cannot stop playing the football game.
YunHo: hey.. you better had an early rest. if not you will get sick.
Junsu: haha.. it is ok.. i go back my room and play. * rubbing his nose*
Changmin: Hyung. junsu hyung cannot stop playing untill he gets tired.
YooChun: yea.
YunHo: 11am we still need to go for live show. so everyone get early rest.
Changmin: Yes Sir..
Yoochun: i just clean this and i will go rest. changmin you go rest first.
Changmin: Yes Sir..
Yunho: i also too..
YooChun: Good Night..
Changmin & YunHo: Good night..


Chapter 3

In the guest room. Dream still thinking what to do for tomorrow morning.
Dream: Should i left a note and go home in the morning?
Dream: no! no! it is so rude..
Dream: wait for them to wake up and say good bye?
Dream: no! no! i must thanks them letting me staying here..
Dream: hmm.. oh.. i should cook breakfeast for them for thanking them.
Dream: yea! or??

Back to the living room.
YooChun: ahh! i finish clearing up the food and table.
YooChun: oh ya! i forget about the gift box that Dream gave me.
YooChun: here it is.. so sweet of her drawing my face on the box..
YooChun: she put the effort to knit each of us a scarf in our fav colour.
YooChun: she brought me a mini keyboard for composing music.. so sweet.
YooChun: ohh.. my bro and mother photo.. how she get it? they are not in korea..
*touching tears flow down on Yoochun*
YooChun: she even get them write a letter for me.
YooChun without thinking run toward the guestroom and knock on the door.
YooChun: Dream. Are you asleep?
Dream: Ohh! nope.
Dream walking toward the door and open. Dream saw Yoochun with tears.
Dream: Are you okay? anything happen?
YooChun just hug Dream tightly.
YooChun: "kamsa hamnida!"
Dream: oohh.. erm.. Welcome..
YooChun: how you find my mother and brother?
Dream: i was searching for everyone family location throught my connection in media and someother friend help.
Dream: It's beacause i know you guy miss your family especially you. your family are overseas. It's hard for you to look for them. you have their photo and you look it everyday.
Dream: i know the feeling from you separated from your brother and mother. when i was young, my parent was divorced. i only can see my mother once for few weeks.
YooChun: thanks a lot for helping me getting my family photo and letter. i don't know how to thank you much. i know it hard for you to get our family location.
Dream: Don't worry. i got explain to them about those photo and letter. i won't tell other people about their location and i won't disturb them or blackmail them. i only just wanna you guys to be happy.
YooChun: yea.. i understand.. thanks. sorry to wake you in the middle of the night.
Dream: it is ok.. i haven sleep yet so it is ok.. *With a big smile*
Once again.. Yoochun hugged Dream and say good night to her.

It was 7am in the morning. Dream wake up and prepare breakfeast for them for thanking them letting her stay overnight. As she think they will wake up around 9am in the morning cos she watched too much korea show. Dream went to wet market to buy some food back and cook.
Dream brought some fish, meat, rice and some korea side dish ~kimchi~. she started to cook beef soup. she slowly learn step by step from the korea cooking book that she brought from Singapore. while the soup need time to cook. she washed rich and veg. she started to cook other dishes.

In Jae Joong's room.
JaeJoong: *yawn* it is gonna a hard day for me.
JaeJoong: i seem to forget something.
JaeJoong: ohh.. Dream's gift box.
JaeJoong: let see. what she gave me.. oh my.. it was a collection of cooking book from different country. i wanted to learn french cooking. *big smile*
JaeJoong: she also got my family photo and letter. i must thanks her in person.
JaeJoong went to bath and prepare to go out for shooting.

Back to the kitchen.
Dream: Erm.. when they like it? i think it taste good. some of them don take spicy food. early morning who will take spicy food.. haha..
Dream start to arrage the table nicely with spoon, bowl and others. She also prepare milk, orange jucie, coffee and tea.
Dream: did i left out anything?? hmm.. should be ok.. ohh.. my soup..

JaeJoong went to living.
JaeJoong: ahh.. where the cooking smell came from? am i dreaming?
JaeJoong went to kitchen and saw Dream was cooking.
JaeJoong: "Good Morning!" in korea
Dream: Ahh!
Dream drop one of the spoon.
Dream: Sorry! Sorry! no.. no.. "Good Morning! jaejoong oppa" in korea.
Suddenly Jae Joong hugged Dream.
JaeJoong: "thanks for everything!" in korea.
Dream started to filp her korea lauguage book to find words to talk to jae joong.
Dream: Sorry! i accidently drop the spoon. erm erm.. ^in korea^
JaeJoong: It is ok! what are you cooking? ^in korea^
Dream: ohh. yea yea.. i was cooking breakfeast for you guys to thank you guys letting me staying overnight here.^in korea^
Dream: can you help me try whether the food is ok for you guys? sorry i really know how to cook korea dish.
JaeJoong: Sure!^in korea^
While JaeJoong tasting the food. Dream hoping the food it is ok for them.
JaeJoong: it was alright. good!^in korea^
Dream was too happy and jumping around and high five with JaeJoong.
Dream: opps.. haha..
Dream: Why are you so early wake up than others?^in korea^
JaeJoong: i had a shooting at 9am.^in korea^
Dream: It's already 8am. ohh my. ^in korea^
JaeJoong: i was about go out and i smell someone cooking and saw you in the kitchen.^in korea^
Dream: oh.. ah.. faster had your breakfeast before you went for shooting. you must be need a lot of energy.
JaeJoong: thanks..^in korea^
Dream: ohh.. i need to call the rest wake up too. since you guy having shooting at 9am. they will be late.^in korea^
JaeJoong: don't worry. they won't joining me for shooting.^in korea^
Dream: ohh?^in korea^
JaeJoong: they having a live show at 11am. but i won't joining them cos i have to shoot a drama..^in korea^
Dream: oh i see....^in korea^
JaeJoong: ok.. i am done. thanks for prepare so many food and your present.. i like it a lot.. ^in korea^
Dream: Welcome. also thanks you letting me staying overnight here.^in korea^
Both of them smile to each other.
Dream sending JaeJoong to the door at the house.
Dream: Take Care! Enjoy your day! Hope to see you again! Always Smile!*Big smile*^in korea^
JaeJoong: You too. *Big Smile* ^in korea^

While, waiting the rest to wake up. Dream started reading korea lauguage so it is easily for her to communicate with them.

It is around 9.30am.
Yunho: what is that smell? ^in korea^
Dream: Good morning yunho oppa! ^in korea^
Yunho: Good Morning! ^in korea^
Dream: i go heat up the soup and dish.^in korea^
Yunho: ah! all of this is cooked by you?^in korea^
Dream: Yea. ^in korea^
Yunho: Thanks. i just wanted to prepare some bread for you guys. ^in korea^
Dream: oh.. i just wanna thank you guys for letting me staying overnight here. ^in korea^
Changmin: Where is the smell came from? Yunho Hyung are you cooking?^in korea^
Yunho: nope.. it was dream.
Changmin: ohh..
Dream: Good morning changmin oppa! ^in korea^
Changmin: Good morning! ^in korea^
Changmin: you know how to cook korea food? ^in korea^
Dream: not really. i just learned from korea cooking book.*smile*^in korea^
Changmin: ohh.
Yunho: Dream cooks for us to thank us for letting her staying overnight.^in korea^
Changmin: Oh.. thanks dream for cooking for us..
Dream: Changmin oppa.. Yunho oppa.. can you try the soup and the dish whether it is ok for you guys. ^in korea^
Changmin & Yunho: ok! ^in korea^
YooChun: Good Morning everyone!
Dream: Good morning YooChun oppa!
YooChun: What you guys doing? cooking? ^in korea^
Changmin: Dream wanna us to taste those food she cooked for us. ^in korea^
YooChun: Dream.. You know how to cook korea food? ^in korea^
Dream: nope.. i learn from the korea cooking book.. haha..*smile* ^in korea^
Yunho: it is taste good. ^in korea^
Changmin: yea. ^in korea^
YooChun: i also wanna to try. ^in korea^
YooChun: it is good.^in korea^
Dream: you guy can go to the table sit for a moment. breakfeast will be serve soon.^in korea^
Yunho, Changmin & YooChun: ok! thanks! ^in korea^
Yunho: Wow! you prepare so many food for us. ^in korea^
Dream: i don't know what kind of drink and food you like. so i just random choose..^in korea^
Changmin: it is ok.. we eat a lot different kind food.*smile*
Dream: i hope had a chance to cook my country food for you guys to try. ^in korea^
YooChun: Sure! ^in korea^

All of them started to eat.
Dream: Where is Junsu oppa?^in korea^
Changmin: i think he still sleeping since he playing his video game the whole night.^in korea^
Yunho: Let me go call him wake up..^in korea^


Chapter 4

Yunho went to Junsu's room.
Yunho: Junsu wake up.. it time for breakfeast.. later we have live show.. ^in korea^
Yunho: Xiah Junsu wake up.. *knock the door* ^in korea^
Yunho: Xiah Junsu wake up.. *knock the door* ^in korea^
Yunho: Xiah Junsu wake up.. *knock the door* ^in korea^
Yunho feel it does not seem right. so he open the door. he saw junsu still laying on his bed. he walk toward junsu. junsu's face seem pale.

Yunho rush down to living room..

Yunho: Yoochun.. faster call doctor.. ^in korea^
Yoochun: What happen? ^in korea^
Yunho: Junsu not feeling well.. ^in korea^
Changmin: i call manager.. ^in korea^
Dream: What happen? can i help in anything? ^in korea^
Yoochun: it is ok. ^in korea^

Dream was scare and worried. she don't really know what going on. Doctor just arrived and went up and see junsu. soon, DBSK's manager came..

Dream: "annyong haseyo" with a bow to DBSK's manager.
DBSK's manager: "annyong haseyo" with a bow to Dream.
DBSK's manager: who is she? *pointing Dream* ^in korea^
Yunho: it's our friend. ^in korea^
Changmin: she from overseas brought us something. ^in korea^
Yoochun: yea..^in korea^
DBSK's manager: oh okay.. ^in korea^

Everyone look very worried.. waiting for doctor to come down..

Doctor came down to living room..

DBSK's manager: How is junsu? ^in korea^
Doctor: he having bad flu and he had been over stressed.. all he need is more rest.. ^in korea^
DBSK's manager: thank you! ^in korea^
Doctor: welcome! i make a move first.. anything just call me.. ^in korea^
Yunho: i send you to the door..^in korea^
Doctor: Thank you! ^in korea^
Changmin: manager.. later we having live show..
DBSK's manager: i will tell them about junsu cannot make it to the show.. but who will take care of junsu? ^in korea^
Dream: sorry.. if you guys don mind i can take care of junsu.. ^in korea^
DBSK's manager: ok.. thanks..
YooChun: yea.. i sure Dream will take care of Junsu..
Dream: manager.. have you eaten breakfeast? ^in korea^
DBSK's manager: it is ok.. ^in korea^
Dream: if you don mind, u can have the breakfeast that i made.. ^in korea^
Yunho came back..
Yunho: yea.. the food is great..^in korea^
Changmin: manager u must try it..^in korea^
Dream walk to YooChun..
Dream: YooChun oppa.. sorry that i make junsu sick.. cos i brought him video game and he didn't get if enough of rest..^in korea^
YooChun: Not your fault.. we are quite busy nowsday.. that why it is easy get sick..
Yunho and Changmin walk to them
Yunho: what happen? ^in korea^
YooChun: Dream blaming herself making Junsu cos she brought her video game so he didn't get enough rest.^in korea^
Changmin: not your fault.. junsu even don have your video game that you given.. he also will play his own video game..^in korea^
Yunho: Yeah..^in korea^
Dream: so sorry about it.. ^in korea^
Yunho, Changmin and Yoochun: don't worry.. we understand..^in korea^
DBSK's manager: okay.. i am done.. let's go.. we still got live show..
Yunho, Changmin and Yoochun: this is our number.. anything happen just call us.. give us your number too.. ^in korea^
Dream: ok.. this is my number.. ^in korea^
Yunho, Changmin and Yoochun: ok.. we go off.. ^in korea^
Dream: i send you guy to the door.. ^in korea^
Dream: take care oppa..^in korea^
Yunho,Changmin and Yoochun: u too..^in korea^

Dream went to Junsu's room..
Dream knock at Junsu's door..
Dream: Junsu oppa.. i come in..^in korea^
JunSu: ok..^in korea^
Dream: how you feeling? are you hungry?^in korea^
JunSu: i feel very tired ang hungry..^in korea^
Dream: i cook for some porriadge ok? ^in korea^
Junsu: ok..^in korea^
Dream went to bathroom get some warm towels put on Junsu's forehead..
Dream went to kitchen cook for Junsu some porriadge..

* Dream started to talk in korea..

Dream went to Junsu's room with the porriadge.. she blow the porriadge so won't be hot for junsu to eat..

Dream: Junsu oppa.. have some porriadge before you eat med..
Junsu: ok.. thanks..
Dream smiled at Junsu.. after finished the porriadge and dream feed junsu with med..
Junsu went back to sleep.. Dream changed the towel and put it on junsu's forehead.. Dream went back to kitchen.. Started to clean up the cooking dishes..

Dream started day dream again..
Dream: ahh! i should help them clean up the house. it seem quite messy and they are so busy to clean up.
Dream: time to clean up.. yeah..

Dream started to clean the house and their room. she don't dare to touch their stuff on their table.. so she just clean the floor, bed and clothes for them.. she collected everybody clothes and started to wash.. she feel quite boring and listen to mp3 with DBSK songs.. after finish wash and hanging their clothes.. she arrange the house with fresh flower and watering the garden outside the house.. she went up to junsu's room and changed the towel for junsu.. after that, she started to mop the whole from their room to living room and every coner of the house..

Dream mopped halfway..
Dream: ahh!!
Dream: already 4pm le.. should i cook dinner for them?
Dream: i think so.. if not they hungry and don't have food..
Dream went to market to buy some food come back..

Dream want to cook herbal chicken for everyone cos everyone since to be tired.. so she started to boil the soup and some other dishes.. while finish cooking the dish and rice. while waiting for the soup to ready, she coutinue to mop the floor.. Dream started to dance while mopping the floor with listen to DBSK song..


Chapter 5

JaeJoong had finish the shooting and went back home. When he step in the house, saw Dream was dancing with the mop. Dream without notice jaejoong was looking at her. when she turn around and saw jae joong..

Dream: under my skin..
Dream: ah!! jae joong oppa..
Dream: erm.. *she forget the bucket of water is behind*
Dream keep walking back and feel very shy that jae joong saw her dancing..
JaeJoong: it is ok.. haha..
Dream step in the bucket water and fell down..
Drema: woah...
JaeJoong: be careful...

Jae joong didn't catch Dream in time.. Dream fell down and hit her head..

Jae Joong: are you okay??
Dream: yea.. i am ok.. *rubbing her head*
Jae Joong went to get the first aid box..
Dream: it is ok.. i am ok..
Jae Joong help Dream apply med on her head..
Dream: thanks..
Jae Joong smiled at her..
Jae Joong: why u still here? where is the rest?
Dream: the rest went for live show.. only junsu at home..
Jae Joong: junsu at home with you???
Dream: no.. no.. he was sick.. i was staying here to take care of him..
Jae joong: junsu is sick.. oh on.. i should go see him..
Dream: he is sleeping.. he had his med not long..
Jae Joong: ok than.. i will go see him later.. i forget Yoochun got text me about what happen..
Dream: have you eaten?
Jae Joong: nope.. later i need go to another part of korea.. i just come back and pack my stuff..
Dream: i cooked dinner.. you wanna have some?
Jae Joong: ok..
Dream: oh.. *she hit her head* ouch.. my soup..
Dream quick run to the kitchen..
Jae Joong: take your time..
Dream: you can go take a shower first.. it will be ready in ten min time..
Jae Joong: it is ok.. i will wait at the dinning table..
Dream: okok.. *busying prepare the dinner*
Dream: anyway i already clean up you guys room but don't worry i never touch your stuff on the table.. i only clean your clothes, bed and floor that all..
Jae Joong: oh.. i am so busy to clean up.. thanks..*smile at dream*
Dream: oppa.. can help me taste the soup whether it is ok..
Jae Joong: ok.. it is nice but i never eat this kind food before..
Dream: i learned from my hometown..
Jae Joong: cool..
Dream: oppa.. you go sit down.. just give me a moment..
Jae Joong: don't worry.. take your time..
Dream prepare the table and serve the dinner to jae joong..
Dream: oppa.. hope you like the dinner i make..
Jae Joong: sure.. let eat together..
Dream: it is ok.. i going prepare some food for junsu oppa..
Jae Joong: what you gonna cook for him? *eating dinner*
Dream: i cooking porriadge with sweet potato with fish and herbal tea..
Jae Joong: ohh..
Dream: oppa.. you also have some herbal tea.. it cool you down..
JaE Joong: i am too cool for it..
Dream: erm.. oh.. hahaha...
Jae joong: joking.. just help me put in a bottle.. i will bring to my shooting..
Dream: ok.. i make you a big bottle so you can share with your friend too..
Jae Joong: nope.. i will drink it myself.. cos it is done by you..
Dream: ohh.. *feel shy*
Jae Joong: hahaha..

Dream busy cooking junsu's dinner while Jae Joong was eating dinner...
Dream: i am done.. *looking at the clock* oh already 7pm..
Dream: i need to ask junsu oppa eat med.. before that i need to clean the mess i make on the floor.. if not later the rest come back might fall down..
Jae Joong: it is ok.. i help you clean up..
Dream: it is ok.. i will clean up.. i know you are tired after those shooting and later you also have to work again..
Jae Joong: it is ok.. let me help..
Dream: it is ok.. why not you help me wake up junsu oppa to eat med..
Jae Joong: okok.. i also wanna to see him.. see whether he is feeling better..

Dream was clean up the mess while jae joong went to see junsu..
Jae Joong: Junsu.. *knock the door*
Jae Joong: i come in..
Junsu: hyung.. wat time already?
Jae Joong: already 7pm..
Junsu: ohh.. i got live show.. ah my head..
Jae Joong: don't worry.. you on sick leave.. manager already tell the tv station..
Jae Joong: you catch flu and fever...
Junsu: why there is towel on my head? Hyung you been taking care me for the whole day?
Junsu: erm.. shouldn't be.. you have shooting on.. you take off day for me?
Jae Joong: hahaha.. you think too much.. the whole taking crae of you is Dream..
Junsu: i though she went home..
Jae Joong: nope.. she help us clean the house and cooking dinner for us.. now she is making dinner for you..
Junsu: oh.. i remember.. in the afternoon i think.. someone feeding me med and porriadge. i thought i was dreaming..
Jae Joong: haha.. but the fact dream is a nice gal.. she even washed our clothes too..
Junsu: ohh.. no wonder my room is so clean not like before..

Dream bring porriadge to junsu's room after cleaned up the mess..
Dream: oppa.. oppa.. *knocking the door*
Jae Joong: come in..
Dream: ok.. junsu oppa.. how are you feeling?
Junsu: feeling better.. thanks for taking care of me the whole day..
Dream: it is ok *smile at junsu*
Dream: have your dinner before eating med..
Junsu: ok.. thanks..
Jae Joong: ok.. dream take care of junsu.. no one take care of me..
Dream: ah..
Jae joong: joking... okok.. i go bath..
Junsu: hyung always like to joke.. don't worry..
Dream: it is ok.. haha.
Dream: let me help you make to porriadge for you cold.. so it is easy for you to eat..
Junsu: it is ok..
Dream: don't worry.. *blowing the porriadge*

Dream feeding junsu with the porriadge..
Junsu: thanks.. my body feel is weak to move..
Dream: it is ok..
Junsu: what happen to yr head?
Dream: ohh.. it is ok..
Junsu: wanna see doctor..
Dream: it is ok..
Dream: i go change the towel for you..give me a min..
Junsu: it is ok..
Dream: here is your med.. after you taken your med take this carmel sweet.. so it won't leave those med taste in your mouth.
Junsu: thanks. you are so thoughtful..
Dream: have a good rest.
Junsu: thanks.

Dream went down to living room. at the same time, the rest is back.

Yunho: yo.. we are back..
Dream: annyong haseyo.. *with a bow towards them
Yoochun, Changmin and Yunho: annyong haseyo..*smile at Dream..
Changmin: how is hyung?
Dream: he is fine.. he already had his med and now he is resting.
Changmin: ohh.. *smile at dream
YooChun: thanks for helping us taking care of junsu..
Dream: it is ok..
DBSK's manager went in the house..
Dream: annyong haseyo.. *with a bow.
DBSK's manager: annyong haseyo.. *smile at dream.
DBSK's manager: we need to pack up.. later we had plane to catch.. anyway dream are you free for one week?
Dream: yea..
DBSK's manager: can you help us taking care of junsu while we are away to Japan for one week?
Dream: erm.. but my stuff not with me..
DBSK's manager: i will ask someone to fetch you to get your stuff.. are you okay with it?
Dream: ohh ok..
DBSK's manager: thanks a lot for your help. since the doctor say junsu need a lot of rest..
YooChun: have you inform the company in Japan?
DBSK's manager: yea..
Changmin: Dream.. are you cooking something in kitchen?
Dream: yea.. ohh.. i go heat up dinner for you guys..
Yunho: ohh.. you cooked us dinner?
Dream: yea.. jae joong oppa already had it..
Yoochun: hyung is back?
Dream: yea..
Jae Joong: i heard someone is calling me..
Changmin: hyung.. you are back..

While Dream tie her hair up and heat up dinner for them..
Yoochun: Dream.. what happen to your head??
Dream: oh.. it is ok..
Jae joong: she thinking of me untill fall down..
Yoochun: ohh.. really? * weird looking at jae joong
Dream: oh.. no.. i was mopping the floor and slipped down..
Changmin: ouch.. very pain..
Dream: it is ok..
Jae Joong: actually is.. she was..
Dream: jae joong oppa.. you wanna to eat again?
Jae Joong: haha.. sure..
Yunho: what you guy talking about?
Yunho: Dream.. what happen to your head?
Dream: oh it is ok.. dinner will be serve soon..
Yunho: you wanna see doctor?
Dream: it is ok oppa.. *smile at yunho
Changmin: let go out to the living room..

Dream: dinner is ready.. manager pls join in too..
Yunho: dream join us too..
Dream: it is ok.. i need to clean up the kitchen..
Changmin: do it later..
Dream: it is ok..
Yoochun: wow.. the food looks great..
Dream: it is herbal chicken.. it is good for health.. i also prepare herbal tea for you guys pls bring along to japan.
Yunho: thanks.. *smile at Dream.
DBKS manager: dream.. i fetch you to get your stuff first ok?
Dream: okok.. give me a moment.. pls had your dinner first.
DBSK's manager: okok.. thanks..
DBSK's manager: jae joong.. what time your shooting start?
Jae joong: the shoot had delay. it will start at 12am.
DBSK's manager: ok. after your shoot give me call.. i will arrange your flight..
Jae joong: ok hyung..

Dream: manager.. i am done..
DBSK's manager: ok.. hey guy go prepare your stuff and get ready..
DBSK: ok..
DBSK's manager: ok. let go dream..
Dream: yea..
*they went off
Yunho: i had feeling that our house suddenly so clean..
Changmin: yea..
Jae Joong: ohh.. dream help us clean the house.. she even washed our clothes and clean our room..
yoochun: ohh.. how nice she is..
Yunho: yea.. she even help us take care of junsu..
Jae Joong: she also ask us don't worry that she never touch our stuff on our table..
Changmin: ohh.. she is a nice person..
Jae Joong: junsu so blessed.. got people take care of him.. i also want to sick.. haha..
Yunho: are you crazy??
Jae Joong: joking.. haha..
Yoochun: dream cooked those food is nice and also think about our health..
Changmin: ok.. i am done.. i go up and pack my stuff..
Jae Joong: what time is you guys flight?
YooChun: 1 am.. but we need be there early.. as you know..
Yunho: let go pack.. already 9pm..
Jae Joong: you guys go pack i already packed my stuff.. i go clean up the table..


Chapter 6

Dream and manager came back..
Dream: we are back.
DBSK's manager: are you guys done?
Changmin: yea..
YooChun and Yunho: give us a min..
Dream: jae joong oppa.. let me clean up.. you go have some rest..
Jae Joong: it is ok..
Dream: ok.. i go prepare herbal tea for them to bring to Japan..
YooChun and Yunho: we are done..
Dream: oppa.. pls bring along the herbal tea..
Changmin, YooChun and Yunho: ok.. thanks..
Dream: manager.. here is yours..
DBSK's manager: ohh.. i also have.. thanks..
DBSK's manager: jae joong.. you wanna leave with us.. than i fetch you to the place first..
Jae joong: it is ok.. someone will come and fetch me..
DBSK's manager: okok.. we leave first... hey.. i wait for you guy at outside..
Dream: oppa.. remember to wear your sweater and the scarf i gave.. i heard Japan now is snowing.. pls take care and always smile.. *smiled to them
Changmin, Yoochun and Yunho: thanks.. we will.. you too..
Jae joong: see you guy there..

Changmin, Yoochun and Yunho leave the house..
Dream: oppa.. you wanna drink some herbal tea first?
Jae joong: ok.. thanks..
Dream: oppa.. after your shoot, you also going to japan?
Jae joong: yea..
Dream: ohh..
Jae Joong: how long you going staying in korea?
Dream: i not sure.. my company haven tell me any project yet.. now i having hoilday for three weeks to know around in korea.
Jae Joong: sorry.. didn't bring you to anywhere in korea..
Dream: haha.. it is ok.. first is i wanna to find you guy to pass you guys present and then walk around in korea..
Jae Joong: ohh.. but you need to help us take care of junsu and don't have the chance go around korea..
Dream: it is ok.. it is my luck have the chance to take care of you guys..
Jae Joong: haha.. when i was sick.. will you take care of me?
Dream: erm.. not only me.. everyone will take care of you.. i believe you are strong guy won't fall sick easily.. oppa always very healthy..
Jae Joong: haha.. what kind of company you are working?
Dream: it is a film company.. i wish i can help you guys shoot an MV..
Jae Joong: sure.. i believe you will have the chance..
Dream: thanks.. oppa.. don't you have girlfriend in real life?
Jae Joong: i wish i have.. but the time is not right maybe now?
Drema: ohh.. sorry to ask personnal question..
Jae Joong: it is ok.. now we are good friend yea..
Dream: yea.. can i be your good friend?
Jae Joong: why not.. i already say you are my good friend..
Dream: oh.. am i dreaming?
Jae Joong: haha.. nope.. you are funny.. why say you are dreaming while your name is Dream.. so cute..
Dream: haha.. it is beacause you are a big star.. and i just know you guy not long and become your good friend..
Jae Joong: i know you are a nice girl.. tat why can be my good friend.. *smile at dream.
Dream: thanks.. i am lucky having you as my good friend..
Jae Joong: me too.. i go get ready my stuff..

Jae Joong went back to his room..
Dream: i shall prepare herbal tea for oppa to bring along with him..
Jae Joong: i need to go off already.. someone coming to fetch me..
Dream: ohh.. oppa.. bring this bottle of herbal tea along...
Jae Joong: oh ok.. thanks..
Dream: oppa.. take care.. always smile.. fighting!!
Jae Joong hugged Dream and touch her head..
Jae Joong: fighting! can't wait for you cook us dinner..
Dream: haha.. sure..
Jae Joong: bye bye..
Dream: bye bye.. fighting!!

Dream went up to junsu's room and prepare some herbal tea for him.
Dream: oppa.. have some herbal tea..
Junsu: ohh.. where is the rest?
Dream: Jae joong oppa went for shooting adn the rest went to Japan..
Junsu: ohh no.. i must go Japan too..
Dream: oppa.. don't worry.. your manager has already told the company to let you rest for one week..
Junsu: oh.. ok.. thanks for telling me..
Dream: oppa.. you need to eat med.. i go change the towel for you..
Junsu: ok.. thanks..
Dream: here is the carmel sweet..
Junsu: thanks.. are you staying here?
Dream: yea.. i will promise oppa and your manager that i will take care of you for one week..
Junsu: really? thanks..
Dream: yea.. oppa, rest early..

Dream staying the whole night in junsu's room.. take care of him.. helping him change the towel and asking junsu take med..
Dream do the same thing for the next three days.. while taking care of junsu.. she even clean up the house and every memeber clothing and room..

Junsu wake up and saw Dream sleeping beside him.. Junsu placed a blanket on Dream. Suddenly, Dream wake up..
Dream: oppa.. are you feeling better? i go change the towel for you..
Junsu: Dream.. i am ok.. i don't need towel..
Dream: okok.. let me touch your forehead.. ok.. no fever..
Junsu: how i had been sleeping?
Dream: erm.. after oppa left to japan.. already three days..
Junsu: i been sleeping for so long..
Dream: i go call the doctor..

Doctor came to check on Junsu..
Doctor: Junsu is fine now.. just remember to drink more water and have more rest..
Dream: thanks doctor.. i send you to the door..
Dream: oppa.. you are fine now.. thanks god..
Junsu: you been sleeping beside me for the past few days?
Dream: erm.. yea.. i need to help you change the towel and remind you to eat med.. i scare that anything happen to you and i keep praying for you.. touch wood.. oppa is fine now..
Junsu: thank for being so thoughful to me.. i don't know what to say..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. i go cook some food for you..
Junsu: thanks.. *smiled at Dream

Dream went down to the kitchen cook some rice for Junsu.
Dream: oppa.. it is ready to eat..
Junsu: ok.. i am coming down..
Dream: oppa.. i go clean your room..
Junsu: it is ok.. no need..
Dream: don't worry..
While Junsu eating his lunch, dream went his room to clean up..
Dream: oppa.. i already change the bedsheet and clean your room..
Junsu: ohh.. even my bed..
Dream: yea.. i go wash bedsheet.. when you are done, just leave it and have some rest.. i will clean up..

Junsu had finish his lunch and went to find Dream..
Junsu: Dream.. are you there..
Dream was singing away with her mp3 while stepping those bedsheet in big pail with soap..
Junsu: Dream..
Dream: you got the wrong number..
Junsu saw Dream singing away and walk toward her and tap her..
Dream: ohh.. oppa..
Dream almost slip into the big pail and junsu grabbed her hand.. both of them looking each other eyes..
Dream: ohhh.. oppa.. why you not resting?
Junsu: ohh.. i wanna just look for you also breath some fresh air..
Dream: ok.. oppa.. i go get chair for you..
While dream getting chair for junsu.. junsu listen to dream's mp3..
Dream: oppa.. here is the chair..
Junsu: ohh.. i was listening to your mp3.. you like our song very much?
Dream: oh.. yea.. oppa.. can you sing me a song while i washing the bedsheet..
Junsu: sure.. which you like the most?
Dream: i like the song that you wrote..
Junsu: really? that great..
Dream: yea oppa..
Junsu sing Picture of You to Dream..
After Dream finish washing the bedsheet.. Junsu and her went to living room..
Dream: oppa.. what would you like to have for dinner?
Junsu: erm.. chicken?
Dream: okok..
Junsu: you will stay here for how long?
Dream: you mean in korea?
Junsu: yea..
Dream: i am not sure.. my company have tell me any project yet..
Junsu What company you are working in?
Dream: film company..
Junsu: that cool..
Dream: oppa.. do you have girlfriend?
Junsu: nope.. we are busy over album and no time for dating..
Dream: oic.. sorry to ask personnal question..
Junsu: it is ok.. how about you? have boyfriend?
Dream: haha.. don't have.. i am so ugly.. who wants me?
Junsu: don't like that say.. you are cute..
Dream: haha.. you must be joking..
Junsu: really.. you are sweet.. you even take care of me and clean up our house..
Dream: haha.. thanks..
Junsu: have you been walking around in korea?
Dream: nope.. the first day i was in korea.. was finding you guy parents.. the second day was find you guys..
Junsu: sorry.. making you take care of me and never walk around in korea..
Dream: it is ok.. when you was sick.. i was so worried.. cause i though giving you the game and making you playing the whole make you sick..
Junsu: haha.. nope.. i like to play game everyday.. not your fault..
Dream: but also than i am worried for you..
Junsu:thanks.. *touching Dream's head
Dream: oppa.. it time for me to go buy food and come back cook for you..
Junsu: let go together..
Dream: it is ok.. you need more rest.. somemore if people see you with me.. i scare they will create news for you.. or make trouble for you...
Junsu: don't worry.. you are my best friend.. and i also wear hat and glasses.. they won't know it is me..
Dream: but.. i will worry..
Junsu: it is ok.. let go..
Dream: ok..

Junsu and Dream went together to buy food..

Junsu: Dream.. where you always buy food from?
Dream: two street down here..
Junsu: ohh.. let go..
Dream: oppa.. i go buy some stuff from the supermarket..
Junsu: ok.. i went to shop some stuff too.. we meet here in twenty min time..
Dream: ok..
Junsu: be careful..
Dream: oppa you too.. u have my number just call me when you need my help..
Junsu: i give u my number... you also can call me..
Dream: okok.. see ya later..

Dream: *thinking* tomorrow will be junsu birthday.. how i going to celebration?
Dream: yea.. must be a suprise party for him.. but the rest memeber not in korea..
Dream: yea.. i can call his family.. it is also his brother birthday too..
Dream: how should i plan.. let buy some party stuff..

After twenty min.. dream went to meet junsu..

Dream waited junsu to come back.. but he not back yet.. so dream went to buy some food.. when dream come back but still junsu is not back.. so dream decided to find junsu around.. Dream saw a crowd over another side.. it was junsu.. crowd by his fan asking for signture..

Dream: oppa.. oppa..
Junsu didn't saw her.. Dream try to walk to the front..
Dream: oppa.. oppa..
Junsu finally saw Dream.. junsu quickly pull dream and run..
But junsu's fans chase after them..
Junsu quickly bring Dream to hide..
Soon after the fan has gone.. junsu and dream went back home..

Junsu: sorry to keep you waiting..
Dream: it is ok..
Junsu: have you buy food to cook?
Dream: yea.. while waiting for you.. i just walk near to buy... but waited you so long, i scare something happen to you.. that why i walk around to find you..
Junsu: i was buying something.. someone just recongize me..
Dream: ohh.. i was so worry.. it is beacause you not with your manager.. i promise your manager and your member i will take care of you..
Junsu: it is ok..
Dream: oppa.. you go have a rest.. i will cook dinner for you..
Junsu: it is ok.. i help you..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. you go rest.. somemore you just recover..
Junsu: ok.. i go and bath..

Dream went to prepare dinner for junsu.. after an hour.. the dinner was ready..
Dream: oppa.. dinner is ready..
Junsu didn't reply..
Dream: oppa oppa..
Dream though something happen.. she went up to junsu's room..
Dream: oppa oppa..
Junsu: yea... sorry i fell asleep..
Dream: it is ok.. sorry to disturb you resting..
Junsu: let go..

After dinner.. junsu and dream started to play video game together..
Junsu: let play soccer game..
Dream: ok..
After playing three game..
Junsu: ouch.. my ear is so itching..
Dream: haha.. oppa.. someone is say about you..
Junsu: should hyung them.. i mean changmin them..
Dream: oh.. haha.. i help you dig your ear..
Junsu: can?
Dream: yea.. i put pillow on my lap for you to lay down..
Junsu: it is ok.. i just lay on yr lap..
Dream: erm.. ok..
Junsu: your leg is warm and nice to lay..
Dream: haha..
Dream: ok.. done..


Chapter 7

But junsu fell asleep.. dream don't want to disturb junsu.. while junsu is sleeping.. dream started to plan junsu birthday..
Suddenly, junsu wake up..

Junsu: ohh sorry.. i fell asleep..
Dream: it is ok.. oppa.. you go back to your room and rest.. i will clean up here..
Junsu: i help you..
Dream: never mind.. you are tired..
Junsu: ok then.. thanks.. i go and rest..

After junsu went back his room.. Dream started to clean up the kitchen and living room.. after clean up the place, she went back to her room..

Dream started to contact junsu's mother. Dream also looking for Junsu birthday present..

the next morning.. Dream prepare breakfeast for junsu..
Dream: oppa.. * knocking junsu's door
Junsu: yea?
Dream: breakfeast is ready..
Junsu: coming down ten min time..
Dream: ok..

Dream went down and wait for junsu to start the breakfeast..
Junsu: good morning..
Dream: good morning oppa..
Junsu: later i need to go back my company i will be back around 7pm..
Dream: ok ok..
Junsu: you wanna follow me to the company?
Dream: it is ok.. oppa must have important stuff to do.. i will stay here..
Junsu: okok.. later the company staff will come and pick me up..
Dream: okok..
Junsu: i am done. i go pack my stuff..
Dream: i will clean up here..

Junsu went to pack his stuff..
Junsu: dream.. i have to go.. anything just call me ok?
Dream: it is ok.. oppa bring a bottle of herbal tea..
Junsu: thanks.. see ya later..
Dream: ok.. be careful.. always smile..

After junsu had left.. Dream started to plan junsu's birthday.. so she called junsu's mother...
Dream: "annyong haseyo"
Junsu's mother : "annyong haseyo"
Dream: are you free to come junsu's house tonight?
Junsu's mother: sorry i can't be there.. but i will send some food over..
Dream: it is ok auntie.. how about his brother Junho?
Junsu's mother: he was out of town..
Dream: ok.. thanks auntie.. hope you having a great day..
Junsu's mother: thanks.. you too.. thanks for helping take care of my son..
Dream: bye bye.. take care..
Junsu's mother: you too..

Dream started to think idea for junsu a surpirse party.. so she went to lend some bunny clothes. she start to decorate the house.. Junsu's mother cooked some food for junsu and brithday present has arrived.. so Dream heat up the food and place nicely in the table.. Dream order the present for junsu also arrived.. all is waiting for junsu to come back.. the time getting closer to 7pm.. while waiting.. junsu called dream.. telling that he going to reach the house.. Dream quickly hid into the bunny clothes waiting junsu to arrival..

Junsu open the door..
Junsu: dream? dream!
no one answer.. so he walked around to find dream.. but he cannot find her around.. so junsu call dream.. but her phone was on the table.. Junsu saw a note beside on it..
Dream wrote.. pls switch off the light in living room.. So Junsu feel werid.. but he went to switch off the light.. the moment when junsu switch off the light.. dream singing happy birthday song to junsu..

Junsu: oh.. how you know it my birthday?
Dream: haha.. you are idol.. your profile is everywhere in internet..
Junsu: haha.. thanks.. you are cute in rabbit suit..
Dream: oppa.. i got something for you..
Junsu: oh ok..

Dream went to turn on music.. playing balloons by DBSK.. she started to dance.. in the middle of the song.. she ask junsu dance with her.. both of them dancing..

Junsu: cool.. i am so tired..
Dream take out the rabbit suit and she sweating a lot..
Dream: oppa.. you sweat a lot.. * dream use her hand wipe away junsu's sweat..
Junsu: you too..
Dream: oppa.. your mother send over some food for you.. i go make warm for you..
Junsu: ohh.. my mother..
Dream: you should call your mother while i make your food..
Junsu: oh..

Junsu calling his mother..
Junsu: mom..
Junsu's mother: haven you eaten? i send over some of your fav food..
Junsu: oh.. dream is making warm for me..
Junsu's mother: she is a great girl.. she have plan birthday party for you.. but your brother and i counldn't make it..
Junsu: oh really?
Junsu's mother: yea.. you should thanks her.. she been taking care of you..
Junsu: yea mother.. she prepare a lot thing in the party even only me and her.. she make it so wonderful party i never had before..
Junsu's mother: oh.. i missed out.. ok.. go have your dinner.. anyway happy birthday to you..
Junsu: thanks mother.. bye..
Junsu's mother: bye! take care..

Dream: oppa.. i go have shower.. enjoy your dinner..
Junsu: join me and eat?
Dream: okay.. later..
Junsu: i will wait for you..
Dream: ok..

While waiting for dream.. junsu walking around the house.. he saw something on the tv table..
Dream wrote : oppa! here is a dvd for you..
Junsu went to watch the dvd.. it was the rest memeber of dbsk..
Yunho: junsu.. you are older by one year... haha.. sorry we can't be with you.. thanks dream for making this video for us.. happy birthday to you..
JaeJoong: don't do thing that is not possible to do.. haha.. happy birthday to you..
YooChun: happy birthday... be healthy... we miss you badly here...
Changmin: oppa oppa.. happy birthday.. we love you...
Suddenly a video appear with junsu family say their wishing to him and SM company wishing to junsu too..

Junsu was touched.. he went to switch off the tv and saw other note..
Dream wrote: oppa.. are you happy? hope you like it.. pls walk to your room..
Junsu went back to his room.. he saw his bed filled with his fav football player signture football and shirt.. beside that dream make a football shirt with junsu name with it..

Dream had bath finish and look for junsu..
Dream: oppa.. oppa..
Junsu saw dream and hugged her..
Junsu: thanks for everything.. i like the birthday party you make for me..
Dream: ohh..
Junsu: i had watched the dvd and those presents you prepare for me..
Dream: ohh no.. i is a later part surpise for you...
Junsu: oh..
Dream: it is ok.. i hope you like it..
Junsu: let have dinner..
Dream: ok..

Both of them went down for dinner..
Junsu: let's eat..
Dream: yea..
the doorbell rang..
Dream: i go get it..
Dream: oppa.. i had ordered your fav pudding from japan.. althought you are not in japan i know you like this kind of pudding..
Junsu: oh.. thanks.. you are so sweet.. you know what i like..
Dream: i hope you enjoy your birthday..

Dream: oppa.. let take some photo..
Junsu: ok..
Junsu: dream..
Dream: yea oppa?
Junsu: i have something for you..
Dream: ohh.. but it is your birthday..
Junsu take out a necklance from his pocket..
Junsu: this a star shape necklance for you..
Dream: oppa.. it is so beautiful..
Junsu: i help you wear it on..
Dream: oppa when you get it..
Junsu: remember the day we went to market and buy food..
Dream: ohh.. oppa.. thanks.. i like it a lot..
Junsu: i wanna to thanks for taking care of me and making my birthday party unforgetful..
Dream hugged junsu..
Dream: oppa.. thanks i like it a lot.. i like star shape stuff..
Dream: oppa.. you go have some rest.. you must be tired..
Junsu: it is ok.. i help you clean up..
Dream: it is ok.. you go rest..
Junsu: ok than.. good night.. thanks for everything..
Dream: good night oppa..
Dream clean up the place and went to bed..


Chapter 8

Next morning, dream cook breakfeast for junsu..
Junsu: yea..
Dream: come have your breakfeast..
Junsu: yea.. later i going back to office..
Dream: ok.. later i need to go market buy some food..
Junsu: wanna me follow you?
Dream: it is ok oppa.. you need to go back office..
Junsu: ok then.. see you at night..
Dream: yea.. oppa fighting..
Junsu: you too..

Dream went to market.. junsu went to office..
Dream prepare for dinner.. while waiting for junsu to come back..
Dream started to play the piano in the living room..
Junsu step in the house.. he heard dream was playing a nice song and she was singing..
Junsu feel so touched by her singing althought she was singing english..
After dream sang finish.. junsu clapped his hand..

Dream: oh.. oppa.. sorry sorry..
Junsu: why sorry?
Dream: sorry that play your piano without asking you..
Junsu: it is ok.. you sing quite well..
Dream: haha.. nope.. you sing the best..
Junsu: haha..
Dream: oppa.. let play together ok?
Junsu: ok.. let sing " you are everything" ok?
Dream: ok..

both of them sing with feeling to each other.. after, sang finish.. they looked at each other eyes for that moment..

JaeJoong: hey
Dream: oppa.. welcome back..
Junsu: hyung.. i thought you are coming back on sunday with the rest?
JaeJoong: oh.. i just come back for shooting.. the rest will come back next morning..
Dream: oppa.. have you eaten?
JaeJoong: i wanna eat dinner.. haha..
Dream: join junsu oppa for dinner..
Junsu: Dream also join us..
Dream: ok..

Dream: jaejoong oppa.. how is japan trip? fun?
JaeJoong: it's great.. but has a lot event.. no time for shopping..
Dream: haha.. you go there earn money..
JaeJoong: yea..
Junsu: anything for me?
JaeJoong: nope..
Junsu: no heart.. haha..
Dream: oppa.. jae joong oppa must be busy so no time buying present for you..
JaeJoong: see.. Dream is so understanding.. no wonder she is my best pal..
Junsu: what.. we are best pal too.. she celebration my birthday together with me..
JaeJoong: did you saw our video?
Junsu: yea.. so sweet of Dream doing this..
JaeJoong: yea.. i also want.. haha..
Dream: oppa.. let eat.. don't talk so much.. haha..
JaeJoong and Junsu: ok..

Someone open the door..
DBSK's manager: hey..
Dream: oh.. hello manager..
JaeJoong: i though you guys coming back next morning..
DBSK's manager: the rest not feeling well..
Yunho: my head so pain..
Changmin: yea.. too much event..
YooChun: i go back my room rest..
Yunho: Dream can help us buy some med from our doctor..
Dream: ok.. i go right now..
JaeJoong: i follow you..
Dream: it is ok.. junsu oppa and you take care of them..
Dream went off buy med..

Yunho: i rest on the sofa first..
Changmin: i also go back my room first..
DBSK's manager: i go back office first.. a lot stuff need to settle..
JaeJoong: we will take care of them..
Junsu: yea hyung..
DBSK's manager: anything just call me.. see you guys tomorrow..
JaeJoong: ok..
Junsu: bye bye.. take care..
DBSK's manager went off..

Junsu: i went upstair look after yoochun and changmin..
JaeJoong: i stay here.. take care of Yunho and wait for Dream to come back..
Junsu: When Dream come back.. you just bring the med to me..
JaeJoong: ok..

Dream went to find doctor and also get some food for them..
JaeJoong: why so long.. it been one hour..
Yunho: oh.. i need my med..
JaeJoong: hyung .. hang on.. she coming back..
JaeJoong think Dream lost her way..

Dream: oppa..
JaeJoong: what happen to you?
Dream: the med is inside the bag..
Yunho: faster.. i need my med.. my head is killing me..
JAeJoong searching the bag.. but cannot find any med..
JaeJoong: Dream i cannot find it..
Dream: ohh.. i think i drop..
Yunho: hey.. what.. i ask you buy med not food.. all you give is food..
Dream: sorry sorry..
Yunho: what are you thinking..
Dream: sorry.. i go get it..
Yunho: i don wan food..
Dream went out and get med again..
JaeJoong find Dream a bit weird the way she walks..

JaeJoong: Hyung.. why so harsh on her?
Yunho: i don't have the mood..
Someone press the door bell..
Jaejoong: erm you are?
Auntie: hello.. is a girl stay here?
Jae Joong: huh?
Auntie: she was saving me from the robber and get hurt.. and she drop this pack of stuff..
Jae Joong: oh.. thanks.. it is the med..
Auntie: i wanted to thanks her.. but she rush off quickly..
Yunho: oh it is dream bring back med?
Jae Joong: nope.. she was saving this auntie and drop the med without notice it..
Yunho feeling bad after hearing..
JaeJoong: what have you done to Dream..
Junsu: what happen? why so noisy?
JaeJoong explain the matter to Junsu..
Auntie: erm.. is the girl around?
JaeJoong: nope.. she went out..
Auntie: oh my.. she hurt her foot badly.. also bleeding a lot..
JaeJoong: oh no.. i go find her..
Junsu: i go..
Jae Joong: nope.. you stay here looking after them and give them med..
Junsu: ok..
Auntie: i help me thanks the little girl.. this my number.. ask her to call me..
JaeJoong: okok..
JaeJoong run off to find Dream..


Chapter 9

Dream was walking as fast as she could back to doctor place.. Jae Joong saw her and fast catch up..
JaeJoong: Dream..
Dream: oppa.. why are you here?
JaeJoong hold Dream's elbow..
Dream: ouch..
JaeJoong: oh my.. you are bleeding?
Dream: it is ok.. i need rush back to the doctor to help yunho them get med..
JaeJoong: why never tell us what happen to you?
Dream: i am ok..
JaeJoong: you see.. your foot is bleeding..
Dream: oppa.. i am ok.. faster we need to get med for them..
JaeJoong: why never think of yourself..
Dream: oppa.. i am ok,.. you guys is important.. you guys are idol.. must take care of you guys health..
JaeJoong carry Dream up..
Dream: oppa.. what are you doing?
JaeJoong: i bring you to the doctor..
Dream: oppa.. i can walk..
JaeJoong: nope..
Dream: oppa.. i am ok..
JaeJoong: stay quite.. we will reaching soon..

At the doctor's place..
Doctor: oh.. Dream.. what happen to you?
JaeJoong: she was saving an auntie from the robber and get hurt..
Dream: oppa.. how you know?
JaeJoong: the auntie went to our place.. pass back the pack of med that you drop..
Dream: ohh.. sorry i was careless..
JaeJoong: nope.. you was saving the auntie.. the auntie say after you save her.. you just rush off..
Dream: i was worry for you guys..
JaeJoong: thanks Dream for everything.. you care us more than yourself..
Dream: oppa.. we are friends..
Doctor: Dream.. you hurt quite badly.. your elbow and foot..
Dream: doctor i am ok..
JaeJoong: i should follow you.. this won't happen..
Dream: lucky you never follow.. what happen if the robber hit on you..
JaeJoong: i am man.. it is ok.. but you are a girl..
Dream: nope.. but you are an idol.. i just a normal person..
JAeJoong: but you are important to me..
Doctor: ok.. done.. Dream don't let you wound touch on water..
Dream:yea doctor..
Doctor: here your med..
Dream: also the memeber's med.
JAeJoong: ohh.. we had the med already.. so don't need..
Dream: ok.. thanks doctor..
Doctor: i can say dream you are a nice and brave girl..
Dream: haha.. nope doctor..
Doctor: take care..
Both of them left the doctor's place..

JAeJoong: let me piggyback you back..
Dream: oppa.. don't need.. i can walk back..
JaeJoong: nope.. faster get up.. if not i will get angry..
Dream: ok.. thanks oppa..
JaeJoong piggyback Dream back to the house..

Junsu: Dream.. are you okay?
Dream: i am ok oppa..
Junsu: i was worry for you..
Dream: where is yunho?
JaeJoong: you still care about him..
Dream: yea.. he is my oppa..
JaeJoong: but he scold you off..
Dream: it is ok.. it is because he was sick..
Junsu: but..
Dream: oppa. i am ok..
Dream: where is the rest?
Junsu: all of them went back the room after eating the med..
Dream: ok.. that good..
JaeJoong: Dream.. you go and rest..
Dream: it is ok.. i need to clean up the kitchen..
Junsu: dream leave to us.. we will do it..
Dream: it is ok.. you guys go rest..
JaeJoong: it is ok.. you go rest ok..
Junsu: yea..
Dream: sure?
Junsu: yea.. promise us go rest ok..
Dream: ok..
Dream went back to her room..

JaeJoong: Dream was a nice girl.. that i never see this kind of girl before..
Junsu: yea.. she care every member..
JaeJoong: the moment i find her.. i saw her holding the tears and pain she had.. she rush back to the doctor..
Junsu: why she never tell us..
JaeJoong: she say we are important than her..
Junsu: nope.. why she never take care of herself first..
JAeJoong: the moment she say she is ok yet she injure very bad.. her mind was thinking of us.. i was touched..
Junsu: ohh.. yunho hyung's fault for scolding her when she was saving an auntie from the robber..
JAeJoong and Junsu finish clean up and went back their room and rest..

Dream still cannot sleep.. it is because she still worry for the memeber..
Dream went to Yoochun, Changmin and Yunho's room place a glass of warm water and also place a warm towel on their head..
Dream went back and rest..
she wake up at 6am and went to market to get some food..
Dream cooked some porridge and veg for the memebers..
JaeJoong went down to the kitchen and saw Dream..
JAeJoong: why you not resting?
Dream: oh oppa.. morning..
JAeJoong: you should resting not cooking..
Dream: i am ok..
JaeJoong: i wanted to cook for you guys.. but..
Dream: it is ok.. oppa.. breakfeast is ready..
JAeJoong: thanks dream.. i don't know what to say..
JAeJoong hugged Dream..
Dream: oppa.. i go upstair..
JaeJoong:oh.. i go toilet..
Dream carry those porridge to the rest memeber room.. she changed their towel and place the med beside the food..
When dream went to junsu's room
Junsu: ohh.. why you are here?
Dream: i wanted to pass you the porridge to you..
Junsu: you should be resting.. it is ok i will go downstair and eat..
Dream: ohh ok.. you can join JaeJoong oppa for breakfeast..
Junsu: ok.. you also join us..
Dream: it is ok.. i go get some rest..
Junsu: ok..

Dream went back her room.. JAeJoong saw Junsu..
JAeJoong: junsu.. morning..
Junsu: morning hyung..
JAeJoong: where is Dream?
Junsu: she went back her room..
JAeJoong: i though she went upstair to wake you up..
Junsu: nope.. i saw her carry porridge to my room than i ask it is ok.. i have it here..
JaeJoong: ohh..
Junsu: need to wake them up?
Jaejoong: let them rest..

it is around 12pm..
Junsu and jaejoong staying at living room watching tv..
Yoochun: hyung.. thanks for take care of me the whole night..
JaeJoong: it is ok.. it was junsu..
Yoochun: ohh junsu.. thanks for placing a glass of water for me and place a towel on my head..
Junsu: did i? i don't have should be JaeJoong hyung..
JAeJoong: i don't have.. after we clean up.. i just went bed..
Yoochun: ohh.. than who..
JAeJoong: should be Dream.. she was worry for you guys..
Changmin: hyung morning.. thanks for take care of me..
Junsu: it is Dream..
Changmin: oh.. included the porridge..
YooChun.. yea.. and the med..
Junsu: it was Dream.. no wonder i saw she carrying the porridge..
JaeJoong: i though she was waking junsu up.. but she was place the porridge and med to you guy...
Yunho: morning guys..
JAeJoong: ahh.. bad guy you wake up..
Junsu: manager ask us stay at home and rest..
Yunho: ohh ok.. thanks for take care of me..
JaeJoong: you should thanks Dream..
Junsu: yea.. she was the one take care of you guys the whole night and place the porridge on your table..
Yunho: oh.. i am sorry about yesterday..
JaeJoong: you should tell Dream not us..
Yoochun: what happen?
Changmin: what happen?
JaeJoong explain to them..
YooChun: hyung.. how can you treat dream like this..
Changmin: yea..


Chapter 10

This time Dream went out the room..
YooChun: dream.. are you okay?
Dream: oh oppa.. how are you feeling?
YooChun: i am fine now..
Dream: changmin oppa are you okay?
Changmin: yea.. how about yourself?
Dream: i am ok..
Dream: yunho oppa are you ok?
Yunho: i am ok.. i am so sorry about yesterday.. i had misunderstanding you..
Dream: it is ok oppa.. as long as you are fine..
Yunho: but...
Dream: oppa.. i understand..
JaeJoong: dream is so understanding..
Dream: haha.. nope..

YooChun: lets order food for dinner..
Dream: it is ok.. let me cook you guys dinner...
Changmin: it is ok.. you already hurt yourself..
Yunho: yea.. i will treat you guys.. also thanks for dream taking care of us..
Dream: thanks oppa..
Dream: oppa.. i will going back my company next day.. so i won't stay with you guy..
Dream: thanks for letting me staying here..
JaeJoong: so fast? you even haven walk around korea..
Junsu: yea.. you have taking care of us.. don't have time for yourself..
YooChun: sorry that you are so caring for us..
Dream: oppa.. it is my luck to know you guys real life and take care of you guys..
Changmin: also our luck to know you..
DBSK and Dream had their dinner together and take photos..

Junsu: what time you are leaving tomorrow?
Dream: oh.. should be morning.. i need to go back my company at afternoon..
JAeJoong: oh.. than let me fetch you back to your apartment..
Dream: it is ok.. thanks for dinner yunho oppa..
Yunho: it is ok.. hope you enjoy it..
Changmin: let take photos again..
After taking photos, all of them went to bed..

Next morning, dream went to each memeber room.. she left each them a note and a present..
She also make breakfast for them and left the house...
JaeJoong wake up and saw the note and the present that Dream left.
Dream: oppa.. thanks letting me staying.. i am glad that i can be your friend.. i hope we can meet each other again.. i made a hat for you guys. so when you guys went out can wear it so not so easy for people to recognize you guys.. always smile.. Dream
JaeJoong: oh so sweet of her making the hat for us..
JaeJoong went down and look for Dream..
JaeJoong: oh.. she make us breakfeast..
JaeJoong went to Dream's room..
JaeJoong: i feel so empty without Dream.. i feel something is lost.. hmmm..

Yunho wake up saw Dream's little note..
Dream: oppa.. in the box there has some heral tea or some med to restore your enegry.. remember to take care of yourself.. thanks for letting me staying here.. same as the hat is made for you.. always smile.. Dream..
Yunho: ohh.. i feel bad about the stuff again.. i should text her...
Yunho: thanks for your gift.. i am sorry about what has happen..
Dream reply Yunho..
Dream: oppa.. you are awake.. go have your breakfeast.. it is ok.. i understand..
Yunho text back Dream..
Yunho: but.. i still feel bad..
Dream: it is ok.. if you still feel bad.. why not you teach me dancing?
Yunho: sure.. no problem..
Dream: haha.. oppa go have your breakfeast.. meet you guys soon..

The rest dbsk wake up and gather to have their breakfeast..
Junsu: i feel so empty without Dream.. i am so sad..
Changmin: yea.. i will miss her cooking..
JaeJoong: i will miss her smile..
YooChun: she the one i can speak english too..
Yunho: she so kind.. why not.. we ask manager to hired to be our manager?
Junsu: yea yea...
Changmin: you crazy.. we cannot have two mananger..
Yoochun: haha.. be our manager of our house...
Jaejoong: haha.. yea..
Yunho: let call our manager..


Chapter 11

Dream went to her company.. let name the company as "Creative film".. and name Dream's boss as Jung Min ..
Jung Min : hey dream.. how your day in korea?
Dream: Great..
Jung Min : which place you had been?
Dream: erm.. not a lot.. haha..
Jung Min : ok.. our coming project is shooting mtv..
Dream: oh.. cool..
Jung Min: let had meeting with YG company later..
Dream: ok.. i need to prepare anything?
Jung Min: no need.. just bring your mind.. haha..
Dream: ok ok..

Dream reached YG company..
Jung Min: prepare yourself ok?
Dream: huh?
Jung Min: haha.. i mean don't see handsome guy and forget about your job..
Dream: ohh...ok..
when they reached the meeting room..
Dream and Jung Min: "annyong haseyo".. and Dream bow to them..
Jung Min: Dream will be our producer for this MTV..
YG: you sure she can? she look very young to me..
Jung Min: don't look at her age.. she has won a lot award from singapore and other country..
YG: yea.. i trust you.. by the way.. she know who is big bang?
Dream: erm.. yea..
YG: big bana intro yourself to Dream..
G-Dragon: hey.. i am G-Dragon.. leader of big bang..
Dream: "annyong haseyo" with a bow to G-Dragon..
Tae Yang: hey.. i am Tae Yang..
Dream: "annyong haseyo" with a bow to Tae Yang..
TOP: hello.. i am TOP..
Dream: "annyong haseyo" with a bow to TOP..
Dae Sung: hello.. nice to meet you.. i am Dae Sung..
Dream:"annyong haseyo" with a bow to Dae Sung.
Seung Ri: hello.. i am the youngest in big bang.. my name is Seung Ri..
Dream: "annyong haseyo" with a bow to Seung Ri..
YG: i wanna to shoot an MV.. the song is "With You".
Jung Min: yea..
YG: i wanna make the MV hot.. i wanna a story their are dancing with one girl.. and let their fan image themself into it..
Jung Min: sure.. Dream are you okay with it..
YG: who will be the director?
Jung Min: of cos.. is me..
YG: just joking.. i know it man..
Dream: can i have a question?
YG: sure..
Dream: for me to know them well.. can i join them in their training?
YG: sure..
Jung Min: DReam also helping to thinking about the story plot..
YG: sure.. i sure that she had something on her mind..
Jung Min: yea.. let meet tomorrow together ok?
YG: sure.. tomorrow we will start our story plot?
Jung Min: yea..

* a short info about YG and Jung Min.. they are high school best buddy untill now..

Next morning.. they went in to the big bang dance studio..
Dream: wow.. is my first time in Korea dancing room..
G-Dragon: you know how to speak english..
Dream: yea.. i still learning korea.. haha..
G-Dragon: ohh.. u can speak to us english.. mostly we understand..
Dream: that cool..
TOP: Dream.. how old are you?
Dream: i am 21 after my birthday is over.. but now still 20.. haha..
TOP: ohh..
Dae Sung and Seung Ri: you are our noona..
Dream: haha.. when you know me well.. you will know i cannot be your noona..
Tae Yang: why?
Dream: haha.. this is for you to know your producer..

Big Bang started their dance training while dream take note of everyone.. thinking for the shot for them..

Dream went to find YG and Jung Min..
YG: how is it?
Dream: they are cool when they are dancing..
Jung Min: haha..
Dream: we need to find a suitable dancer for them.. so they can practice their team work together..
YG: ok
YG call to the office gathering all the dancer..
YG: let start our audition..
Jung Min: yea.. we need to find young and wild..
Dream: oppa.. is you looking for girl right?
Jung Min: haha.. for a short period you know me well..
YG: of cos.. you are simple easy to know for..

After 10 dancers had tried the dance audition..
YG: i don't think.. they can make it for this MV
Jung Min: yea.. they don't have the feeling i want to related to the song..
Dream: maybe they need to train with big bang than we can see...
Jung Min: nah.. we need to audition more people..
YG: lets take a break..
Jung Min: yea.. dream lets go..
Dream: it is ok.. i will stay here for you guys to come back..
YG: you sure..
Dream: yea..
Jung Min: Lets go Buddy..

Jung Min and YG having coffee together..
YG: we are missing something..
Jung Min: the feels..
YG: Dream staying at the room ok?
Jung Min: yea.. Maybe she is thinking of something?
YG: she is a quite cool little girl..
Jung Min: you know what?
YG: what you gonna to say?
Jung Min: i read Dream's porfile..
YG: so.. it helps in the MV..
Jung Min: yea.. i remember she know how to dance and sing.. she also help some artist to be their back up dancer..
YG: now than you say..
Jung Min: i was thinking about the story..
YG: why not ask her try...
Jung Min: yea.. she also know how to play piano..
YG: that is cool.. she is the one...
Jung Min: let go back and discuss with her..


Chapter 12

Jung Min and YG walking back to the studio and saw dream was dancing alone in the studio.. they just look behind the door without notice Dream.. after the Dream was done..
YG: yes.. we had find the right girl..
Jung Min: this is the feeling i want..
Dream: huh?
Jung Min: we saw it..
Dream: saw?
YG: saw you dancing..
Dream: oh.. i was thinking the story plot for the next audition so they can had the feel of it..
Jung Min: we don't need audition anymore..
Dream: why?
YG: cos we find the right girl..
Dream: that great.. who is she?
Jung Min: that you..
Dream: ahh.. i cannot.. remember i am producer..
YG: you can do it..
Jung Min: i just want the feel..
Drema: erm..
YG: that is final yea..
Jung Min: don't worry.. i know you can..
DReam: ok..
YG: tomorrow you will start training with big bang..
Dream: yea...
Jung Min: ok.. i will email you the story plot..
YG: Go back and had an early rest..
Dream: ok guys.. good night..

Dream went back to her house..
Dream: oh my.. i gonna dance with Big Bang..
Dream: i scare all their fan come and kill me man..
Dream: what should i do?

Back to DBSK..
Yunho: manager.. can we have dream be our manager?
DBSK's Manager: let decide after our event in Japan..
Yunho: ok than..
Yunho telling the the rest went we are back than decide..

Back to Dream..
Dream: i need to work hard for this.. if not i throw Jung Min oppa's face..
sudddenly, Dream received Jae Joong text..
Jae Joong: hey girl.. how are you? how is your work?
Dream: ohh.. how should i reply??
Dream text him back..
Dream: hey oppa.. i doing great.. having a new project.. i gonna shoot MTV..
JaeJoong reply Dream..
JAeJoong: ohh.. that great.. whose MTV? we miss you so much..
Dream: oh my.. should i tell them is Big Bang and i will become their MTV girl?
Dream text him back..
Dream: ohh.. it is Big Bang MTV.. you know them?
JaeJoong reply Dream..
JAeJoong: ohh.. yea i know them.. not really that close..
Dream text him back..
Dream: haha.. i miss you guys.. how are you guys doing?
JaeJoong reply: fine.. we going to Japan for another event..
Dream reply: that great.. must take care of yourself..
Jae Joong reply: sure.. i wish you are here with us..
Dream reply: oppa.. have an early rest.. fighting for your event..
JaeJoong reply: yea.. night.. you too..
Dream reply: good night oppa.. always smile..=)

While Dream was training herself up..
her phone rang..
Dream: yobuseyo
Junsu: hey.. i miss your voice..
Dream: ohh.. oppa..
Junsu: are you still awake?
Dream: yea oppa.. don't matter what time you call i will pick up..
Junsu: hahaha.. i just wanna to know whether you are doing great..
Dream: yea oppa.. i know you guys going to japan for event..
Junsu: oh.. how you know..
Dream: jaeJoong oppa was texting me..
Junsu pause a moment..
Dream: oppa?
Junsu: yea.. oh i see.. any project coming?
Dream: yea oppa.. i will have a shoot..
Junsu: with who?
Dream: big bang.. i shooting their mtv...
Junsu: that great.. i know Dae Sung.. he is a great friend of mine..
Dream: oh really.. i was worry about..
Junsu: huh? worry about?
Dream: nothing.. oppa better had an early rest..
Junsu: erm? am i disturbing you?
Dream: nope oppa.. i wish to talk you but you had an early flight tomorrow..
Junsu: oh yea..
Dream: get more rest..
Junsu: ok than.. i will call you when i in Japan..
Dream: haha.. oppa no need.. you must be busy too... and i also have some project on..
Junsu: erm.. let see how..
Dream: ok oppa.. good night oppa.. fighting..
Junsu: good night.. fighting..
DReam: oppa.. always smile..=)
Junsu: ok.. you too..

Dream busy watching Big Bang dance move in their old MTV..
Dream pick up some skill from it..
Dream also prepare some herbal tea for DBSK and Big Bang..
she went to bed and wake up at 6am..
Dream went to DBSK's house and leave the herbal tea in their doorstep..

Yunho was prepare to put his stuff in his car.. and he saw the herbal tea and little note from dream.. followed the rest member came out.. they also saw it..
Dream: oppa.. remember to take care of yourself.. here is some herbal tea i made.. enjoy your trip.. fighting.. always smile=) Dream...
Changmin: Dream.. i miss you.. i wish i can have your breakfeast that you made right now..
YooChun: ohh.. she is so sweet..
Yunho: ok ok.. lets go.. we have flight we catch..
Yunho's POV: ohh.. i had a feeling to see her right now.. cannot be..
Junsu: Dream.. my dream..
Jae Joong: hahaha.. lets go before we are late..

YooChun text Dream: Dream.. thanks for your herbal tea.. contact you soon when we are back.. YooChun..
Dream text him back: ok oppa.. fighting.. take care..
same to Changmin text Dream: dream.. i miss your food.. i miss you..
Dream text him back: haha.. when you guys are back.. i promise to cook for you all..
Changmin reply her: oh yea... i cannot wait until we are back..
Dream reply him: yea.. take care oppa.. fighting..

Dream went YG company..
Dream: YG oppa.. here is herbal tea for you..
YG: ohh.. thanks you know how to make..
Dream: yea..
JungMin: someone is missing me out..
Dream: how can i forget you oppa...
JungMin: haha.. you have my heart..
Dream: oppa.. i went to dance studio and practice first..
YG: Big Bang is their way here..
Dream: ok..
JungMin: have you read my story plot?
Dream: yea..
JungMin: that good.. you can go practice..
Dream: ok.. see you guys later..

Dream went to Dance studio while waiting for big bang she started to prepare herself..
Big Bang: hyung we are here..
YG: good.. we had find you guys a girl for your MTV..
JungMin: yea.. i think this MTV will be a great hit..
G-dragon: ohh.. it is a hot babe?
Top: tat will be great..
Tae Yang: where is Dream? i though she will be here..
Dae Sung: yea.. where is she?
Seung Ri: bad girl.. must be run to another place..
YG: haha.. later you will see..
JungMin: yea buddy..


Chapter 13

All of them went to the dance studio.. they saw someone dancing in the studio..
Dream didn't notice they were looking at her dancing..
Dream started the MTV song and start dancing..
The rest keep quite and watch her dance without letting her know..
when the song ended..
JungMin and YG: great.. and clapped their hands..
Dream turn over and look at them..
Big Bang: it is dream.. she is our mtv gal?
YG: yea.. Great right?
G-dragon: i don't know she can dance well..
Top: she is hot man..
Tae Yang: she will dance all with us?
YG: yea.. why?
Dae Sung: haha.. good..
Seung Ri: i must learn from her..
JungMin: hey guy.. time for practice..

JungMin: hey guys.. u all having solo with Dream in the MTV..
G-dargon: wow.. yes..
Dream: huh?
TOP: lets start practice..
JungMin: Dream.. you need to practice with each memeber follow days.. we shoot on next week..
Dream: okok.. so i now practice with them?
JungMin: yea..
YG: tomorrow you will practice with Seung Ri First follow by Dae Sung..
JungMin: you will have more solo with G- dragon, tae yang and TOP..
YG: let go buddy.. we need to find our scene for the MTV..
JungMin: ok.. Big Bang take care of Dream..
Big BAng: yea..

*POV stands for Point Of View*

Dance teacher came in and we started to learn our dance..
G-dargon POV: wow.. her body flow is power man.. her curve of her body..
Tae Yang POV: how should i get her number?
TOP POV: i get the chance to dance with her for one day.. how cool is it..
Dance teacher: let have break..
Dream: hey guy.. i had brought herbal tea for you guys.. it made by me.. hope you like it..
Dae Sung: wow.. you know how to cook?
Dream: yea..
Seung Ri: you must be know a lot thing beside dancing and doing production.. what you still know?
Dream: haha.. actually i pick skill randomly..
Seung Ri: you come from which country?
Dream: Singapore..
TOP: ohh.. it is a small country in Aisa..
Dream: yea..
Dae Sung: dream can i have little chat with you outside?
Dream: sure.. let go..
Tae yang: wow.. what you guy doing?
Dae Sung: just normal talk..
G-dragon: can i join too..
Dae Sung: nope.. haha..
Dream: we will be back soon..
Dae Sung and dream went out..

G-Dragon POV: Dae Sung made a great move.. oh my..
Top POV: why not me...
Tae Yang POV: my love one.. Dae Sung better don't take away from me..
Seung Ri: hey you guy think of wat?
G-Dragon: nothing.. just drinking our herbal tea..

Dae Sung and Dream find a spot and seat down..
Dream: hey Dae Sung
Dae Sung: u know Yunho and Junsu?
Dream: yea.. why?
Dae Sung: both of them text me to take care of you..
Dream: ohh.. haha.. we are friends only..
Dae Sung: how you know them..
Dream: it is long story..
Dae Sung: be careful of my hyungs..
Dream: huh? why?
Dae Sung: they like pretty girl or cute girl..
Dream: oh.. don't worry.. i not cute or pretty at all..
Dae Sung: nope.. you are my pretty noona..
Dream hug Dae Sung
Dream: i am glad having a brother like you..
Dae Sung: yea.. i have clever noona like you..
Dream: haha.. help me thanks junsu and yunho oppa..
Dae Sung: sure..
Dae Sung: noona..
Dream: huh? don't call me noona just call my name.. if not i will call you oppa..
Dae Sung: okok.. haha.. Dream..
Dream: yea?
Dae Sung: let act a show..
Dream: what show?
Dae Sung: let hold our hand and walk back the studio..
Dream: haha.. why?
Dae Sung: than you can see my hyung reaction toward you..
Dream: haha.. i treat you guy as my brother..
Dae Sung: don't believe.. let try ok..
Dream: ok..

Dae Sung holds Dream's hand and walk in the studio..
Dae Sung POV: dream's hand is soft and small.. why my heart beatting so fast..
G-Dragon: hey.. why are you holding Dream hand?
Tae Yang: don't tell me you guys are together?
Top: Dae Sung you ass hole..
Seung Ri: hyung.. you know her for few days only..
Dae Sung: haha.. yea we are together as...
Dream: brother and sister..
Dae Sung: what you guy thinking of... wahahaha..
Dream: yea.. let pratice..
G-dragon POV: i thought i losing to Dae Sung man... my heart break when i saw they holding hand..
Tae Yang POV: thanks god.. she still single... oh.. i forget to ask whether she having boyfriend..
TOP POV: i still have chance man..
after they finish their practice.. they went back home..


Chapter 14

Next day.. Dream had pratice with Seung Ri and Dae Sung.. follow by next day.. Dream had practice with TOP the whole day..
Top: hey dream.. you are so early..
Dream: nope.. it just in time..
Top: i brought breakfeast for you..
Dream: thanks.. let start our pratice..
that is a part where TOP need to use his face touch around Dream's face..
Dream: erm.. we need to hug in this scene when you are rapping..
TOP: yea.. *smiling to himself*
When both of them hugging.. TOP start to rapping..
TOP POV: she is warm.. and nice to hug.. her skin is smooth.. i feel like give peak on her cheek..
TOP just give Dream a peak on her face..
Dream: ohh..
Dream don't know what to say and she change topic..
Dream: oppa.. your rapping is cool..
TOP: if can i will rap for you only..
Dream: haha.. sure.. next time..
TOP: can i have your number?
Dream: sure why not? we working in same project.. everyone sure have my number..
TOP: ohh.. haha..
Dream: let go home..
TOp: i fetch you back?
Dream: it is ok.. you still have event tomorrow.. have a great rest..
TOP: ok.. sure..
Dream: good night.. see ya next week..always smile..=)
Dream went off..
TOP: did she know i kiss her cheek?
TOP: will she have feeling for me?

Dream on her way back..
Dream: why should i do?
thinking that TOP had kiss her cheek..
Suddenly her phone rang..
Dream: yobuseyo
Junsu: Dream.. my Dream..
Dream: oppa.. how are you?
Junsu: i am tired.. i wanna to drink your herbal tea that give me energy..
Dream: oppa.. must have more rest ok..
Junsu: yea.. Dream how are..
Changmin take the phone away and talk to Dream
Junsu: hey..
Changmin: Dream.. i miss your cooking.. can you come to japan?
Dream: oppa.. how are you?
Changmin: is dead cos he miss Dream's cooking..
Dream: oppa.. don't worry i promise you.. you guys are back.. i will cook for you guys..
Changmin: yea yea.. but we will be back next weekend..
Dream: great.. by than i had finish shooting my MTV..
JAe Joong take away the phone from Changmin..
ChangMin: hyung..
Jae Joong: dream.. i miss you.. have you miss me?
Dream: of cos.. i miss you guys a lot..
Jae Joong: how everything in your MTV?
Dream: doing great..
YooChun take away the phone from Jae Joong..
YooChun: dream.. no one talk to me in english here..
Dream: haha.. now i speak to you in english..
YooChun: yea... they don't really understand what we are talking..
Dream: hahaha..
YooChun: i heard junsu that you know how to play piano.. we play together next time ok?
Dream: sure oppa..
Junsu: i heard my name..
YooChun: i pass to yunho.. wait..
Dream: ok..
Yunho: hey dream..
Dream: hello oppa.. are you feeling better in japan..
YunHo: thanks.. remember our date..
Dream: haha sure..
Junsu take back the phone..
Junsu: dream what date you have with yunho..
Dream: this is our serect for you to find out..
Yunho: yea..
Junsu walk back the room and talk to dream..
Junsu: now no one will take my phone away...
Dream: haha.. oppa have you call your parent and brother..
Junsu: yea..
Dream: how are them?
Junsu: they doing great..
Dream: that good..
Junsu: Dream.. i had something to tell you..
Dream: yea oppa?
Junsu: actually i had..
Yunho come in..
Yunho: junsu lets go.. we had meeting with our manager..
Junsu: okok.. five min..
Yunho: faster..
Dream: oppa.. next time than you tell me..
Junsu: i must tell you now..
Dream: it is ok.. oppa.. don't let your manager wait so long..
Junsu: but..
Dream: oppa.. remember you can call me anytime..
Junsu: ok than.. good night..
Dream: good night oppa..

Next day.. is tae yang turn to pratice with Dream..
Tae yang: hey dream.. i brought breakfeast for you..
Dream: ok.. thanks.. let pratice..
there is part that tae yang need to touch dream's body and Dream need to turn around Tae Yang and tae yang need to catch her wrist.
Tae Yang POV: she had great body.. i wish she is my gal..
Dream POV: i feel werid dancing around him.. never mind just dance.. i love dancing..
when tae yang catch Dream's wrist. they both looking each other eyes..
Tae Yang wink at Dream.. than Dream wink back tae yang..
Tae Yang POV: ohh.. i knew it.. she like me..
Dream POV: i think it normal to wink back.. haha.. hack care..
end of their pratice..
Dream: bye bye oppa.. good night..
Tae Yang: i fetch you back..
Dream: it is ok.. you still have event for tomorrow..
Tae Yang: all right..bye bye..
Dream left..
Tae Yang: oh.. she so care about me.. i am sure she like me...

Next day it is G-dragon turn..
G-dragon: good morning babe.. i brought you breakfeast..
Dream: haha.. thanks..
this part when G-dragon take away Dream and dance all over Dream.. and catch dream wrist and kiss her lips.. but the director wanted to end with fake kiss..
G-Dragom POV: i gonna make it to real kiss..
Dream: oppa are ready to start?
G-dragom: Dream you got boyfriend?
Dream: nope.. i never date before not even first kiss..
G-dragon: what a waste..
Dream: why?
G-dragon: nothing..
G-dragon POV: i gonna be your first man in your life..
Dream: let start..
When reached the kissing part..
Dream: oppa.. let stop here.. we do it on the real shoot..
G-Dragon: why?
Dream: cos it is a fake kiss.. haha.. not a real kiss.. if not i will be killed by your fans...
G-Dragon: won't.. unless you are my girl..*talking to himself*
Dream: huh?
G-dragon: nothing..
Dream: ok.. oppa.. bye bye.. good night..
G-dragon: i fetch you back..
Dream: it is ok.. tomorrow we need do all the prepare of the MTV..
G-Dragon: ok than..
Dream: good night oppa.. see ya..
G-dragon: good night..
Dream left..
G-dragon: i must kiss her in the MTV.. haha.. *smiling to himself*


Chapter 15

all of them in the MTV shooting scene..
Dream: hey morning everyone.. i made breakfeast for you guys.. hope you all like it..
YG: Big Bang haven reach yet.. leave some for them..
JungMin: Dream.. go make-up..
Dream: ok..
Big Bang reached the scene..
YG: you guy had you breakfeast first and go make up..
Big Bang: ok..
Dae Sung: this breakfeast is great man..
the rest: yea..
YG: it made from Dream...
TOP: wow.. so sweet dream..
Tae Yang saw a hot babe talking to JungMin hyung..
Tae Yang: Hyung are we having back up dancer too?
YG: nope.. why?
Tae Yang: nothing..
Tae Yang want to look who it is..
YG: JungMin..
JungMin: yea.. i coming..
JungMin and hot babe coming toward them..
G-Dragon: Dream.. it is you?
Dream: huh?
Tae Yang: oh my.. you are looking hot..
TOP: i don't know it you after i look your face carefully..
Dream: haha.. i don't like to make up..
Dae Sung: noona.. you are hot when you really make up..
Dream: that mean i look very ugly without make up?
Dae Sung: nope.. erm..
G-dragon: we though you will have cute outfit rather than sexy..
Tae Yang: yea.. you are cute without make-up.. also hot when you are dancing..
Dream: haha.. joking.. i don't care how i look.. i love what am i doing.. haha..
YG: hey guy.. go prepare..

JungMin: dream.. i want a opening shot of you..
Dream: ok..
JungMin: cameraman.. shoot from her leg to her face..
Cameraman: ok..
JungMin: Dream give me those sexy look..
Dream: ok..

Big bang standing behind watch dream doing the opening scene..
G-dragon POV: she is hot.. i gonna get her..
Tae Yang POV: she really look very hot.. oh my oh..
TOP POV: later i gonna kiss her again..
Dae Sung POV: noona so pretty.. my heart beatting very fast.. oh no.. yunho and junsu ask me take care of her not fall in love with her..
Seung Ri POV: noona had made me fallin love..
G-dragon: hey you know what..
Tae Yang: what?
G-Dragon: you guy believe Dream don't have boyfriend and first kiss before..
TOP: really?
Dae Sung: cannot be..
Seung Ri: she is pretty.. should be have..

YG: guys be quite..
JungMin: Big bang is you guy turn.. doing the dancing opening scene..
Big Bang: ok..

Dream seat down and look at them..
JungMin: lets have break.. later Big bang doing the rest scene..
Big Bang : ok..
Dream: big bang fighting..

JungMin: ok.. let start..
Jungmin: now is Dream and Seung Ri..
Jungmin:ok.. next Dae Sung and Dream..
JungMin: ok.. next TOP and Dream
Jungmin: top i want you close to Dream's face..
Jungming: like almost kiss her cheek...
Top hugged Dream very tight..
Dream: oppa.. not so tight yea..
TOP: oh sorry..
JungMin: next.. Tae Yang and Dream..
JungMin: dream dance close to Tae Yang..
Dream: ok..
Tae Yang: ready?
Dream: yea..
JungMin: ok.. i adding a scene when G-Dragon take away Dream from Tae Yang..
JungMin: tae Yang look at Dream eye.. before G-dragon come in..
Tae Yang POV: her eyes are beautiful..
JungMin: ok.. G-dragon go in..
G-dragon grab Dream wrist..
Jungmin: dream dance around him.. than G-dragon dance back with her..
Tae Yang POV: oh.. i had the feeling for her.. i am feel heart break when G-dragon take away from me..
Jungmin: ok.. now the kissing scene..
G-dragon POV: i gonna kiss her..
JungMin: i want G-dragon pause in the mid air between both lip..
JungMin: ok action..
G-dragon close his eye and same to dream..
G-dragon wanted to gett near toward Dream's lip..
JungMin: CUT!
G-Dragon still in his world wanted to kiss Dream..
Dream open her eye.. G-dragon coming toward her..
Dream: oppa..
G-Dragon: ohh..
Dream: we are done..
G-Dragon POV: shit.. i almost kiss her.. why i move so slow.. shit..
Dream: thanks everyone..
Big bang: thanks everyone..
YG: great job dream and Jung min..
Dream: same to you..

JungMin: Dream.. i know you been working hard for this.. i know you didn't rest well.. i give you a week off..
Dream: really.. thanks..
JungMin: everyone pack up..
JungMin: i will fetch you back home ok dream?
Dream: ok..
YG: JungMin we go off first..
TOP: Dream.. i fetch you home?
Dream: it is ok.. JungMin oppa is sending me home later..
TOP: ok than.. see ya soon..
Dream: good night..
Top POV: listening her voice is oh my..

jung Min send dream back home..
Suddenly someone called Dream..
Dream: yobuseyo
TOP: hey gal..
Dream: oh Top oppa..
TOP: you reached home already?
Dream: yea..
TOP: ohh.. thanks for helping us..
Dream: it is my job..
TOP: ok.. than don disturb you..
Dream: ok.. good night.. oppa..
TOP: good night..

someone called Dream again..
Dream: yobuseyo..
Junsu: it me..
Dream: oppa..
Junsu: we are coming back tomorrow afternoon..
Changmin take away the phone from Junsu..
Changmin: dream tomorrow come our place ok? cook for us..
Dream: haha ok.. what time you reach Korea?
Changmin: around 2pm..
Dream: i will see you guys tomorrow then..
Changmin: yea..
Junsu take back his phone..
Junsu: dream.. sorry about that..
Dream: it is ok..
Junsu: so i will see you tomorrow right?
Dream: yea..
Junsu: ok than.. good night.. see ya tomorrow..
Dream: good night oppa..


Chapter 16

Dream went to market and buy some food for DBSK..
JungMin called Dream..
JungMin: dream.. good news.. we had finish editing the MTV.. it will show on the music news around the afternoon..
Dream: oh really.. that quite fast..
JungMin: i cannot wait to see it..
Dream: oppa.. you sure can make it..
JungMin: yea.. you also work hard for it..
Dream: yea..
JungMin: i got to go.. anyway thanks..
Dream: bye bye oppa..

Dream waited DBSK's house for them..
DBSK reached home and bring in the house..
Each of them hugged Dream
Jae Joong: i miss you.. wow.. you change your hairstlye..
YooChun: becoming more lady like huh..
Changmin: i cannot wait for your food..
Yunho: doing great for the MTV?
Dream: yea.. my boss say it will show on the tv in the afternoon..
Junsu: than we should support you.. what time?
Dream: i think around 4pm..
Dream: you guy go shower and rest first.. i go and prepare food you guys..

while Dream prepare the dinner.. everyone was done their shower and wait to see Dream shoot the MTV..
Yunho: here is it..
YooChun: who is the sexy lady in the opening scene..
JaeJoong: wow.. so hot..
Junsu: the face look like someone..
Changmin: it is Dream..
Yunho: oh my.. she dance so well..
YooChun: she look so hot in the MTV..
JaeJoong: no wonder she look different today..
Junsu: oh my.. they are touching Dream..
Changmin: hyung it is normal.. they doing for the MTV..
JaeJoong: oh no.. don't tell me G-dragon is kissing my Dream..
Yunho: ohh.. didn't touch the lip..
Yoochun: lucky..

Dream came out from the kitchen..
Dream: oppa.. dinner is ready..
YooChun: Dream.. you don't have boyfriend?
Dream: nope.. i never had my first love or kiss before..
YooChun: cool..
Changmin: i have chance..
Dream: huh? why?
Yunho: i didn't know you can dnace so well..
Dream: ohh..
Junsu: we saw the MTV already..
Dream: how it is?
Junsu: all of us knwo the main girl inside is you..
Dream: haha.. spoilt the whole MTV?
Jae Joong: i tell you.. it is gonna be big hit man..
Dream: haha.. lets eat..
Changmin: yea.. i miss Dream's cooking..
After the dinner.. Changmin and YooChun clean up while Yunho and jae joong look at Dream MTV online again..

Junsu: Dream.. can we go out and walk?
Dream: sure oppa..
After walk around 5 min..
Dream: oppa... let go back.. i quite tired..
Junsu: Dream.. i have something to tell you..
Dream: yea..
Junsu: i like you..
Junsu close his eye and kissed Dream..
Junsu POV: Dream feel very hot.. she is hugging me..
Junsu open his eye.. saw Dream is fainting on him..
Junsu: Dream.. are you ok..
Dream: oppa.. what are you saying just now?
Junsu carry Dream back to the house..

Junsu: hyung.. come and help me..
Jae Joong: what happen to Dream?
Changmin: she having high fever..
Yoochun: put her in the room..
Yunho: i go call doctor..

Doctor went in and see Dream..
Doctor came out..
Doctor: she been not rest well that why she fall sick..
Yunho: changmin is your fault call her to cook for us..
Changmin: i don't know that she not resting well..
Dream: yunho oppa don't blame Changmin..
Junsu: you are awake.. how you feel?
Dream: better..
JAe Joong: sorry that we didn;t know you never rest well..
Dream: it is ok oppa..
YooChun: ok people.. let Dream rest here..
Yoochun: you need me call your company for day off..
Dream: it is ok.. i having one week break..
YooChun: ok.. rest well..


Chapter 17

Junsu call up Dae Sung..
Dae Sung: hyung.. you are back..
Junsu: yea.. i ask you..
Dae Sung: yea?
Junsu: dream is very busy last few days..
Dae Sung: yea.. she is prepare the MTV.. she had to practice everyday with each memeber.. and she need to plan the scene and story plot with our director..
Junsu: oh i see..
Dae Sung: what happen?
Junsu: nothing.. just asking..
DAe Sung: ok than.. good night hyung..
Junsu: good night..

Junsu went back to Dream room.. While the rest went back their room and rest..
Junsu: i know it hard for you..
Junsu went to get towel put on Dream's head..
Junsu: Dream.. you are a nice girl.. *touching her face*
Junsu: her face is smooth and her lip is soft..
Junsu kissed her cheek and went back to bed..

the next morning..
JaeJoong wake up and cook porriadge for Dream..
JaeJoong went her room..
JaeJoong: ohh.. is my first time saw her sleep..
JaeJoong: she is cute.. *touching her face*
Dream woke up..
Dream: oppa..
JaeJoong: you are awake..
Dream: oppa.. i need to wake up and cook for you guys..
JaeJoong: it is ok.. i will for them..
Dream: but..
JaeJoong: come have some porriadge..
Dream: oppa you made for me?
JaeJoong: yea.. be careful it is hot..
JaeJoong blow the porriadge and feed Dream..
Dream: it is nice.. thanks oppa..
JaeJoong: stay with us this whole week ok?
Dream: ok.. i also having off days..
JaeJoong: wait a while i go get your med..
Dream: ok..

Dream was thinking what happen between junsu and her..
Dream: i remember i was saying i was tired.. than junsu say something to me and than he put me back.. and we.. oh my dear.. we kissed..
Dream just blushed..
JaeJoong: here is your med..
Dream: thanks..
JaeJoong: why your face so red..
Dream: nothing..
JaeJoong: ok.. go and rest..
Dream: ok..

Junsu woke up and went to dream's room..
Junsu: Dream are you feeling better..
Junsu: i wish i am that are sick.. not you.. i am so heartbroke..
Junsu went to kitchen..
Junsu: hyung.. you are so early..
JaeJoong: i make stuff for you guy.. by the way Dream had eaten the med and food already..
Junsu: ohh.. let me call the rest wake up..
JaeJoong: ok..

The rest member woke up and gather to have their breakfeast..
Changmin: how is Dream?
JaeJoong: after taken food and med she went back to sleep..
Yunho: later we had event..
YooChun: ohh.. i had a day off.. i will take care of Dream..
Yunho: you better take good care of Dream..
JaeJoong: yea..
Junsu: anything happen must info us..
YooChun: okok..

The rest of DBSK went to event left YooChun at home..
YooChun went to watch TV..
Dream woke up and went to the living room..
Dream: oppa..
YooChun: Dream you woke up?
Dream: yea.. if i go back to sleep make me more sick..
YooChun: Let go have a walk..
Dream: ok.. let me get changed..
Yoochun wear the hat that dream made for him..
Dream: the hat fit you..
YooChun: yea.. thanks.. i like it a lot..
Dream: haha..
Yoochun: lets go..


Chapter 18

Both of them went to the park...
YooChun: Dream.. you like learn a lot stuff before..
Dream: haha.. like?
YooChun: like knitting, cooking, piano and even dancing..
Dream: i like learn stuff randomly..
YooChun: haha.. lets play piano together?
Dream: sure..
YooChun: let go back.. i can't wait to see you playing piano..
Dream: haha.. ok ok..
While they walking back.. some fans spotted Yoochun..
Fans: YooChun.. it is Mickey..
YooChun: faster run..
Dream: oppa you run first.. i will find you later..
YooChun: i cannot leave you alone here..
Yoochun find a spot and hugged Dream.. so the fans will think is a couple.. soon they run passed them..
YooChun: ok.. they left..
YooChun saw Dream lay on his chest.. suddenly Yoochun's heart beatting very fast..
Dream: they are gone?
Both of their eyes met together..
YooChun: yea.. lets go home..
Dream: ok..
YooChun holds Dream's hand and went back..

YooChun: i get you a cup of water..
Dream: thanks oppa..
YooChun: lets start play piano together..
Dream: what song you wanna to play?
YooChun: how about love bye love?
Dream: sure.. it is written by you..
YooChun: haha.. you know how to sing the song?
Dreram: yea..
Both of them sing together with the piano..
YooChun POV: she look like an angel sent from heaven.. her voice is great...
Dream: oppa.. still have another song?
YooChun: yea.. how about INSA?
Dream: sure..
YooChun: you play for me can?
Dream: sure..
YooChun POV: sitting close to her.. that something attacrt me to her..
Yoochun clapped his hand after Drean sang finish..
YooChun: it is nice.. you have a great voice..
Dream: haha.. nope.. oppa had very deep man voice that i like..
YooChun: really?
Dream: yea oppa..
Yoochun kissed Dream's forehead..
YooChun: thanks..
Dream blushed..
Dream: oppa.. let cook dinner for them..
Yoochun: ok..

both of them cooked the dinner and waited the rest to come back..
Changmin: Dream.. are you okay?
Changmin hugged Dream..
Dream: yea oppa..
JaeJoong: that good..
JaeJoong touching Dream's head..
Junsu: i am happy.. you fine now..
Yunho: had you taken your med?
Dream: yea oppa..
the rest had their dinner and asking who having off day tomorrow..
Yunho: tomorrow is my off day..
Junsu: oh no.. we had another event.. i cannot accompany my Dream..
Dream: oppa.. we still have time.. we can meet up when is your off day..
Junsu: ok than..

next morning the rest went for event and left Yunho and Dream..
Dream: oppa.. you still own me a deal.. remember?
Yunho: of cos.. i remember but you just recover..
Dream: it is ok.. i cannot wait to see you dance..
Yunho: you like to see me Dance?
Dream: of cos..
both of them wen to the dance studio..
Dream: oppa teach me..
Yunho: i know you can dance well too..
Dream: i just oppa teach me new move..
Yunho: ok than look carefully..
Dream: ok..
Yunho teached Dream carefully..
Yunho POV: she learn quite fast as i thought..
Dream: oppa i show you. what i learn from you..
Yunho seat down there and look Dream dancing..
YunHo POV: her body flow is great.. she remember every single step i teach her..
Dream went over yunho beside and lay down.. Dream closed her eyes for a rest..
Yunho POV: oh my.. even she is sweating also so pretty..
Yunho getting closer on dream's face and wanted to kiss her...
Dream opened her eyes..
Dream: oppa..
Yunho quickly stand up and accidently silp on his towel and fall down toward dream.. Yunho kissed Dream accidently..
Yunho quickly sit up..
Yunho: sorry..
Dream: oppa.. are you okay..
Yunho: yea..
Dream: you see your leg getting blue black..
Dream: lets go to the living room..
Dream went to boil some eggs..
she took one egg out and apply on Yunho's leg..
Yunho: i am ok..
Dream: it is ok.. next time be careful..
Dream use the egg hit on Yunho's head..
Yunho: ohh..
Dream peel the shell of the egg..
Dream: oppa.. eat it up..
Yunho: haha ok..
Yunho eat half and dream finish it..
Yunho: you don't mind that i eaten before..
Dream: oppa.. you are cute.. we are friends.. we share our joy and sadness together..
Yunho: ohh.. haha..
Dream: sorry oppa.. i don't know you will mind..
Yunho: nope.. i just shock.. haha..
Dream: haha.. okok..
Yunho: i forget.. i brought something for you in japan..
Dream: really?
Yunho: yea.. hold on..
Dream: ok..

While Yunho getting the present.. Dream was thinking about the accidently kiss..
Dream: oh.. i feel shy in this house.. first is junsu and now is yunho..
Dream: who should i count as my first kiss.. oh my oh..
Yunho: Dream.. What are you thinking?
Dream: oh.. nothing.. i was thinking about my work..
Yunho: oh.. Here you go..
Dream opened the box..
Dream: oppa.. it a bracelet.. it so beautiful.. somemore is in a star shape...
Dream hugged Yunho..
Dream: kamsa hamnida!
Yunho: welcome..
Dream: oppa.. cook for them ok?
Yunho: sure..

Yunho and Dream waited for the rest to come back..
Changmin: Dream.. i am so tired..
Dream: oppa.. come to the sofa..
Changmin: ohh..
Dream: i help you massage..
Junsu: i also want..
Dream: okok..
Jae Joong: i also..
YooChun: me too..
Dream: ok ok.. take turn ok?
Junsu: ok.. i going to be the next..
JaeJoong: junsu.. you should let your hyung first..
YooChun: yea.. junsu..
Junsu: ok than.. always bully me..
Yunho: so who having break tomorrow?
Junsu: it is my turn.. wahahaha...
Changmin: dream.. after you massage my shoulder.. so comfontable..
JAeJoong: my turn..
Jae Joong: so comfontable..
YooChun: hyung my turn..
YooChun: feel so good..
Yunho: let have dinner before it turn cold..
Junsu: but.. i haven massage..
Yunho: after dinner..
Junsu: but.. you all bully me..
Dream whisper to Junsu..
Dream: oppa.. later after you finish bath you come to my room..
Junsu: ok ok..
After finish their dinner.. they went to bath..


Chapter 19

Junsu went to Dream's room..
Junsu: dream..
Dream: oppa come in..
Junsu: ok..
Dream: oppa lay on the bed..
Junsu: huh?
Dream: just lay.. don't worry i won't do anything to you..
Dream put a mask on junsu's face..
Junsu: wow.. so nice..
Dream: oppa.. i helping you do hand and foot massage..
Junsu: ok ok.. thanks..
After Dream is done.. she remove Junsu's mask and find out that Junsu already fell asleep..
Dream went to the living and sleep in the sofa...

The rest wake up and went out without realized Dream sleeping on the sofa..
Junsu woke up..
Junsu: i was sleeping on Dream room..
Junsu: where is she?
Junsu went to the living room and find Dream..
Junsu saw Dream sleeping on the sofa..
Junsu: you let me to sleep her room and sleep in the sofa..
Junsu look at Dream and touched her face.. and he carry her back to her room..
Dream woke up and find she is her room..
Dream: who carry me back here?
Dream went to the living and saw junsu was making breakfast..
Dream: oppa..
Junsu: morning my angel..
Dream: oppa.. was you carry me back to my room..
Junsu: yea.. sorry that last night i fell asleep in your room and make you sleep in the sofa..
Dream: it is ok.. sorry..
Junsu: why sorry?
Dream: it is because i am heavy..
Junsu: haha.. you are not heavy at all..
Dream: what are you making?
Junsu: jiang jiang mee for you..
Dream: really?
Junsu: yea..
Dream: oppa let share in a bowl.. so we don't need to wash extra bowl..
Junsu: ok..

While both of them eating together..
Dream: oppa..
Junsu: yea..
Dream standing up and came close to junsu's face..
Junsu POV: is she want to kiss me?
Dream: oppa..
Junsu closed his eye and his mouth.. wait for Dream to kiss him..
Dream just wipe his mouth..
Dream: oppa.. what are you thinking of?
Junsu quickly open his eye..
Junsu: nothing..
Dream: you eat all over your mouth..
Junsu: hahaha..
Dream: oppa.. later where you want to go?
Junsu: erm.. how about the beach?
Dream: sure.. i long time never suntan..
Junsu: i know a place that no one will spot us..
Dream: ok ok..

Junsu drive Dream to a place where is no one around..
Dream: oppa.. this place is nice..
Junsu: let meet here in 5min.. let get changed..
Dream: ok ok..
Junsu had changed and waited for Dream..
When Dream came out..
Junsu:let go to find a spot to suntan..
Dream: okok..
They find a spot and started to suntan
Dream take out a towel that cover her and she is wearing bikini suit..
Junsu: wow..
Dream: oppa.. *she quickly cover herself*
Dream: i know my body is ugly got a lot of fats...
Junsu: nope.. that bikini fit you perfectly..
Dream: huh..
Junsu: really.. *taking off his shirt*
Dream: ok..
Junsu: i help you put suntan lotion?
Dream: ok..
Junsu POV: her skin is smooth.. her body perfectly hot... wow..
Dream: oppa.. i also help you put..
Junsu: ok..

Both of them suntan the whole afternoon..
Dream: oppa .. we need to go home..
Junsu: now?
Dream: let cook dinner for them..
Junsu: i have something to tell you..
Dream: yea?
Junsu: i was telling you something but you fainted last few days ago..
Dream: sorry oppa about that..
Junsu: i was telling you..
Dream: yea?
Junsu : i like you...
An plane flew pass..
Dream: huh? what you are saying?
Junsu: i was saying i love you..
Another plane flew pass..
Dream: sorry oppa.. i cannot hear..
Junsu: damn it.. why today so many plane here..
Dream: haha.. oppa relax..
Junsu: never mind.. let go home..
Both of them just wearing their clothes..
Junsu: you not going change back to your normal clothes..
Dream: it is ok.. i just wear back my tank top on it.. if not we are late back home..
Junsu: ok...

Junsu and Dream went back home.. they cooked the dinner and waited them to come back..
Dream: oppa i go change first before they come back..
Junsu: ok.. i go prepare the rice first..
The rest was back..
Changmin: where is my Dream..
Junsu: she was in the room..
Changmin: ok.. i will go call her..
JaeJoong: i also..
Changmin open the Dream's door without knocking..
Just when Dream take off the tank top only left bikini..
JaeJoong and Changmin opened their mouth..
Yunho and Yoochun come and check out what happen..
Yunho and YooChun saw Dream was on her bikini top..
Junsu shouted: what you guys doing there..
Dream turn around and saw them..
Dream: oppa.. *she quickly take towel to cover herself*
Dream faster closed the door and locked..

JaeJoong: Dream body was damn hot...
Changming: Hyung.. you and Dream go where in the afternoon?
Junsu: we went to suntan..
Yunho: so you saw Dream in full bikini suit?
Junsu: huh? how you know she wearing bikini suit?
YooChun: we went her room and she was take her tanktop and we saw her bikini..
Junsu: damn you guy.. why never knock the door..
Changmin: we don't know she is changing..
JaeJoong: so you saw her in her bikini suit..
Junsu: yea..
JAeJoong: next time i also want to go suntan with her..
Junsu: you prevent..

Dream came out..
Yoochun: sorry.. we didn't knock the door before we come in..
Dream: it is ok.. also my fault for forgetting to lock the door..
Dream POV: shit man.. i am too shy to face them..
Yunho: Dream just treat it you in the beach ok?
Dream: huh..
Changmin: Dream.. don't worry.. we won't anyhow think..
JaeJoong: next time we go suntan together ok?
Dream: huh?
Junsu: hyung you are prevent..
Dream: i think i am full.. i going back to my room..
Junsu: see what you guy had done..

Changmin went to Dream room.. this time changmin remember to knock the door..
Dream: come in..
Changmin: sorry about it..
Dream: it is ok..
Changmin: we didn't mean to see..
Dream: i understand.
Changmin: it is my fault for not knocking the door first..
Dream: it is ok..
Changmin: i feel sad.. if you now not happy..
Dream: i am ok..
Changmin: smile to me..
Dream smiled at Changmin..
Changmin hugged Dream..
Changmin: my dream is back to normal..
Changmin : let go out and eat?
Dream: ok..

JaeJoong: we was kidding.. sorry about it..
Dream smiled at JaeJoong..
Dream: i am ok..
JAeJoong went up to his room..
JaeJoong give Dream a present..
Dream opened up..
It was a handphone strap in a star with Dream name on it..
Dream: oppa.. it is beautiful.. thanks..
JaeJoong: finally our Dream is smiling..
Changmin: i also have something for you..
Dream: why you all suddenly give me present?
Yunho: we all in japan miss you.. and we brought some gift for you.. i don't know the rest also buying for you..

Changmin: here you go..
Dream opened up..
It is Star keychain with Dream name grave it behind..
Dream: oppa.. thanks.. i like it a lot..
Yoochun: this is for you..
Dream opened up
It is a watch filled little star inside..
Dream:oppa.. thanks.. i love it..
Junsu: still have mine too..
Dream opened up..
It is a ring with Star shape..
Dream: thanks oppa.. it fit perfectly..
Dream: how you guys know i love star shape..
JaeJoong: we notice most of your stuff have star around..
Dream: haha..
Changmin: Dream tomorrow is my off day..
Dream: ohh.. than the rest?
Junsu: having event..
Dream: ok than.. oppa than tomorrow than we plan where to go ok?
Changmin: ok..
the rest went to bed..

next morning the rest went for event.. only left Changmin and Dream..
Dream wake up and prepare breakfast for Changmin..
Changmin: Dream.. what are cooking for breakfast..
Dream: i making pancake for you..
Changmin: yea.. i want ten panckaes..
Dream: ok ok.. no problem oppa...
Dream: oppa.. help me get milk in the fridge..
Changmin: okok..
Dream: oppa.. here you go..
Changmin: thanks..
Dream: oppa.. wait.. you need to add maple syrup to taste better or you like honey?
Changmin: can i try both?
Dream: sure..
Changmin: Dream.. your pancake is the best i had try..
Dream: really?
Changmin: yea..
Dream: thanks oppa..


Chapter 20

Both of them went to the living room and watch TV...
Changmin: let us see got what news..
Dream: ok ok..
Changmin: let see music channel..
Dream: oppa.. is your junior MTV..
Changmin: yea.. they are girl generation.. their new mini singles GEE..
Dream: they all so pretty and cute..
Changmin: yea..
Dream: oppa.. you like anyone inside?
Chnagmin: nope..
Dream: why?
Changmin: cos...
Dream: i know.. you got Girlfriend right?
Changmin: nope..
Dream: haha.. i know.. cannot say.. company don't allow..
Changmin: nope.. cos i haven find the right one..
Dream: ohh.. you can choose from Girl Generation..
Changmin: why choose there?
Dream: so many girl.. sure got one is your right one..
Changmin: nope.. i think my right one around me..
Dream: really? oppa.. you must fight for it.. i support you..
Changmin: haha..
Dream: let learn their dance ok?
Changmin: don't want..
Dream: why? please...
Changmin: okok.. only for you..
Dream hugged Changmin..
Dream: thanks oppa..

Both of them started to learn GEE dance step..
Dream: oppa.. learn properly..
Changmin: ok..
Changmin: why not you dance for me to see?
Dream: i wanna oppa dance with me..
Changmin: erm.. i dance with you wrong number can?
Dream: ok.. than let change to wrong number..
Changmin: i wanna to see you dance GEE..
Dream: don't want..
Changmin: please please..
Dream: ok ok..
Changmin played the song GEE for dream..
Dream: i gonna to start..
Changmin: ok..
Changmin POV: she is cute while she dancing GEE.. will i fall for her? her smile is too cute
After dream danced finish..
Dream: oppa you must teach me how to dance wrong number..
Changmin: ok..
Changmin teached Dream step by step..

both of them started to dance wrong number together.. Dream missed one step and almost fell but chnagmin just in time caught her..
Both of their eye meet together..
Changmin POV: her eyes is beautiful..
Dream: sorry oppa.. let dance again...
Changmin POV: she is very serious and work hard what i had taught her..
Dream: oppa.. let dance together..
Both of them danced together wrong number..
Dream clapped her hand..
Dream: oppa.. i am happy that i can dance with you..
Changmin me too..
Dream: oppa.. let go and buy food..
Changmin: yea..
Dream: we also cook dinner for them ok?
Changmin: can i choose what i want to eat today?
Dream: sure.. but not so difficult for me to cook ok?
Changmin: ok..

Both of them went to the market..
Dream: oppa.. you wait for me a moment i go get some stuff..
Changmin: ok.. let meet here ten min time..
Dream went back to spot where they meet.. suddenly changmin catch Dream's hand and run..
Dream: oppa..
Changmin: run.. got fans chasing after me..
Dream: oppa.. hid here..
Changmin: ok ok..
when the fans run pass.. changmin hugged Dream..
Changmin POV: oh.. my heartbeat is beating for her?
Dream: oppa.. they are gone..
Chnagmin: let go home..

Dream busy unpack the stuff they brought..
Changmin: Dream can i have some food to eat before dinner?
Dream: oppa.. you come here.. i have something for you..
Changmin: ohh..
Dream: i went to buy some pudding and cookies for you when i say i need to buy other stuff..
Changmin: so you went to buy stuff for me..
Dream: yea.. i know you will hungry after we learning those dance and you like food a lot..
Changmin hugged Dream..
Changmin: thanks.. you know me the best...
Dream: oppa.. you go living and rest while i cooking dinner..
Changmin: you don't need help?
Dream: it is ok.. oppa go to the living room..
Changmin: ok ok..

the rest came back and had their dinner...
Changmin: dream.. tomorrow none of us having break..
Dream: ok ok.. i will stay at home then..
Yunho: are you ok staying alone?
Dream: of cos..
Yoochun: anything happen just call us ok?
Dream: yea oppa..
Junsu: so you and changmin whole day doing of what?
Dream: dancing and eating..
JaeJoong: haha.. sure have eating..
Dream: why?
JAeJoong: changmin love to eat..
after dinner the rest went to bed..


Chapter 21

Next morning dbsk went for event and left Dream alone at home..
Suddenly Dream's phone rang..
Dream: yobuseyo..
Jungmin: Dream.. how are you? having fun?
Dream: oppa.. haha.. resting well...
Jungmin: i received DBSK's manager call..
Dream: huh?
Jungmin: he was asking me whether you can be DBSK part-time manager..
Dream: than what your answer?
Jungmin: of cos no..
Dream: why?
Jungmin: because is you are working not me.. i am ok with it..
Dream: oh i see..
JungMin: so you are ok with it?
Dream: yea.. haha..
JungMin: didn't know that you know DBSK..
Dream: haha.. we are just friend..
JungMin: really or u like one of them?
Dream: we just are friend..
Jungmin: ok ok.. you coming back to office on monday?
Dream: yea..
Jungmin: i have good news for you..
Dream: what is the good news?
Jungmin: first the MTV we shoot has won the top chart in this week..
Dream: really.. that great..
Jungmin: monday we need to go YG company..
Dream: okok.. still have another good new?
JungMin: that i will tell you on monday..
Dream: ok.. thanks for telling the good new.. i am happy..
JungMin: thanks you too with out your help.. i don't think we will hit the top chart..
Dream: you are a good director..
JungMin: ok than i will let DBSK manager know that you can be their part-time manager..
Dream: ok ok.. oppa remember to rest ok.. see ya on monday..
JungMin: i will.. bye bye see ya on monday..
Dream: bye bye..

Dream went to clean up DBSK whole house and prepare dinner for them..
DBSK are back home..
Changmin: Dream.. i am so happy..
Changmin hugged Dream..
Dream: what happen?
Yunho: we heard our manager that you willing be our part-time manager...
Dream: so fast you guy know already?
Yoochun: yea.. we will begging our manager let you stay with us..
Junsu: but too bad.. you cannot stay with us everyday..
JaeJoong: cos you have contact with your company only he allow you work part time with us..
Dream: haha.. yea..
Junsu: you clean the whole house?
Dream: yea.. monday i going back to work.. i only have left tomorrow with you guys..
Yoochun: huh.. why?
Dream: i have to work on our company MTV again..
JAeJoong: tomorrow i having my break..
Yunho: hyung than you can accompany Dream..
Dream: let have dinner together..
Changmin: ok.. i am hungry..
After dinner.. the rest went to bed..

Next morning.. the house left JaeJoong and Dream while the rest went for event...
Dream was preparing breakfast for JaeJoong..
JaeJoong: what are you cooking?
Dream: ramen..
JaeJoong: cool..
Dream: oppa.. what we gonna to do today?
JaeJoong: let date?
Dream: huh?
JaeJoong: joking..
Dream: oppa.. let bake cake ok?
JaeJoong: great idea..
Dream: later we go buy some flour..
JaeJoong: sure..

After they had their Breakfast.. they went to market buy some flour..
Dream: oppa.. wait for me a moment..
JaeJoong: ok..
Dream came back with a lot stuff..
JaeJoong: what you buy?
Dream: don't tell you..
both of them went back home..
Dream: oppa you bring this packet to the kitchen and prepare first.. i go my room put stuff..
JaeJoong: ok ok..
both of them started to bake cake..
Dream: oppa..
Dream throw some flour on JAeJoong..
Jaejoong: hey.. you gonna be dead..
JaeJoong didn't saw the knife beside him.. he accidently cut his finger..
JaeJoong: ouch..
Dream: oppa..
Dream quickly put jaeJoong finger into her mouth to stop bleeding..
JAejoong POV: she so sweet..
JaeJoong: i am ok..
Dream: sorry oppa.. if i never throw flour on you than you won't cut yourself..
JaeJoong: yea.. it is your fault..
Dream: sorry..
Suddenly JaeJoong throw flour on Dream..
Dream: hey..
JAeJoong: i was joking with you..
Dream: haha okok.. stop playing..
JaeJoong: haha ok ok..
Dream: oppa wash your hand.. i go get the first aid..
JaeJoong: ok ok..
Dream apply med on his finger..
Dream: oppa you go rest.. i will clean here..
JaeJoong: it is ok..
Dream: oppa... you go and rest ok?
JaeJoong: ok than..

Dream clean up the mess and started to cooked dinner.. while JaeJoong fall asleep in the sofa..
Dream went over cover a blanket on him...
JAeJoong wake up..
Jaejoong: why never wake me up?
Dream: oppa.. i see you sleeping so i don't to disturb you..
JAeJoong: how is our cake?
Dream: in the fridge..
JaeJoong: wow.. you even put strawberry on it..
Dream: oppa.. you like strawberry right?
JaeJoong: haha.. how you know?
Dream: don't tell you..
JaeJoong: you sure don't to tell me?
Dream: nope..
JaeJoong tickle Dream..
Dream: okok.. i will say.. i check you guy profile.. they say you like strawberry..
JAeJoong: ohh.. you are a stalker to us..
Dream: nope.. i will check what kind food you guys like..
JaeJoong: haha.. ok ok.. joking with you..

The rest are back..
Junsu: Dream what time you to be back to your company?
Dream: around 10am..
Junsu: you need me fetch you?
Dream: it is ok..
Changmin went to open the fridge..
Changmin: there is cake..
JaeJoong: hey.. you cannot eat..
Changmin: why?
JaeJoong: it is dream and i bake one..
Changmin: we try whether is nice a not..
Dream: oppa.. let changmin try?
JAeJoong: cannot i want to eat myself..
Dream: haha okok..
Changmin: i also cake DReam..
Dream: next time i bake for you..
Changmin stick out tongue on JAeJoong..
JAeJoong: hey..
YooChun: Dream.. me too..
Yunho: i also.. it look nice..
Dream: ok i will bake for everyone..
after dinner.. everyone went to bed..


Chapter 22

Dream woke up early and prepare breakfast for them.. she also buy stuff for DBSK..
Junsu woke up and saw a note beside..
Dream: oppa.. i had left the house.. i brought the latest football game.. remember to rest more not play more.. take care.. Dream..
Junsu went down and saw the breakfast already prepare for them..
Changmin woke up and saw a note too..
Dream: oppa.. i had left the house.. i brought some snack and enegry drink for you.. it store at your cardboard.. take care.. Dream..
Changmin went down for breakfast same as others..
Yunho: dream brought me some enegry drink for me..
YooChun: dream brought a note book of music..
JaeJoong: she brought strawberry.. ahah.. so cute of her..
Yunho: what breakfast she made?
Changmin: it is pancake.. you guys must try.. very nice..
Junsu: why changmin have ten pancake than ours only six...
Changmin: cos dream know me the best..
JaeJoong: haha..
Yunho: guys.. we only have half an hour than we off for events..
Yoochun: ok ok..

Dream reached Creative..
Dream: good morning oppa..
JungMin: morning my girl..
Dream: what is the good news you want to tell me?
JungMin: let go to YG company than you will know..
Dream: ahh.. ok..
Both of them went to YG..
Dream: annyong haseyo toward YG..
YG: hey sister.. don't need so formal to me..
JungMin: haha.. yea.. just treat him like me..
YG: what..
Dream: haha.. ok ok..
BigBang came in.. all of them hugged Dream..
Dream: hello guys.. why you all so happy?
YG: we having mini concert due our MTV is number 1 hit..
Dream: congrats.. you guys done a good job..
JungMin: we having a problem..
Dream: huh?
YG: we don't know whether our main dancer willing to help..
JungMin: yea..
Dream: who is she? i can help you guy talk to her..
G-dragon: Dream you are so innocent.. they are talking about you..
Dream: ohh. why me?
TOP: remember our MTV main girl is you..
Dream: yea.. what has to do with me?
JungMin: i told you i have good news for you..
Dream: ohh..
JungMin: you will be the main dancer in their mini concert..
Dream: but we don't have project on?
JungMin: yea.. this is our project.. we video down the concert and convert to a album..
Dream: ohh.. but we can change dancer not need to be me..
YG: you are the dancer that give us the great hit..
JungMin: we don't want to waste time to find another dancer..
Dae sung: noona please be our dancer?
Dream: ok ok..
Tae Yang: yea.. cool..
Seung Ri: noona.. i got a thing learn from you..
YG: the mini concert will held on next week..
JungMin: dream you have to practice with other dancer too..
Dream: ok..

YG: dream.. let me intro you the three another dancers..
Dream: ok..
YG: this is soomin..
Dream: hello.. nice to meet you..
Soomin: hello
YG: this is apple..
Dream: hello.. nice to meet you..
apple: hello..
YG: this is eve..
Dream: hello.. nice to meet you..
Eve: hello..
YG: ok.. you can start training when big bang come back after the briefing ..
Dream POV: this three girl is really hot.. i shall call them a group name called SEA..
Soomin whisper to apple and eve: hey this is the girl in the WITH YOU in big bang MTV..
While dream seating a conner.. so they keep discuss about Dream...
Apple: tae yang keep telling me about her..
Eve: oh really? TOP also talk about her..
SooMin: G-dragon also talking about her..
Apple: big bang is talking about her..
Eve: what so good about her?
SooMin: we shall show her who is their lover..
Apple: tae yang is mine... he always close to me..
Eve: top is mine too.. we always date together..
Soomin: G-dragon say he like me..
SEA: yea.. we should let her know that three of them is ours..

Big Bang came in to the studio..
SooMin: oppa.. why you are so late?
G-dragon: ohh.. having briefing..
Apple: oppa.. let dance togther ok?
Tae Yang: haha.. later..
Eve: oppa.. i wanna listen to you rap..
TOP: erm not now..
Dream: so we start from where?
Dae Sung: YG hyung wanna start with the opening scene with the first hit...
Seung Ri: he wanna Dream to be main dance with us.. than the three dancer will be back-up dancer..
Dream: only for this song right?
G-dragon: nope.. you will be our main dancer for the whole concert..
TOP: even we singing our single song..
Dream: but i though YG oppa just want me to be the dancer for With You that song..
Tae Yang: we proposal to him.. and he agreed..
Apple: oppa.. how about us?
SooMin: we always is your partner..
Eve: what we do?
G-dragon: be back-up dancer..
Dream: you must put they as your main dancer too..
TOP: nope.. YG wanna had a big hit again..
Tae Yang : ok ok.. let started..

After the practice had ended..
G-dragon: Dream i fetch you home..
Soomin: oppa.. i though you always fetch me home..
Dream: it is ok..
Top: why not i fetch you back?
eve: oppa.. you are fetching me..
Top: i can fetch both you two..
Dream: it is ok..
Taeyang: i fetch dream back than..
Apple: oppa you date me already?
TaeYang: did i?
Apple: yea..
Dream: i can go back myself..
DaeSung: i will see you tomorrow..
Seung Ri: noona see ya..
Dream: bye bye..
Dream went to toilet to wash-up before going back home..
SEA came to find Dream
Dream: i though you guy going back with them..
Soomin: they ask us go back ourself..
Apple: all your fault..
Dream: what had i done?
Eve: you know you are snatching our guys..
Dream: what guys?
SooMin: G-dragon is my boyfriend.. TOP is eve's boyfriend and TaeYang is Apple's boyfriend..
Dream: ohh ok..
Apple: when you came.. everything had changed..
Eve: we always be their main dancer.. now we becoming back-up dancer..
Dream: but i never told YG oppa that i wanna to be their Main dancer..
SooMin: we just wanna let you know better back off with our guys..
Dream: i just treat them as oppa.. nothing else..
Apple: you don't know they had like you..
Eve: you are dumb or what?
Soomin: you cannot see they treat you so nice..
Dream: i though is normal..
Apple: you just a dancer..
Eve: don't make us make you don't have job..
Soomin: remember to back off our oppa..
SEA left..

Dream on the way back home..
Dream thinking of what the SEA tell her..
Dream: i only a dancer? i though JungMin oppa hired as me a producer?
Dream: i just help them out as a dancer for a moment..
Dream: i think they don't know i am the producer of this project..
suddenly dream's phone rang..
Dream: yobuseyo..
Junsu: dream.. how are you today?
Dream: oppa.. i am ok..
Junsu: haha.. so what is your new project?
Dream: Big bang having a mini concert and i need to be their dancer again..
Junsu: huh.. what? main dancer again?
Dream: yea..
Junsu: i though their have their own dancer.. why is you..
Dream: YG oppa wanna had new change make to the big hit..
Junsu: don't let them anyhow touch you..
Dream: oppa.. just dancing nothing else..
Junsu: oh.. ok ok..
Dream: oppa.. how is your event?
Junsu: great.. a lot fans turn out..
Dream: wow.. oppa.. you all so popular..
Junsu: dream i miss you..
Dream: oppa.. you know i always miss you guys..
Junsu: when you are coming back?
Dream: i think when i no project.. i will let your manager know about it..
Junsu: that good..
Dream: oppa.. go rest.. tomorrow you still have event ..
Junsu: ok then.. you too..
Dream: good night oppa.. fighting..
Junsu: you too..

someone texted Dream..
It's was TOP..
TOP: hey babe.. are asleep now?
Dream: nope oppa..
TOP: what you like.. as in food?
Dream: i like to have strawberry.. i had a lot of fav food..
TOP: ok.. you better go rest now ok?
Dream: yea.. oppa you too..


Chapter 23

Next morning.. Dream went to dance studio..
Dream: morning people..
Apple: remember what we had told you..
SooMin: remember to back off...
Eve stared at Dream..
Big Bang came in..
Dream: morning guys..
All of them hugged Dream..
Apple: oppa.. why never hug us?
SooMin: oppa miss us?
TOP: Dream.. this is for you..
Dream: what that..
Dream opened up and saw it is a sandwich with strawberry..
Eve: oppa.. why i don't have..
G-dragon: hey buddy.. you never make breakfast for anyone before..
TOP: haha..
Dream: Eve.. you can have it..
TOP: eve.. ahh..
Eve: never mind.. you just eat..
G-dragon: ok ok.. let start..
Eve: i need to go washroom...
Apple and Soomin follow her..
Apple: eve... don't cry..
Soomin: we need to show her our colours..
apple: why not.. since the rest nig bang having event later only left TOP..
Soomin: i know.,. i ask her go buy drink..
Eve: than i kissed TOP when she come back..
Apple: yea.. you are so smart..

After the big bang.. only left TOP..
Dream: are you guys thirsty?
Apple: yea.. can you help us buy drink..
Dream: ok..
TOP: i follow you go..
Dream: it is ok.. you stay here practice with them..
apple: eve.. soomin and i need to go washroom..
Eve: ok..
TOP: let start practice..
Eve: oppa.. i have something to tell you..
TOP: yea?
eve: i like you..
TOP: haha.. i also like you..
Eve: really? so you are my guy?
TOP: nope.. i had someone in my heart..
Eve: who?
TOP: you don't need to know..
EVe: why?*started to cry*
TOP: hey don't cry..
the moment Dream step in..
Eve kissed TOP..
Dream accidently throw one can ..
TOP pushed Eve away..
Dream: sorry.. i came back the wrong time....
Dream run away..
TOP chased Dream.. TOp catch Dream's hand..
TOP: hey dream.. there is nothing between me and eve..
Dream: ohh.. i understand.. you guys can continue..
TOP: nope.. i don't like her.. or love her..
Dream: but.. i know..
TOP: you understand me..
Dream: yea.. i understand.. you are artist cannot tell people you are dating..
TOP: nope.. the person i like is..
Dream just cut him..
Dream: i am tired.. you pass the drink to them..
TOP: but..
Dream: oppa.. see ya tomorrow..

Dream POV: that was shocking..
TOP went back to dance studio..
Apple and soomin were back too.
Eve: oppa..
TOP: i need a break.. practice end here..
TOP left..
Apple: yea.. eve you made it..
Eve: but oppa since to be sad..
SooMin: after a while he will be ok..
Eve: hope so..

Dream was on her way back..
Her phone rang..
Dream: yobuseyo..
TOP: hey dream..
Dream: hello oppa..
TOP: eve and i don't have any relationship at between..
Dream: oppa your training finish..
TOP: yea.. we only just friend..
Dream: oppa i understand.. don't worry..
TOP: but i think you still i am with eve..
Dream: oppa.. i understand the relationship between her..
TOP: tomorrow i ask eve to explain to you..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. have an early rest ok?
TOP: ok.. i will see ya tomorrow..
Dream: good night..
TOP: good night..

Someone texted Dream:
Yunho: dream.. busy with your training?
Dream: oppa.. i just finish my training..
Yunho: wanna meet for supper?
Dream: erm.. nope.. it make me fat..
Yunho: oh.. but can you accompany me than..
Yunho rang her up..
Dream: yobuseyo
Yunho: hey dream.. where are you..
Dream: i at nearby YG company..
Yunho: wait for me..
Dream: ok..

Yunho come and fetch Dream..
Dream: oppa.. where is the rest?
Yunho: at home..
Dream: why never join you for supper?
Yunho: they are too tired..
Dream: oppa i just accompany you eat ok? i not eating..
Yunho: ok..
They come into a small restaurant ..
Yunho: give me one ramen..
Waitress: ok.. how about you miss?
Dream: i just want two cups of hot tea..
Waitress: ok.. please wait a moment..
Dream: thank you..
Waitress: miss.. this your tea..
Dream: thank you..
Waitress: welcome..
Dream: oppa.. drink this.. outside is cold..
Yunho: you order for me?
Dream: yea.. than you though i gonna drink two cups of tea?
Yunho: yea.. after training sure be very thirsty..
Dream: if i drink two cups of tea.. tonight i don't need to sleep.. haha..
Yunho: than you call me and chat..
Dream: cannot.. you also have to work.. cannot disturb you resting..
Yunho: it is ok.. my phone is 24 hours for you to call..
Dream: haha..
Waiteress: here is your ramen..
Dream: thank you..
Dream: oppa.. why you never say thank you to the person serve you..
Yunho: like that no one will recognize me..
Dream: oh i see.. i go toilet a while..
Yunho: ok..

Dream: i am back..
Yunho: yea.. i gonna finish...
Dream: take your time..
Yunho: how your training today?
Dream: hmm.. quite good
Yunho: you look like not happy..
Dream: nope.. just confuse..
Yunho: you need my help just let me know..
Dream: it is ok oppa..
Yunho: i am done.. i go pay the bill..
Dream: oppa.. i already pay..
Yunho: when? how come i don't know..
Dream: when i went to toilet.. i just treat you eat..
Yunho: it is ok.. i pay you back..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok..
Yunho: ok than.. i fetch you back..
Dream: no need.. i go back myself..
Yunho: cannot already so late... it is not safe for you..
Dream: oppa i am ok with it..
Yunho: just treat me as thank you for treating me supper..
Dream: ok than..

Yunho fetch Dream back her house..
Yunho: oh.. you stay quite near our house..
Dream: yea..
Yunho: next time we should go your house and stay over..
Dream: sure.. but my house quite small..
Yunho: it is ok..
Dream: oppa thanks for the ride..
Yunho: welcome..
Dream: good night oppa..
Dream hugged Yunho..
Yunho: good night..
Dream: oppa drive safely ..
Yunho: ok.. i watch you go up..
Dream: bye bye..
Yunho: bye..
Yunho POV: i wish i had a chance to date her more..
Yunho's phone rang..
Yunho: yobuseyo
Changmin: hyung where are you?
Yunho: oh.. i went back office get some stuff..
Changmin: why so long?
Yunho: i now on my way back..
Changmin: help us buy supper..
Yunho: ok ok..
Changmin: bye bye..
Yunho: bye..


Chapter 24

Next morning dream went to dance studio..
SEA drag Dream outside the dance studio..
DaeSung reached the studio early and saw the girls are outside.. but he stand aside to see what going on..
apple: you wanna make our life difficult is it?
Dream: what i had did?
soomin: you know Top want Eve ell you that there nothing between them..
Dream: i know they are together..
Apple: than you still wanna to be with TOP?
Dream: nope.. he is only oppa..
Eve: no.. you are a faker..
Eve: oppa.. want me tell you that we don't have relationship at all..
SooMin pushed Dream.. Dream just fell and hurt her elbow..
Apple: you deserved it..
DaeSung: what you guy doing?
DaeSung ran toward Dream..
Eve: oh.. she fell down herself..
Soomin: we wanted to help her..
DaeSung: i saw what happen.. don't try to bluff me..
Dream: dae sung i fell down myself..
Apple: you see.. we are telling the truth that she fell down herself..
DaeSung: nope.. you all are..
Dream hint dae sung ask him to forget about it..
DaeSung: never mind.. i bring you to office to apply med..
Dream: thanks..
SEA went back to the dance studio..

At the office..
DaeSung: why don't confront them..
Dream: it is ok..
DaeSung: you cannot let them step over your head..
Dream: there is misunderstand..
DaeSung: what misunderstand?
Dream: you don't know TOP and Eve are together?
DaeSung: what kind rushbbin..
Dream: also G-dragon and soomin together also taeyang and apple..
DaeSung: haha.. they just like hyung.. but hyung just treat them as sister..
Dream: ohh really?
DaeSung: cos of hyung treat you good and they jealous about it..
Dream: oh i see..
DaeSung: i must tell hyung about it.. so they will stop bully you...
Dream: it is ok.. don't let anyone know how i fell.. just say accidently..
DaeSung: but..
Dream: loving someone will do foolish stuff..
DaeSung: noona you are so understanding..
Dream: call me Dream we only just few months away..
DaeSung: ok.. Dream.. Dream.. Dream..
Dream: haha.. you are so cute..
DaeSung POV: i started to fell for Dream.. she just look like an angel..
DaeSung touched Dream elbow..
Dream: ouch..
DaeSung: your elbow swollen.. it look like a pig hand..
Dream: than you wanna cook and eat?
DaeSung: Dream.. don't joke.. it look very serious..
Dream: it is ok.. just wrap the plaster on it can..
DaeSung: you sure..
Dream: yea.. i using my jacket to cover it..
DaeSung: if still swollen must go see doctor ok?
Dream: ok..
DAeSung: give me your number..
Dream: i though you have..
DAeSung: nope..
Dream: ok.. give me your phone..
DAeSung: thanks.
Dream: you can call me anytime you want.. i can be your listener of your problems too..
DaeSung: really?
Dream: yea..
DaeSung: can i ask you for dinner too?
Dream: why not..
DaeSung: yea..

Back to studio..
the rest of big bang reached..
G-dragon: where is Dream and DaeSung?
Seung Ri: i thought hyung come early?
Apple: i think they went for a walk something..
Soomin: yea.. they seem to be very close..
Top: eve... have you tell Dream..
Eve: erm..
Top: haven right?
Eve: i..
Top: never mind.. later than you tell her..
Eve: ok..
taeYang: why they taking so long? i though we need to practice..
G-dragon: what you want eve to tell dream?
Top: nothing..
Dream and daeSung came in..
Seung Ri: where you two go..
DaeSung: i was bring dream to office to help her..
dream cut off daesung..
Dream: taking some document..
G-Dragon: ohh.. ok.. let start practice..
Taeyang: dream partner with me..
apple: how about me?
TaeYang: partner with seung Ri..
Apple: but..
tae yang: don't waste time..
apple stare at dream..
Dream POV: not again.. oh shit..
DaeSung saw Dream is holding the pain on her elbow when tae yang pull her hand..
DaeSung POV: though dream is hardworking.. you don't need to do for us..
after practice for 4 hours..
G-dragon: let take a break..

Top: dream and eve we need to talk outside..
Eve: ok..
Dream: erm .. i think i still need to pratice..
Top: Dream just ten min..
Dream: ok..
they went outside the studio..
Top: Dream you see.. there is nothing between me and eve..
Dream: ok..
Top: right eve?
Eve: yea.. we only friends..
Dream: ok..
Top: so you don't misunderstand us ok?
Dream: ok..
Top: eve.. you go back in.. i had words with Dream..
Eve: ok.
Dream can see the sadness of eve..
Eve went in..
TOP: you know.. i had feeling for you..
Dream: oppa.. it time for pratice.. let go in..
Dream just walk pass TOP.. he just pull dream back on her hand..
Dream: ouch.. my hand..
TOP: what happen to your hand?
Dream: nothing..
Top pull Dream's jacket sleeve...
Top: oh shit.. it is swollen..
Dream: i am ok.. let go back pratice..
TOP: why never tell us about it..
Dream: i don't want to delay the pratice.. you guys concert is coming..
TOP: you bear all the pain in yourself just for us..
Dream: i don't want waste everyone hardwork just of me..
TOP hugged Dream..
Top: thanks for everything that you done for us..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok..
Top: i must bring you to doctor..
Dream: oppa.. don't delay your pratice.. let go back..
Dream went back to the studio same as TOP..

G-dragon: let pratice again..
TOP POV: i cannot bear to see dream like this..
After another three hours passed..
G-dragon: ok.. let stop here..
TOP: dream.. i send you home..
Dream: it is ok.. i have something on..
TOP: than i follow you..
Suddenly dream's phone rang..
Dream: yobuseyo..
JaeJoong: hey dream.. where are you?
Dream: at Dance studio in YG..
JaeJong: let go for dinner?
Dream wanted to avoid TOP..
Dream: sure..
JaeJoong: i will see you at the front gate of YG..
Dream: ok.. oppa drive safetly..
JAeJoong: ok.. see ya later..
TOP: so where are you going?
Dream: sorry i meeting someone..
Top: but..
Dream: bye guys.. see you guys tomorrow..

Dream waited for JaeJoong to fetch her..
Dream: oppa.. where is the rest?
JaeJoong: having radio interview..
Dream: than you?
JaeJoong: i just finish recored my part..
Dream: oh i see..
JaeJoong: why you look so pale? are you ok?
Dream: maybe is too tired after practice..
JaeJoong: my dream is too hardworking..
Dream: oppa.. where you want for dinner?
JaeJoong: you decide.
Dream: actually i don't feel like eating..
JAeJoong: cannot.. you must eat..
Dream: sorry oppa.. erm.. i abit unwell..
JAeJoong touch Dream forehand.. he stopped the car..
Dream:oppa.. what happen?
JAeJoong: oh dear.. you having fever..
Dream: oppa i am ok.. i just need some rest..
JaeJoong: i must bring you to see doctor..
JaeJoong bring Dream to see doctor..
While JaeJoong holding Dream hand.. he accidently pull her elbow which is injured..
Dream: ouch.. oppa don't pull my hand..
JaeJoong: sorry.. what happen to your hand..
Dream: nothing..
JaeJoong pull up Dream's sleeve..
JaeJoong: oh shit.. your elbow swollen so serious.. you still go for dance pratice..
Dream: i am ok.. i cannot just leave and delay their pratice..
JAeJoong: Dream.. don't think of people.. think for yourself..
Dream: oppa i am ok..
Jaejoong reg Dream name..
Nurse: DReam please come in..
JaeJoong follow her to the doctor's room..
Doctor check dream injured elbow..
Doctor: thank god you come early.. if not you having infection bone..
JaeJoong: Dream.. you must take care of yourself..
Dream: ok..
Doctor: to recover your injured elbow you need to rest for three days..
JaeJoong: you must apply leave from your boss..
Dream: cannot.. big bang having concert in four days time..
Dream: doctor.. can i have painkiller..
Doctor: erm.. ok.. after you had done your concert.. you need to come back for check -up
Dream: ok..
JaeJoong: but..
Dream: oppa.. i am ok..
Dream: thank you doctor..
JaeJoong: thanks..

After they left..
JaeJoong: i bring you have some food..
Dream: thank oppa..
JAeJoong: seeing you like this.. i am sad..
Dream: sorry oppa.. i know you care for me..
JaeJoong: you know.. if i never come look for you.. i think you won't go see doctor..
Dream: oppa.. i cannot waste people effort just of me..
JAeJoong: sometime you need to say out.. cannot always keep to yourself..
JaeJoong: and always thinks for others..
After dinner.. JaeJoong sent Dream home..
Dream: oppa.. thank for the dinner and bring me to see doctor..
JaeJoong: remember to eat your med..
Dream: okok.. oppa drive safetly..
JaeJoong: i will..
Dream: good night oppa..
JaeJoong: good night..


Chapter 25

Countdown three days to Big Bang mini concert..
Dream was early for pratice..
DReam saw G-Dragon and soomin inside the studio..
Dream wated to say hello to them..
soomin saw the moment Dream step in..
soomin hugged G-dragon..
Dream: oh.. i think i come in the wrong time..
Dream went out of the studio..
G-dragon pushed soomin..
G-dragon went after Dream..
soomin: oppa..
apple and Eve come in..
apple: what happen?
soomin: oppa chase after dream.. after she saw us hugging..
Eve: not again..
apple: we will have serious matter with dream..
soomin: she will get it from us..

G-dragon chased Dream..
G-dragon: dream.. soomin and me have nothing on..
Dream: i know.. you two don't have relationship..
G-dragon: yea i was about saying that..
Dream: oppa.. i undestand.. i just scare to disturb you guys..
G-dragon: you are not.. soomin and i just brother and sister..
Dream: let go back to the studio than..
G-dragon: ok..
the rest of big bang came for practice..
DaeSung: Dream.. i make some food for you..
Dream: oh really?
Dream hugged DAeSung..
TOP POV: that time i made for her.. she didn;t hug me..
DaeSung: haha.. by the way your elbow..
Dream: i am ok..
TaeYang: Dream.. partner with me..
apple stare Dream..
Dream: i think i partner with DAeSung..
TaeYang: nope.. some dance step we are not done yet..
Dream: ok than..

Seung Ri: noona.. after tae yang.. dance with me..
Dream: ok ok..
top: hey G-dragon.. why your mood like not right?
G-dragon: Dream saw soomin hugged me this morning..
Top: than..
G-dragon: she like don't believe me i think..
Top: you like Dream?
G-dragon: yea.. why?
Top: erm..
G-dragon: don't tell me you also like dream..
TOP: yea..
G-dragon: though we are brother.. we must have fair game..
TOP: why not.. i don't think i will lose to you..
G-Dragon: who say.. watch it..
TOp: it is a fair deal between us..
G-dragon: sure..

Apple was angry with dream always dancing with taeyang..
Apple POV: i gonna do something..
Apple pull away Dream and dance with tae yang..
Tae Yang: hey..
Apple just kissed him infront of everyone..
TaeYang pushed her away..
TaeYang: what are you doing?
apple: oppa i like you..
G-dragon.. i think we need a break here..
Dream: i go to the washroom..
TaeYang: dream wait..
Taeyang hugged Dream..
Tae yang: the girl i like is dream not you..
apple: oppa..
apple just run away..
Soomin and eve followed her..
Dream: oppa.. how can you treat a girl like this..
Dream chased after Apple..
TaeYang: dream..
Seung Ri: wow..
G-dragon: we seem have a memeber joining us.. right TOP?
Top: yea..
G-dragon: Taeyang and top we need to talk outside..
DaeSung: seung ri you just pratice first.. i go washroom a while..
Seung ri: ok..
Top: tae yang we know you like dream..
G-dragon: but.. we also like dream..
TaeYang: oh..
Top: so we must have fair game to chase after Dream..
G-dragon: deal?
TaeYang: ok.. deal..

Dream went to look for Apple them..
Dream: apple are you ok?
Soomin: don't need to come here and laugh at us..
Dream: i am not..
Eve: stop being your angel here.. it is not use for us..
Apple: you are bitch..
SooMin: get of out before you are sorry..
Dream: but..
Eve: get out..
dream left..
SooMin: we will settle after the pratice..

Dream left the washroom and run to DaeSung..
DaeSung: are you okay?
Dream: misunderstand getting worse..
DAeSung: you wanna let YG know?
Dream: it is ok..
DAeSung: you are the producer you can change those dancer..
Dream: it is ok.. we only left few days for practice..
DaeSung: but..
Dream: i will be ok..

back to the studio..
Seung Ri: so tae yang like dream..
Tae yang: not only me.. still have G-dragon and top..
Seung Ri: wow.. cannot blame.. dream is a nice girl..
Top: you also like Dream?
Seung Ri: yea... as my noona.. if she is my age.. i will chase after her..
G-dragon: thank god.. if not we got another new memeber..
Dream and dae sung come back..
Seung Ri: noona..
Dream: let pratice together..
Seung ri: yea.. *wink at his hyung*
Top: hey this kid..
SEA came back..
after the practice ended..

Big bang left..
only SEA and dream left in the dance studio..
Eve: we told you to back off of our oppa..
Dream: we had misundestanding in between..
Soomin: what misunderstand?
Apple: i think you drugged our oppa for fall for you..
soomin pull dream shirt and slapped her..
Dream fell on the floor..
Eve: i tell you no one will save you..


Chapter 26

Top: i left my cd in the studio..
Taeyang: don't give excuss to see dream.. i follow you..
G-dragon: het.. i also..
Daesung: why not we all going back together..
Seung ri: yea..
Big bang went back together..

Bigbang reached the dance studio and saw dream on the floor.. Top wanted to help her but stop by daesung..
DaeSung: hyung.. see what happen first..
apple: about Eve kissed top oppa.. is we planed to let you see.. we though you will back off..
soomin: it seem does not work yet you still with top oppa..
eve: even top.. you still want G-dragon and taeyang..
Dream: we just dance partner.. nothing else..
apple: faker.. i though you learn your lesson after we push you and hurt your elbow..
Soomin: it seem.. you have not learn anything..
Eve: so we plan soomin to hug G-dragon..
Dream: i know you guys like them a lot..
Apple: so.. and you still dance with tae yang oppa..
Dream: we are dance partner..
apple: you make me throw my face infront of bigbang..
soomin: though you will say you don;t like tae yang..
eve: we told you not to came close to our oppa..
apple: you listen our words in..
soomin: i make sure you cannot be dancer forever..
eve pass apple a hard wood stick..
aeve and soomin hold dream's leg..
apple almost hit dream's leg.. a hand stopped her..
apple: oppa..
taeyang: we all heard what you all say..
Taeyang throw the wood away..
Soomin and eve: oppa..
Daesung and seung ri run toward dream..
Seung ri: noona are you ok?
Dream: i am ok..
daesung: i though you all will stop after hurting dream's elbow..
Dream: i am ok..
Top: i feel very disppoment with you all..
G-dragon: i will let YG Hyung know about it..
tae yang: you know hurting Dream.. also will harm our concert..
Apple: she just a dancer..
DAeSung: she not only a dancer.. she is our producer for this concert..
DaeSung: you know that she can change you all off.. but she refuse to do so..
G-dragon: daesung.. dream.. why never tell us what happen to you before..
Dream: it is ok..
Soomin: you said.. she is our producer?
Eve: cannot be.. she is young..
Seung ri: she is from overseas.. she had won a lot award.. that why she is here to help us..
Top: we don't waste our time here..
Big bang bring Dream to the doctor..

Soomin: we are in deep shit..
apple: we didn't know she is our producer..
Eve: we think we had done wrong..
soomin: our jealous just kills our job..
apple: we plead her to let us off..
eve: i don;t think so..

big bang and dream reached the doctor place..
Doctor: you again?
G-dragon: she came here before?
Doctor: just 1 or 2 days ago.. she injure her elbow and having high fever.. i ask her to take three days off to rest.. she just ask for painkiller.. it because she had concert in two days time i think..
Top: Dream.. why don't let us know..
DaeSung: she scare that it will affect the concert..
Doctor: so you guys are having concert two days time?
Seung ri: yea..
Doctor: you guys had luck to have Dream as your dancer..
TaeYang: she also our producer too..
Doctor: wow.. so young already producer.. it is hard for you little girl..
Dream: doctor.. i am ok.. just give pain killer can..
docotr: little girl don't work so hard.. remember to come back after the concert for check up..
Dream: yea doctor..
G-dragon: dream.. don't need to go back for pratice tomorrow..
Dream: but..
TOP: no excuss..


Chapter 27

Big bang sent Dream back home..
next morning.. Big bang went to YG office..
YG: you guys are here..
Jungmin: where is my little girl Dream?
G-dragon: sorry Jungmin hyung.. dream is resting..
jungmin: what happen..
big bang tell the whole accident to them..
JungMin: my poor little girl.. i must call her..
YG called the manager of the dancer..
YG told the manager tell the dancer they are fired..
Jungmin was calling Dream..
Jungmin: my little angel.. how are you?
Dream: i am ok..
JungMin: where are you?
Dream: i am behind you..
Jungmin saw dream was inYG office..
G-dragon: i told you to rest at home..
Dream: i am ok.. we still one day to practice..
top: but your injure..
Dream: it is small matter..
YG: Dream.. it is ok.. for you to rest..
Dream: oppa.. i am ok..
YG: anyway you are ok dance with big bang alone concert?
Dream: we still have another three dancers too..
YG: i already fired them..
Dream: oppa.. you cannot.. we only left one day.. where to find dancer?
Yg: just you and big bang..
Dream: oppa.. i please you don't fired them..
YG: but they treat you like this..
Dream: i understand how they feel..
Taeyang: don't help them.. they not worth..
Dream: big bang should knowhow to feel when you fired with the job you like..
G-dragon: i understand.. but they..
Dream: oppa YG.. give them one last chance?
YG: ok.. i give them one last chance..
Dream: thanks oppa..

big bang and dream went to dance studio..
SEA: we are very sorry what we happen to you.. dream..
Dream: it is ok..
Seung ri: you all should thanks noona for helping you get your job back..
DaeSung: better.. treat dream better..
apple: we are sorry..
Soomin: oppa will you guys forgive us?
G-dragon: nope..
Dream: oppa is joking with you.. they will forgive you..
Top: it is because of dream.. we forgive you..
Eve: thank you dream..
Seung ri: let start pratice dance..
tae yang: dream you go seat down there and see us dance..
Dream: i am ok.. don't waste time..
DAesung: dream.. i am sorry to yunho and junsu oppa.. i promise them to take care of you..
Dream: don't let them know about it ok..
DAeSung: i already tell junsu oppa about it..
Dream: oh no..

Dream's phone rang...
Dream: yobuseyo..
Junsu: where are you?
Dream: oppa.. in dance studio..
Junsu: are you okay?
Dream: oppa.. i am okay..
Junsu: don't bluff me.. daesung had told me about it..
Dream: oppa.. i had dance to pratice..
Junsu: i will find you after your dance pratice..
Dream: ok..
Junsu: take care.. anything just call me..
Dream: ok.. oppa you too..
Dream went back for pratice..

Jungmin come in the dance studio..
DReam: oppa.. why are you here?
Jungmin: dream.. this is tomorrow plan for the concert..
Dream: ok.. oppa.. tomorrow production crew call time is 9am.. it is ok?
JungMin: ok.. you can come in later time..
Dream: it is ok.. i need to check those camera and stuff work well..
JungMin: have you have the time for rehearsal for big bang and dancers?
Dream: yea.. the concert start at 7pm.. we need to rehearsal at 2pm..
Jungmin: ok.. good..
Dream: i will remind the crew, big bang and the dancers..
Jungmin: dream.. you can go back rest first..
Dream: i haven finish practice..
Jungmin: you need to be there early and you can practice during rehearsal..
Dream: but i just leave them.. a bit not good yea..
G-dragon: dream.. we are ok..
SEA: yea..
JungMin: see..
Dream: ok.. later i email the plan to double confirm with you..
JungMin: thanks Dream.. rest well..
Dream: ok.. oppa.. see ya tomorrow..
Jungmin left..
Dream: hey guys.. tomorrow report to the concert at 2pm ok?
BigBang: ok..
Dream: i will text you guys again.. i go off first.. anything just call me up..
BigBang & SEA: ok.. bye bye...
Dream left..

Dream called Junsu..
Junsu: yobuseyo..
Dream: oppa.. i now on my way back home..
Junsu: you ended so early today?
Dream: yea.. i going back to plan the concert..
Junsu: but i still have one more interview to go..
Dream: oppa.. we meet next time ok?
Junsu: nope.. i wanna to see you today..
Dream: ok.. why not later you come to my place?
Junsu: ok.. what you want for dinner?
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. you just come my place.. the rest coming with you?
Junsu: nope.. they have something on later.. where is your house?
Dream: i will text you my house address..
Junsu: ok.. see ya later..
Dream: ok.. fighting..

Dream reached home.. first thing she done is prepare stuff for the concert.. she text junsu about her house address.. she started to text the crew member, big bang , dancers about tomorrow concert detail.. she email Jungmin about the concert plan.. after that she started to cook for dinner..
due to her elbow injured.. she decided to cook some simple dinner for junsu.. she cooked kimchi soup and some stir fry beef and chicken..
than she went to bath while waiting for junsu.. she changed into a men's long sleeve shirt with her short.. she love to wear at home which is comfortable for her..
Suddenly, the door bell rang.. Dream went to open the door..
without looking at dream..
Junsu: dream.. i had brought some med for you elbow..
Junsu turn and looked Dream..
Junsu: wow..
Meanwhile dream is using towel to dry her hair..
Dream: oppa.. you left the things on the table.. wait for me a moment.. i go and dry my hair..
Junsu went and sit on the sofa..
Dream: oppa.. sorry keep you waiting..
Junsu: are you wearing like that for dinner?
Dream: huh? i already cooked dinner for you..
Junsu: what.. your elbow injured still cook for me..
Dream: it is ok.. come here..
Junsu went over the dinning table..
Dream: sorry.. my elbow injured i only can cooked simple dinner..
Junsu: it is ok.. i should say sorry to trouble you..
Dream: oppa let eat..
Junsu: you always wear like that at home?
Dream: yea.. it is comfortable... oppa you don't like?
Junsu: nope.. just too sexy for me..
Dream: haha.. back in my country i always wear like that at home..
Junsu: how many family member staying with you..
Dream: my parent and my oppa..
Junsu: than your oppa see you wear like that?
Dream: yea.. he always wear boxer around the house..
Junsu: your family so open?
Dream: cos we are close to each other..
Junsu: same as me.. i always stick with my hyung..
Dream: oppa.. let talk later.. eat this..
Dream wrap the meat with lettuce and fed junsu..
Junsu: ohh.. thanks..
After dinner.. both of them seat on the sofa watching TV..

Dream: oppa.. tomorrow you don't have event?
Junsu: yea.. at evening time..
Dream: what you gonna do in the morning?
Junsu: not sure..
Dream: oh.. about the rest?
Junsu: same as me.. let me change your bandage of your elbow..
Dream: thanks oppa..
Junsu carefully changed the bandage..
Dream: oppa.. wanna watch some movie..
Junsu: ok..
Dream lay on junsu's lap..
Dream: oppa.. your leg so warm.. nice to lay..
Junsu: if you want.. i will let you lay on it when you want..
Dream: huh?
Junsu: nothing..
After the movie shown halfway.. DReam fell asleep..
Junsu: my darling fell asleep.. so cute... she must be too tired after some many thing has happen..
Junsu carry Dream back her room..
Dream's shirt reveled her shoulder..
Junsu just help her pull back and cover a blanket on her..
Junsu: her bed feel so comfortable..
Junsu lay beside dream for a while.. but it is too comfortable untill junsu fell asleep..


Chapter 28

next morning..
Dream woke up and saw junsu's face right in front of her..
Dream: ahh..
Junsu was shock.. he fell out of the bed and hit his head..
Dream: oppa.. are you ok?
Dream went over to junsu..
Junsu saw Dream's cleavage.. cos dream shirt is too big for her..
Junsu: erm.. erm..
Dream: oppa are you okay?
Dream step on the blanket and lost her balance..
she fall onto Junsu and accidently kissed..
Dream: i am sorry.. *blushed*
Junsu pull dream back and kissed her again..
Dream: erm.. oppa.. i think i go cook breakfast for you..
Dream left the room..
Junsu POV: will she know that i like her?

Dream busy cooking breakfast for junsu.. while junsu wash-up himself..
Junsu: dream.. what you cook for me?
Dream: just egg and toast.. cos my elbow still pain..
Junsu: i totally forget about your hand.. later i help you change the bandage..
Dream: thanks oppa..
Junsu: Dream.. you know that i..
Dream cut junsu..
Dream: oppa.. the rest know you are here?
Junsu: oh. shit.. i forget to call yunho hyung about it..
Dream: they know where you going?
Junsu: i told them i went out.. *checking his phone*
Dream: you wanna call them?
Junsu: shit.. i gonna screwed by yunho hyung.. he missed call me 30 calls..
Dream: you finish your breakfast and went back find them..
Junsu: than you?
Dream: later i need to go the concert early for setting up..
Junsu: but your hand?
Dream: oppa i am ok..
Junsu: come here.. i change your bandage before i forget again..
Dream: oppa.. it ok.. i will change myself later..
Junsu: cannot..
Dream allowed junsu to change her bandage..
Dream: thanks oppa.. have your breakfast...
Junsu: ok.. you too..
Both of them eating breakfast together..

Dream sent junsu to the door..
Dream: oppa.. be careful on the way back..
Junsu: anything happen must tell me ok..
Dream: ok..
Junsu: don't keep to yourself.. always all the best in your concert..
Dream: i have oppa's lucky star with me..
Junsu: you always wear it?
Dream: of cos.. it is my lucky star..
Junsu hugged Dream and kissed her forehead..
Junsu: fighting.. agter your concert call me ok?
Dream: ok.. oppa you too..
Junsu: bye bye.. take care..
Dream: you too.. bye bye..
Junsu left Dream's house..
Dream went to prepare her stuff and went to the location of the concert..

Dream reached the location at 8am.. the reporting time is 9am..
so she went to near-by store buy breakfast for the crew member..
She set up those stage lighting and check the rundown of the concert..
she also call up to the sponsor of the drink and she also order flower for big bang..
Jungmin: hey dream.. you are early..
Dream: haha.. you also early..
Jungmin: i just only 15 min early.. what time you reach?
Dream: 8am..
Jungmin: wow.. you are so hardworking.. i never regret to ask you come over korea..
Dream: haha.. oppa had your breakfast already?
Jungmin: i was going out to get it.. you want?
Dream: i already brought for you and the crew member.. it is on the table near the stage..
Jungmin: thanks.. you are so thoughtful..
Dream: oppa.. i already set up the lighting and rundown for the concert..
Jungmin: thanks dream.. how is your hand?
Dream: still painful but i had my painkiller..
Jungmin: later performance?
Dream: don't worry.. i am okay.. i will take out the bandage.
Jungmin: but..
Dream: oppa.. don't worry..
Jungmin: ok than.. after the concert remember to see doctor again ok?
Dream: oppa.. i will.. thanks for the concern..

the crew members came in..
Dream: hey guy.. go have your breakfast it at the table near the stage.. than we have energy to work..
Crew memeber: thanks dream..
James one of the crew member: dream.. what happen to your elbow?
Dream: haha.. accidently fall down..
James: be careful.. i heard later you are performing with big bang..
Dream: yea..
James: but your hand..
Dream: i am ok james.. thanks for the concern..
Dream: hey guys.. i had plan the rundown.. after breakfast i had briefing with you guy.. also jungmin..
Crew member: ok..
James: hey dream.. other crew member is on his way here..
Dream: ok ok..
the last crew member had reached..
Dream: hey ming.. why are you here?
Ming: i am one of the crew member..
Dream: really?
Ming: yea.. than why you are here? don't tell me you also one of the crew member..
James: she is our producer..
Ming: wow wow wow.. my little pretty girl is a producer..
Dream: haha.. you still the same..
Ming: after studies i went back to korea.. i didn't know you are working in this company..
Dream: haha.. this called fate..
Ming: i only know you are coming korea but don't which company..
Dream: now we met...
Ming hugged Dream
Ming: it is so long that i never hugged you..
Dream: haha.. ok.. quickly have your breakfast than we have briefing later..
Dream: hey guys.. brief will start in ten min time..
Crew memeber: ok..


Chapter 29

jungmin and dream briefed the crew member and started to set up everything..
Ming: hey dream.. what happen to your hand?
Dream: it was accidently hurt myself..
Ming: be careful than.. u heard from james that you are performing later?
Dream: yea..
Ming: oh great.. i always wanted to see you dance..
Dream: haha..
Ming: when you dance.. your body and your face.. it is too way sexy man..
Dream: ok ok.. go and work now.. we don't have much time..
Ming: ok.. give me your number.. after concert we still can contact each other..
Dream: sure..
After dream give ming her number.. james and ming went to test lighting and effect of the stage..

Ming was Dream's media management classmate back in Singapore.. they were best friend and ming like dream a lot.. but dream told him to be best friend better than boyfriend.. so they are very close to each other..

Dream went to the stage check the spacing and the sound system..
Dream talk to james through walk-talkie..
Dream: james.. when i stand on stage the lighting not bright enough.. over..
James: okok.. i will adjust again.. over..
Dream: ming.. test the music... over..
James: ok.. i start the music right now.. over..
Dream: thanks.. over..
every crew memeber had walk-talkie with them.. so all of them talk through with it..
Jungmin: dream.. your four dresses is here.. come over and check.. over..
Dream: ok.. i will be right there now.. over..
Dream went to try those dresses..
Dream: jungmin oppa.. the dresses is ok.. over..
Jungmin: ok.. over..
James: dream.. the lighting i adjust.. can go check? over..
Dream: ok.. over..
Dream went back to the stage and check the lighting..
Dream: james.. the lighting is ok right now.. later when rehearsal than we check again over..
James: ok.. over..
Cameraman1: dream: i already set up my camera.. you wanna come over and see? over..
Dream: ok..
Cameraman 2: me too.. over..
Cameraman 3: me too.. over..
Dream: ok.. i will go over and double check..
Dream went to check the camera..
Dream: jungmin oppa.. your there can see concert stage? over..
Jungmin: yea.. i will take control over the camera.. you go check others.. over..
Dream: ok.. over..
Dream: attention to the cameraman.. please double your angel with jungmin oppa.. over..
Cameraman 123: ok.. over..

Dream went to order lunch for everyone..
Big bang and the dancers reached..
they went to make-up room to put their stuff..
there were three room..
one is for big bang..
one is for the dancers..
one is for dream.. due to dream is producer of the concert she had a lot stuff to prepare and crew member gather over her room.. that why she had a room for herself..
big bang saw their table placed a bunch of flower with a card..
the card was wrote by dream.. each of the member had one each..
Hey big bang..
It is your concert.. all the best.. fighting.. always smile.. love ya.. dream..
she wrote a p.s. for each member..
tae yang is.. p.s. i like the way you smile and dance.. your body is hot.. it will make your fans go crazy over you..=p
G-dragon is.. p.s. i like the way you smile.. it is too cute for me and your fans to look at you.. oppa fighting..=)
Top is.. p.s. the way you rap is cool man... remember to wink at your fans.. they will gone crazy if you wink at them..=)
Dae sung is.. p.s. serious i love your smile.. always smile.. dream always support you.. fighting..=)
seung ri is.. p.s. i love to see you dance.. your body flow is great.. fighting..=)
G-dragon: what dream wrote for you guys?
Top: i sure it different from yours.. haha..
G-dragon: let me see..
TOP: than let me see yours than..
G-dragon: cannot..
TOP: than everyone keep to themself than..
Tae yang POV: she love my smile.. i should use my smile to kill her to fall in love with me..
DaeSung POV: she love my smile.. should i tell her that i already in love with her?
Seung ri POV: noona like to see me dancing.. oh.. don;t tell me i already attracted by her..
TOP POV: i should wink at her later.. it make me so shy..
G-dragon POV: all i can say.. dream is in love with me..

back to the dancers room:
SEA saw their table have flower..
soomin: it is from dream..
Eve: she also brought my fav drink too..
Apple: she also brought with my fav chewing gum that i cannot live without..
Soomin: beside giving us flower.. she remember what kind thing we like.. she brought my fav lollipop..
Eve: we been misunderstand her..
Apple: i know why oppa will like her..
soomin: yea.. she is thoughtful and nice... she even wish us all the best and good luck..
Dream came in the room..
SEA: thanks for the flowers..
Dream: welcome.. let go to big bang's room have your lunch..
Eve: you brought lunch?
Dream: yea.. come over..
they went to big bang room.. dream was carrying big packet fill with their lunch..
G-dragon: hey dream.. why are carry so much thing?
Dream: this is your lunch.. let eat together with SEA them..
Seung ri: sure..
TOP: dream where are you going?
Dream: ohh.. i go pass the another packet of lunch to the crew memeber..
Tae yAng: your elbow is injure..
G-dragon: shit i forget about her injure..
TOP: let me help you..
Dream: it is ok..
Dae Sung: later join us together eat ok?
Dream: ok.. i will be back in a moment..

Dream was back to big bang room..
Dae Sung: dream.. are you done?
Dream: nope.. later i need to double the stage again..
taeyang: you are so busy..
dream: i must make sure your concert is the best of the best..
G-dragon: thanks dream for all the hardwork..
Dream: nope.. it is my job..
soomin: what time you reached here?
Dream: erm.. 8am..
Eve: so early.. the crew member reporting time so early?
DReam: the reporting time is 9am i went to buy breakfast for crew member and prepare the rundown..
Apple: if it me.. i gonna die soon..
TOP: you elbow still pain?
Dream: i had my painkiller.. so it is ok..
seung ri: thanks for the flower you gave us..
DReam: welcome.. anyway let cheer for each other.. give our best for this concert..
G-dragon: yea..
Big bang and SEA and dream put their hand together.. Fighting!!!
Taeyang: let eat..
apple: ok..

when dream start to eat..
James: dream.. the one of the lighting having problem.. over..
Dream:okok.. i will be right there now.. over..
TOP: you haven even had three spoon of your rice..
Dream: i am ok.. i will be back..
Dream went off to check the lighting..
soomin: she so busy with her work..
Eve: she don't even finish her food..
dae sung: later i will pass something to eat..
taeyang: nope.. i will..
G-dragon: i will..
TOP: let later find her than..
seung ri: ok..

Dream went to the stage..
Dream: james the light bulb has blow.. over..
James: ok.. i get down there and change.. over..
Dream: it is ok.. you go had your lunch first..over..
James: but.. who will change the light bulb? over..
Dream: don't worry.. over..
James: ok than.. over..
everyone was having lunch.. only dream went to get the light bulb and ladder to change the light bulb..
bigbang had finish their lunch and went over to find dream while the dancers went back their room..
when big bang saw her.. she was changing the light bulb.. but dream was a bit too short to change it..
so she try to tip toe to reach and change the light bulb.. when she changed the light bulb.. she lost her balance..
Big bang: be careful..
but it was too late..
Dream closed her eye.. though she will fell very badly..
taeyang run over to catch her.. but.. Ming was faster than him a step.. ming caught dream just in time before she fell..
when dream opened her eyes..
Dream: wow.. that was close..
Ming: i will know you do it yourself while other having their lunch..
Ming let dream down on her foot..
Ming: lucky james told about you have settle the light bulb while i saw the rest was having lunch.. i know you will do alone..
Dream: it is ok..
Ming: what happen you fell hard..
TOP: dream.. he is?
Dream: ohh.. this is your crew member.. he also my classmate back in singapore..
Ming: yea.. nice to meet you guys.. dream is a hot babe back our school..
Dream: don;t listen to him.. he like to bull shit around..
Ming: what..
Taeyang: thanks god you are fine..
Dae sung: we come over to pass some food to eat..
Dream: thanks dae sung..
seung ri: me also..
Dream: ok.. thanks everyone..
Ming: i go back had my lunch.. be careful my little angle..
Ming kissed her forehead.. and left..
G-dragon: what the.. how can he kiss you..
Dream: he just my brother.. we are very close than back our school..
TOP: we also want to kiss you..
Dream: haha.. let go back..
all of them went back to big bang room..

Taeyang: dream finish your food..
Dream: yea sir..
Taeyang: that is my girl..
Jungmin: dream.. tell big bang and dancers prepare the rehearsal in 5min.. over..
Dream: yea.. over..
Jungmin: you too.. over..
Dream: ok..over..
Dream: hey guys.. you guys hear that..
TOP: you haven finish your food..
Dream: i am ok.. you guys concert is more important..
G-dragon: to me.. your health is important than anything else..
Dream: oppa.. don't worry.. i will eat when i am free..
G-dragon: you seem to busy ..
Dream: ok.. i promise to finish my food before go for rehearsal..
Daesung: that good.. i still worry for your elbow..
Dream: daesung.. don't worry i will be fine..
Dream finished the food and went for rehearsal with the guys..

Everyone gather in the stage ready for rehearsal..
Dream: james.. i now testing everyone mic.. over..
James: ready.. over..
Dream tested each big bang member.. make sure it is working..
James: everything is ok.. over..
Dream: i checking the ear pieces.. over..
James: ok.. i will playing the music.. you check big bang and you can hear?
Dream: yea.. over..
Jungmin: dream.. your ear pieces got two way.. one is for the music and inform of the concert.. over..
Dream: yea..oppa.. over..
Dream: big bang and dancers on standby.. we gonna to start..
Bigbang: ok..
Dream: we starting will play big bang video..
Bigbang: ok..
Dream: big bang will go out first than dancers..
Dancers: ok..
Dream: big bang.. get ready.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. go..
Big bang started with intro BIG BANG song..
next song is WITH YOU..
Dream: dancers get ready.. let go..
after rehearsal three song..
now is big bang solo song of each member..
First is G-dragon perform the song called This Love..
Followed by TOP "Bad Boy"
Taeyang "my girl"
seung ri and dae sung had the solo together.. playing piano and drum..
Seung ri perform " next day" than daesung perform "trying to smile"..
follwed big bang sing Lies and haru haru..
ended by "number 1"..


Chapter 30

After rehearsal..
YG: good rehearsal guys..
Big bang: thanks hyung..
Dream: hello oppa.. you saw the whole rehearsal?
YG: yea.. i was up there with Jungmin watching you guys..
Dream: that great..
YG: how is your elbow?
Dream: it is ok..
YG: ok guys.. let prepare for the concert..

it was 6.50pm already.. the concert already filled with a lot fans...
Jungmin: everyone gather backstage..
Taeyang: i wonder dream will wear what kind of clothes..
Top: sure must be hot..
G-dragon: i cannot wait to see her..
Yg: hey guy.. let gather..
Daesung: ok..
Seung ri: hyung stop talking let go gather..
everyone gather in the backstage..
Ming saw dream..
Ming: hey my pretty.. you are so hot today..
Dream: haha.. you haven seen those dancer man..
Ming: in my eyes only have you..
Dream: stop that.. let listen oppa had what words for us..
tae yang: dream.. today you are pretty..
Dream: thanks..
DAe sung: let fighting for the concert..
Dream: yea.. fighting..
Jungmin: ok people.. all of us here..
YG: let put our effort in there.. *pointing the stage*
Jungmin: yea.. let fighting..
all of them putting their hands together.. fighting fighting fighting..
Jungmin: everyone in position..
the backstage only left big bang and dancers and dream..
Jungmin and Yg went to the top of concert to prepare for the concert to start..

g-dragon: dream.. can i hug you?
Dream: huh? can..
Dream even hugged big bang and dancers..
Dream: all the best guys..
Jungmin: prepare.. countdown in ten second.. over
outside the concert was showing big bang video..
Dream: big bang get ready..
Jungmin: five second.. over..
Jungmin: 3.. 2.. 1.. go..
Dream: big bang let go..
After bigbang finish the song "BIG BANG"
Dream: hey girls.. get ready is our turn..
Jungmin: ready.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1...
Dream: let go..
after finish three song.. followed by their solo..
Dream: oppa.. fighting..
G-dragon: thanks..
G-dragon started off with "This Love"
it is TOP turn.."bad boy"
Dream: oppa... fighting..
Top: i will..
he was followed by his dancers..
it is taeyang turn.. "my girl"
Dream: oppa.. fighting..
Taeyang: yea.. you too.. see you in stage..
taeyang went to the stage start off.. soon dream joined him in dancing..
followed by seung ri and dae sung..
Dream: i will watching for you guys..
Dae sung: ok..
Seung ri: hyung fighting..
dream watched them very closely when seung ri play the piano..
When taeyang getting close to her.. he was stopped by ming..
Ming: hey brother..
Tae yang: yea..
Ming: don't disturb dream..
Tae yang: why?
Ming: she like guy play piano with feeling..
Taeyang: really?
Ming: yea.. so let her listen..
Taeyang: ok..
after their solo..
Dream: big bang get ready for the next song..
Big bang: ok..
they sang Lies and haru haru..
now is the final song Number 1
together perform with dream and the dancers..
They were too happy..
Some dancers accidently pushed dream and fall down hit her elbow again..
without anyone notice.. dream just keep quite..

YG: good job guys... let go for celebration..
Jungmin: Dream thanks for your effort..
Dream: you too.. thanks oppa.. give me a chance here..
Jungmin: people let pack up..
YG: dream and big bang and jungmin let go to the party while later the crew member join us..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. i will stay back help them and join you guys..
YG: ok than.. see you later..


Chapter 31

After everyone packed finish..
Dream: guys go to the party first.. i had something haven finish..
everyone went to the party only left dream..
Dream see the piano started to play..
taeyang: i go back and see dream..
TOP: i join you..
G-dragon: hey hey.. don;t left me out..
Daesung: why not all of us go together..
seung ri: great idea..
big bang went back to the concert and saw dream playing the piano..
she was playing a song called Byul.. it is a movie 200 pounds beauty ost..
Tae yang: let go in ask her join us..
TOP: ok..
all of them was stopped by Ming..
G-dragon: why you still here?
Ming:i know dream will wait for everyone gone and play the piano..
Daesung: how you know?
Ming: back in our school.. whenever she success in something she like.. she will play piano..
G-dragon: but why play piano should be jumping around..
Ming: let me tell you guys her story..
Taeyang: sure.. we want to know her well..
Ming: she told me.. when she is young.. her mother left her.. her mother told her.. whenever she missed her.. her mother will be the star around her.. that why every star she saw she will remember of her mother..
TOP: no wonder she love star shape a lot..
Ming: yea.. her dad raised her and her brother..by working the whole day.. dream always want her dad to be proud of her.. that why she work hard whatever she do.. even she was bullied, she will overcome.. she believe those people who bully her it is not purposely.. that why she always keep quite.. she learned piano because of a guy when she was a primary school kid.. but the guy told her.. that she is fat and ugly and don't want to be with her...
G-dragon: that guy is bastard or what..
Ming: so dream train very hard to slim down but the guy already went to overseas.. so dream don't dare to accept any guys and only guys play piano or other musical instrument will attract her.. that why she like to watch 200 pounds beauty that remind her past... she like the song byul in the movie.. saying she will be waiting for you..
Seung ri: so sweet of her..
Ming: you can hear that she sing with her true feeling...
tae yang: her voice already attract me..
Ming: she had a pharse for herself.. don't matter what happen.. just always smile.. everything will be ok...
Daesung: that is how she overcome everything?
Ming: yea.. in her heart.. she is too easy to get hurt.. that why i fall in love with her.. but she only treat me as a brother..
G-dragon: lucky.. we have chance..
Ming: but i will protect her from any people that wants to harm her..
Top: don;t worry.. we will protect her..

Dream sang halfway..
BANG.. a loud came from her..
Ming and big bang run toward her..
they saw fall off the chair holding her elbow..
Ming: are you okay?
Dream: my elbow.. very pain..
Taeyang: let bring her to the doctor..
G-dragon quickly carry Dream and bring to the doctor..
G-dragon: don't worry.. everything will be fine..
Dream: oppa.. thanks..
they reached the doctor place..
Daesung: doctor doctor.. faster faster..
Doctor: ok ok..
Doctor seem dream and come out of her room..
Doctor: she need to rest.. her elbow has dislocated..
TOP: huh?
Doctor: she need to rest to get her elbow go back to normal..
seung ri: doctor.. can we see her..
Doctor: i don't think so.. i already give her injection..
Ming: let give her rest.. tomorrow we will come back and see her..
Taeyang: let go back to the party.. i think everyone will be worry..
G-dragon: yea..

they went back to the party..
YG: what thing take you guys so long?
Seung ri: we went back to look for dream..
Jungmim: than where is dream..
TOP: she is in hospital..
Jungmin: what?
Taeyang: she injured her elbow very bad untill dislocated..
Jungmin: my poor girl.. i must push her too hard..
YG: what did the doctor say?
G-dragon: she need more rest to recover her elbow..
Jungmin: yea.. tomorrow i go and see her..
daesung went to inform junsu..
Junsu: yobuseyo..
Daesung: hyung..
Junsu: your concert is over?
Daesung: yea..
Junsu: how is dream?
Daesung: erm.. erm..
Junsu: what happen?
Daesung: she is in hospital..
Junsu: what?
Daesung: she dislocated her elbow..
Junsu: oh my.. what happen?
Daesung: i think she accidently fall down..
Junsu: ok ok..
Daesung: sorry for never take care of dream..
Junsu: ok.. i will be going down to see her..
Dasung: ok.. bye..

Junsu was having event.. when the event ended..
Junsu: manager.. can i take one day off tomorrow?
Manager: why?
Junsu: i had something important..
Manager: ok ok.. but you must come back tomorrow at 7pm for next event..
Junsu: ok ok..
Manager: you tell the rest already?
Junsu: haven.. help me tell them.. i need to go now..
Manager: ok ok.. bye bye.. be careful..
Junsu: ok.. i will.. bye.,.

Junsu rush down to the hospital where dream stay in..
junsu walk in dream ward.. Dream's hand was casted..
dream was asleep..
Junsu: my poor little girl.. i though you promise you will take care of yourself..
junsu touched dream's face..
Dream: oppa..
Junsu: sorry to wake you up..
Dream: oppa.. why you are here?
Junsu: you don't want me to know that you are here right?
Dream: erm.. i am ok.. just over stressed my elbow..
Junsu: you know i was worried when i got a call from dae sung telling me you are here..
Dream: sorry oppa.. you see me still alive here..
Junsu: at this point you still joke with me..
Dream: sorry oppa..
Junsu: you rest more and recover well.. i wanna see my bubbly dream again..
Dream: oppa.. i thought you having event?
Junsu: after my event i rush over here..
Dream: than tomorrow morning?
Junsu: i ask manager give me a day off.. but i need to be back by 7pm for another event..
Dream: oppa.. i am ok.. you can go back work..
Junsu:it is ok.. i already take leave..
Dream hugged junsu..
Dream: oppa.. thanks for being caring to me..
Junsu: how you are feeling right now? still pain?
Dream: nah.. after seeing my super cute oppa.. i am ok..
Junsu pinch dream's face..
Dream: oppa.. haven you eaten?
Junsu: haven.. but i not hungry..
Dream: oppa.. let go out and eat ok?
Junsu: but.. you in hospital?
Dream: oppa... only my hand injured not my body or leg..
Junsu: let me ask the doctor first..
Dream: oppa.. you will take care of me.. don't need to ask.. if not doctor don;t allow me to go out..
Junsu: than how we gonna go out?
Dream: now already 1am.. there won't be a nurse on duty..
Junsu: ok.. you go change first..
Dream: ok ok.. thanks oppa..


chapter 32

Dream and Junsu went to a small restaurant nearby..
Dream: oppa.. what you want to eat?
Junsu: erm.. how about some light stuff?
Dream: nope.. let celebration that the concert i done is a success..
Junsu: ok than.. you decide..
Dream: missy.. can we have some beef soup and one bottle of soju..
Waitress: ok..
Dream: thanks..
Junsu: dream.. you cannot drink soju..
Dream: why oppa?
Junsu: your hand?
Dream: oppa.. you are cute.. my hand injure not sick..
Junsu: ok ok.. haha.. don't get drunk ok..
Dream: i won't.. i scare you will get drunk..
Junsu: why?
Dream: cos you don;t drink at all..
Junsu: i drink but a bit..
Dream: same as me.. i cannot drink more than a cup..
Junsu: than why you order..
Dream: cos is a happy celebration..
Junsu: haha.. ok ok..
Waitress: here is your food..
Dream: thanks..
Dream: oppa.. let eat.. it look yummy..
Junsu: yea.. i am hungry..
Dream: you bluff me.. that you not hungry.. i knew it..
Junsu: haha.. nope.. when i see you.. my mood is happy not hungry..
Dream: haha.. let eat before it gets cold..

After they finish their food.. they started to drink..
Dream: oppa.. let drink one cup..
Junsu: than the rest..
Dream carry the bottle to the next table..
Dream: hello.. you don't mind to help us finish up this bottle?
uncle: hey little girl.. thanks..
Dream: thanks uncle..
Dream walk back to their table..
Dream: oppa.. done..
Junsu: haha.. good idea by giving people rather than waste it..
Dream: yea oppa.. cheers oppa..
Junsu: cheers..
Dream: oppa.. your face is so red..
Junsu: haha.. yours too..
Dream: really?
Junsu: yea..
Junsu: waitress.. bill please..
Dream: oppa.. let me pay for it..
Junsu: cannot.. i must treat you.. also celebration for your concert..
Dream: thanks oppa..
Junsu: let go to the beach for a walk?
Dream: ok ok..

Junsu bring dream for a walk.. they find a good spot and sat down..
Dream: oppa.. look at the sky.. the stars is so beautiful..
Junsu: yea.. can i ask you a question?
Dream: sure oppa..
Junsu: why you like star so much?
Dream: when i was four years old.. my mother left me.. she told me whenever i needed her she will be the star in the sky and protect me.. that why i like star so much.. i pray hard everyday that she will come back for me.. when the sky is filled with star.. i will think she is smiling at me.. when i saw shooting star.. i will think she ask me to work hard..
Junsu: sorry about that i ask you..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. i am ok with it..
Junsu: dream you are brave to overcome it..
Dream: maybe is the forces that my mother gave me..
Junsu: i had something on mind that i wants to tell you..
Dream: yea.. you look very serious..
Junsu: actually...
Dream's phone rang..
Dream: sorry oppa..
Dream answer the phone..
Dream: yoboseyo..
JaeJoong: my little dream.. how is your concert?
Dream: oppa.. the concert is successful..
JaeJoong: that great.. how is your hand?
Dream: ohh.. erm.. it ok..
JaeJoong: have you seem doctor?
Dream: erm.. yea..
JaeJoong: are you sure?
Dream: actually i was in hospital right now..
JaeJoong: what.. what happen?
Dream: erm.. dislocated my elbow..
JAeJoong: you at which hospital right now?
Dream: erm.. it is ok.. i am fine right now..
JaeJoong: nope.. i coming over and see you..
Dream: but.. oppa..
Junsu whisper to dream..
Junsu: don't let hyung know i am here..
JaeJoong: huh? what oppa?
Dream: ohh.. i was saying my boss was here with me..
JaeJoong: ok than.. i will see you tomorrow than..
Dream: ok.. oppa..
JaeJoong: rest well.. be careful ok?
Dream: yea oppa.. you too..
JaeJoong: good night..
Dream: good night..

Junsu: that was close..
Dream: huh? why don't let jaejoong oppa know you are with me?
Junsu: cos i tell manager that i had important stuff to do..
Dream: ohh.. oppa is a bad boy..
dream tickle Junsu..
Junsu: hey..
Junsu tickle dream back..
Dream: ouch..
Junsu: sorry i forget about your elbow..
Dream: it is ok..
Junsu: let go back.. you need to rest..
Dream: ok..

Junsu and Dream went back to hospital...
Dream: oppa.. thanks for the dinner..
Junsu: your welcome..
Dream: oppa.. are you going back?
Junsu: erm.. why?
Dream: can you accompany until i fell asleep?
Junsu: sure..
Dream: thanks oppa.. i very scare to stay here all alone..
Junsu: why?
Dream: i afraid of dark and alone..
Junsu: than how you stay alone by yourself?
Dream: i always turn on my light when i sleeping or hug my teddy bear..
Junsu: oh.. don't worry.. oppa is here with you..
Dream: thanks oppa..
Junsu: ok.. tuck in to your bed..
Dream: ok..
Dream fell asleep but junsu never left...
Junsu looked at dream.. soon, junsu also fell asleep..


Chapter 33

Next morning, dream wake up and saw junsu..
Dream POV: oppa had accompany the whole night here..
Dream cover junsu a blanket..
A nurse come in..
Dream: shhhh..
Nurse whisper to dream..
Nurse: you need to go for x-ray..
Dream: ok ok.. let go..
Both of them slowly walk off without disturb junsu..

Junsu woke up.. when he never saw Dream on her bed.. he started to worry..
He look over the room and he went to the counter and ask..
Junsu: hello.. you know where is the patient of that room?
Nurse: ohh.. wait a moment.. let me check..
Dream was walking back to her room and saw junsu was at the counter..
Dream: oppa..
Junsu turn around and saw dream..
Junsu quickly hugged dream..
Junsu: i was worry for you.. i scare you are lost or..
Dream: oppa.. i am ok.. i went for x-ray..
Dream went to the counter..
Dream: hello nurse.. can i be discharge by today?
Nurse: ok.. wait a moment..
Junsu: dream.. you should rest here..
Dream: oppa.. my hand is injured only not my body.. some more i don't to waste their space that other people might need it..
Nurse: miss Dream.. you can be discharged but you need to come back for check-up..
Dream: ok.. thanks.. when is the next check -up..
Nurse: it will be next three days.. after you packed your stuff.. please go to counter 3 for your med..
Dream: ok.. thanks..
Junsu accompany dream back to the room..
Dream: oppa.. thanks for accompany me the whole night..
Junsu: it is ok..
Dream: you should go back had a rest..
Junsu: i am ok.. i will accomapny you back to your house..
Dream: but later at night you had event..
Junsu: don't worry.. i want you to be safe back home..
Dream: ok.. thanks oppa..

Dream change back to her clothes and went to collect the med...
Junsu accompany Dream back to her house...
Dream: oppa.. thanks for accompany me the whole day..
Junsu: haha.. no need to keep thanks me..
Dream: oppa.. i am fine now.. you should go back and rest now...
Junsu: ok than i will come back and see you..
Dream: ok..
Dream hugged Junsu..
Dream: thanks oppa.. take care..
Junsu: ok.. you too..
Dream: oppa fighting..
Junsu smiled at dream and left..

Dream's phone rang..
Jungmin: hey my little sister.. where are you?
Dream: i am at home..
Jungmin: no wonder..
Dream: huh?
Jungmin: i now at hospital looking for you..
Dream: oh really?
Jungmin: the pretty nurse say you already discharged..
Dream:yea.. i will go back check-up the next three days..
Jungmin: ok.. you come back on next friday..
Dream: how about the concert?
Jungmin: you don't need to worry.. it left to the video editor..
Dream: ok than.. there no other project?
Jungmin: the meanwhile don't have.. you can rest well..
Dream: ok..
Jungmin: Ming is your friend?
Dream: yea.. what happen to him?
Jungmin: just asking.. i hired him as your assistant..
Dream: really? that cool..
Jungmin: he will take charge of assistant producer post..
Dream: he know already?
Jungmin: yea.. he now is with him..
Dream: you and him come and visit me..
Jungmin: yea..
Dream: thanks for concern..
Jungmin: anyway.. dream thanks putting a lot of effort in the concert..
Dream: oppa.. this is my job.
Jungmin: you missed the fun yesterday during the party we had..
Dream: oh.. oppa.. can i have big bang home address?
Jungmin: why? you wanna spy on them?
Dream: nope.. i just wanna celebration with them about their concert success..
Jungmin: oh ok.. later i will text you the address..
Dream: i will visit them next two days..
Jungmin: they should be at home.. i help you ask YG hyung..
Dream: thnaks oppa.. i wanna to make up the party for them..
Jungmin: haha.. great.. ok.. i won;t disturb you resting..
Dream: oppa.. thanks for coming visit me even i already discharged..
Jungmin: take care than..
Dream: you too.. bye bye..
Jungmin: bye..


Chapter 34

Dream went to bath.. she wanted to make some food and eat..
Suddenly someone pressed the doorbell..
Dream went to open the door..
Dream: oppa..
Yunho was catching his breath..
Dream: oppa.. are you okay?
Yunho hugged Dream..
Yunho: why you never tell me that you are hospital?
Dream: oppa.. i am okay right now.. i just dislocated my elbow..
Yunho: why this big thing never tell me?
Dream: oppa.. erm.. i think is a small matter so i don't want so many people to worry..
Yunho: what small matter.. what happen if you cannot dance or play piano or cook food for me..
Dream: oppa.. i never think so seriuos..
Yunho: if daesung never tell about this.. will you tell me?
Dream: oppa.. i am sorry that i never tell you..
Yunho: you know that i was worry for when i heard the news.. i went to hospital and look for you.. the nurse told me you already discharged.. i scare something happen to you on the way back..
Dream: oppa.. thanks for the concern.. i am ok..
Yunho: next time.. anything happen must let me know ok?
Dream: okok.. oppa.. you wanna come in have a glasses of water..
Yunho: ok..

Dream went to kitchen pour a glass water for yunho.. while yunho sat on the sofa in the living room..
Yunho POV: i was harsh toward dream when i come and find her.. i must scared her..
Dream: oppa.. here is your water..
Yunho: sorry.. just now i was a bit harsh to you..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. i know you are worry for me..
Yunho: promise that you will take care of yourself..
Dream: yea oppa..
Yunho: good than..
Dream: oppa.. i though you having event later?
Yunho: yea at 7 pm..
Dream: but now already 4pm.. you don't need to prepare?
Yunho: yea.. i just wanna to see you are fine..
Dream: thanks oppa..
Yunho: after seeing you.. knowing that you are okay.. i need to go back already..
Dream: oppa.. thanks for the concern..
Yunho: i will see you again..
Dream: ok ok.. oppa.. fighting..
Yunho: take care.. bye bye..
Dream: bye bye..
Yunho left..
Dream went to bed..


Chapter 35

Dream wake up but already the next morning..
she went to buy stuff to prepare next day for celebration with big bang..
Dream 's POV: should i make something for them?
Dream's POV: scarf? hat?
Dream's POV: nah.. in one day how to finish..
Dream's POV: i know.. handphone pouch..
Dream's POV: i must check what color they like..
Dream went online and check..
Dream started to knitting but her cast of her elbow make her difficult to move.
So she went to the doctor.

Doctor: i though your check-up is next two days..
Dream: yea.. i just wanna change my cast into bandage so i can move easily.
Doctor: but.. i think give a support cast wear during sleep or when you don't to move so much.
Dream: thanks doctor..
Doctor: ok.. i will ask the nurse to change to bandage.. meanwhile don't use too much force on this hand.
Dream: yea doctor.. thanks..
Dream went to change her cast into bandage.
Nurse: miss dream.. please come the next two days for x ray again..
Dream: ok.. thanks..

On her way back, she went to the market to buy food and other stuffs.
dream's phone rang..
Dream: yoboseyo..
yoochun: hey dream.. how are you?
Dream: oppa.. i am fine..
yoochun: are you sure?
Dream: yea..
yoochun: i heard from jaejoong, yunho and junsu that you hurt your elbow badly..
Dream: ohh.. i am okay..
Yoochun: where are you?
Dream: buying some food..
Yoochun: you should call delivery..
Dream: i don't know what to eat and also for a walk..
Yoochun: seem you are fine that great..
Dream: oppa.. you don't have event?
Yoochun: yea.. later.. now break time..
Dream: remember to have your lunch.. don't over worked..
Yoochun: yea.. hold on.. changmin wanna to talk to you..
Dream: ok..
Changmin: dream.. oh my little girl.. are you okay?
Dream: yea.. oppa.. how about you..
Changmin: you know i am worry for you when i heard your news from hyung..
Dream: oppa.. i am doing fine now..
Changmin: that great.. i miss you so much.. i can't wait to see you..
Dream: haha.. when i recover i will come and see you guy ok..
Changmin: ya.. must.. cos you already our part time manager..
Dream: yea oppa.. remember to had your lunch..
Changmin: yea.. i will.. you too..
Dream: i will.. oppa fighting..
Changmin: fighting..
Dream: help tell the rest remember to take care of yourself and i miss you guys..
Changmin: sure.. i also miss you badly..
Dream: haha.. you need go for the event already?
Changmin: yea.. i need to go change.. hold on.. i pass back to hyung..
Dream: ok..
Yoochun: i heard that the concert you did make the headline in the newspaper..
Dream: really?
Yoochun: yea.. great success..
Dream: thanks oppa..
Yoochun: ok.. i need to go.. i will text or call you again..
Dream: ok.. take care oppa.. fighting..
Yoochun: you too..
Dream:bye bye.. always smile..
Yoochun: bye bye..

Dream started to knitting those handphone pouch for big bang..
she went to the net double confirm their fav color..
she came by a news of G-dragon..
News is about G-dragon past time the girl he like..
and he wrote "this love" for her..
Dream POV: oppa so romantic wrote a song for a girl.. the girl must worth it.. why oppa never date her or together?
Dream went to check on net..
there wrote that the girl had boyfriend so cannot with g-dragon together..
Dream POV: so sad.. oppa must heart broken..
after read it.. dream went back knitting..
After knitting finish.. dream went to bed...


Chapter 36

Next morning, dream went to big bang's house..
she carrying a lot stuff with her..
She pressed big bang's house door bell..
Seung ri open the door..
Seung ri: noona..
Dream: good morning..
Seung ri: why are you here so early? today have work again? i though today is our off day?
Dream: yea.. today is you guys off day..
Seung ri: but? you?
Dream: i am coming to make up celebration with you guy about the concert..
Seung ri: ohh.. really? that great..
Dream: i brought food here..
Seung ri: come in.. sorry forget to ask you to come in..
Dream: it is ok..
Seung ri: i help you carry the food.. sorry to trouble..
Dream: it is ok..
Seung ri: how is your hand?
Dream: erm.. tomorrow going back for check up..
Seung ri: ok.. i go wake the rest up..
Dream: seung ri.. it is ok.. let them sleep more..
Seung ri: ok than..
Dream: you also go back and sleep..
Seung ri: than how about you?
Dream: making breakfast for you guys..
Seung ri: really? you need my help?
Dream: it is ok.. go back and sleep..
Seung ri: i cannot sleep.. i wanna eat your cooking..
Dream: ok.. but you not tired?
Seung ri: ok.. than i go rest while first..
Dream: yea.. just show me the kitchen and those pan i can use..
Seung ri: ok..
Seung ri show dream the kitchen and where they place their pan..
Seung ri went back sleep while dream started to prepare breakfast for them..
Dream started to make kimchi pancake for them..
she started to layout the table..

while layout the table.. someone coming down from the stair..
it is taeyang without wearing shirt just only boxer..
Taeyang: seung ri.. are you cooking something?
Dream: oppa..
Taeyang: oh my..
Dream cover her eyes..
taeyang went back the room and get his shirt and wear a pant..
Dream POV: oh.. oppa wear like this at home? i forget this is a guy house..
Taeyang : sorry about just now..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. cos you all are guy..
Taeyang: why are you here?
Dream: make up celebration for you guys..
Taeyang: really?
Dream: yea.. i was making breakfast for you guy..
Taeyang: you cook?
Dream: yea.. i made kimchi pancake.. it is ok?
Taeyang: of cos.. who open the door for you?
Dream: seung ri..
Taeyang: that guy.. never wake us up to welcome you..
Dream: it is ok.. i told him to let you guy sleep more..
Taeyang: ohh.. haha.. how is your hand? i though it was casted..
Dream: oh.. i got it removed.. if not it is hard for me to do things..
Taeyang: you shouldn't cooking.. your hand still a bit swollen..
Dream: it is ok.. i feel better..
Tae yang: really?
Dream: yea.. you want to had your breakfast first?
Taeyang: i go wash up first..
Dream: ok..
Taeyang went to wash up while dream finish cooking and washing dish..
Taeyang: you need my help?
Dream: it is ok..
Taeyang went to sit on the dinning table.. dream came over..
Dream: oppa.. i ask you a question?
Taeyang: yes?
Dream: i saw you online profile.. saying that you never date before.. really?
Taeyang: haha.. i forget to tell you that i had forbid in girls..
Dream: why?
Taeyang: i don't know.. i feel they are very easy jealous of something or can make something big when is just a small problems..
Dream: ohh.. but you have girl dancers around.. it would make you wanna to date them..
Taeyang: nope..
Dream: you don;t have your first kiss then..
Taeyang: i gave the girl in my first MTV.. the song "my Girl"..
Dream: wow.. oppa must had date her..
taeyang: haha.. i am a shy boy..
Dream: oppa... see more drama show.. can learn from them..
Taeyang: than why you don;t have boyfriend?
Dream: haha.. cos i am too ugly.. than no one want..
Taeyang: you are not ugly at all..
Dream: haha.. oppa.. i teach you how to date a girl..
Taeyang: haha.. nah..
Dream: it is ok.. i learn from drama..
Taeyang: haha.. since waiting for the rest to wake up.. let try..
Dream: when you date a girl.. you need to hold her hand..
Taeyang: just hold than can..
Dream: oppa.. cannot like that.. when she never notice than hold her hand .. give her a surprise..
Dream suddenly hold taeyand hand..
Taeyang: ohh..
Dream: yea.. just like that..
Taeyang POV: my heart is jumping like crazy right now..
Dream: than the girl's heart will jump like crazy over you..
Taeyang: oh really..
Dream: than slowly you two started to chat.. suddenly you look her eye..
Taeyang: than?/
Dream: when the eyes meet. just hug her..
Dream hugged taeyang..
Taeayng POV: i going crazy for her right now..
Dream: she will deeply love you..
Taeyang: wah..
Dream: when you are sending her home.. the moment she going to the house..
Taeyang: then?
Dream pull taeyang over her..
Dream whisper to taeyang: kiss her
Taeyang POV: she gonna kiss me?
Taeyang close his eyes..
Dream: oppa.. that one you need to do it yourself when you meet the girl you like..
Taeyang: ohhh..
Taeyang POV: ahh.. why? my heart is jumping crazy right now..
Dream: oppa.. must remember.. i will support you..
Taeyang: i think i already met her..
Dream: why not date her..
Taeyang: i don't know whether you wanna to date me..
Dream: of cos.. she will.. you had my number right?
Taeyang: nope..
Dream: i give you.. when you need tip i can help you..
Taeyang: really?
Dream: yea.. why not.. i must help oppa happiness...
Taeyang pass dream his phone while dream type her number in..

TOP: why downstair so noisy..
Dream: good morning oppa..
TOP: oh.. dream.. why you are here?
Taeyang: she is doing a make up celebration for us for the concert..
TOP: really?
Dream: yea oppa.. come here.. here is your breakfast..
TOP: you had made us breakfast..
Dream: yea..
TOP: how about your elbow?
Dream: it is fine.. as long as i don't use too much force..
TOP: thanks.. i going to call thee rest to wake up..
Dream: it is ok.. let them sleep for a while..
TOP: taeyang why never call the rest wake up while dream come..
Taeyang: is seung ri who open the door for her.. and i just wake up and saw her already cooking..
Dream: oppa. don't blame seung ri i ask him don't wake you guys up..

G-dragon: hey guys.. early the morning listen to you guys talking so loudly..
Dream: good morning oppa..
G-dragon: oh.. dream.. why you are here?
Seung ri: she is here to make up a celebration for us..
G-dragon: how you know?
Top: cos he is the one open the door for her..
G-dragon: why never wake up us than?
Dream: don't blame him.. i ask him don't wake you guys up..
Dae sung: what happen?
Dream: morning dae sung..
Dae sung: hey dream..
Dream: hey guy come over had your breakfast..
Dae sung: you are cooking breakfast for us?
Dream: yea.. hope you guys like it..
Dae sung: what you make?
Dream: kimchi pancake..
dae sung: wow..
G-dragon: how is your elbow?
Dream: it is ok.. as long as don;t use too much force..
G-dragon: that is good..

Big bang started to eat..
Top: dream.. the food you made is nice..
Dream: thanks..
Seung ri: what we gonna to do in the afternoon?
Taeyang: how about play game or sing song?
G-dragon: not bad idea..
Dream: than at night i cook nice food for you guys..
Daesung: yea.. that great..
top: so what we gonna start first?
Dream: oppa.. i had something to show you guys..
G-dragon: ohh.. what thing?
Dream: first i need to get change..
Seung ri: i go clean up here..
Dream: where is the toilet?
Taeyang: you go straight and the first room..
Dream: okok..
dream went to change while the rest clean up and wait in the living..

Dream hide behind the door..
Dream: dae sung.. come here.. help me play this cd..
Dae sung: ok ok..
Big bang seating at the living room..
Dae sung went to play the music..
the music started off..
Dream come out with tank top and a jumper.. wear like a hip hop..
Dream: check check the beat man.. this is a remix only just for big big bang bang.. here we go..
Big bang: wow wow..
the remix started off with taeyang "look at me"
dream started to dance same as the MTV..
Dream: baby look at me boy..
Taeyang POV: will you be with me?
the remix changed to G-dragon "this love"
dream rapping in the meanwhile..
Dream: jiyong jiyong..
G-dragon: huh?
Dream: this love.. this love.. this love.. hey ji yong.. look at me.. after you left, it ain't the same.. i not what used to be.. it hurt so much, you know.. i need you boy.. always lonesome.. this love...
Dream pop out a flower and gave to g-dragon..
G-dragon POV: wow.. i in love with her..
the remix changed to top "big boy" and "Lies".. dream wear a sunglasses..
Dream rap big bang and dance TOP famous move in the "lies"..
Dream put the sunglasses on TOP..
TOP POV: she know my famous move.. so sweet..
The remix changed to Seung ri " strong baby"
Dream: hey hunk..
G-dragon: crack crack crack crack..
Dream: tonight you know..
G-dragon: crack crack crack crack..
Dream: i am strong baby...
G-dragon: crack crack crack crack..
Dream dance some move in the MTV...
Seung ri POV: noona.. know my MTV.. she also learn the steps..
the remix changed to Big bang " With you"
she dance the same as the mtv.. and dance with each member just like the MTV..
Daesung POV: she left my part?
The music stop a while..
Dream come forward to Dae sung and pull him out..
the remix music changed to Dae sung " look at me, gwisoon"
Dream: look at me.. look at me.. Dae sung.. look at me.. look at me.. dae sung..
Dae sung started to sing with dream..
Dream also make the rest dance together..
Dream lead them back their seat..
the music changed the remix..
Dream: stop..
the music change to big bang " BIG BANG"
Dream: B to the I to the G...B to the ANG... let's do it...So get them hands up high...We gon' get this party started right..
Dream: so i say.. this remix only for B to the I to the G...B to the ANG... Big Bang..
Big bang clapped their hand loudly..

G-dragon: great performance dream..
Dream: haha..
Taeyang: you should come out a album soon..
Seung ri: sure will be a great hit..
Daesung: i sure will support you..
Dream: haha.. i not as good as you guys..
TOP: in my heart you are the best..
Dream: sorry that my hand injure cannot perform very well..
G-dragon: who say.. if you never injure your hand.. your performance is perfect man..
Taeyang: hey guy.. we should perform something for dream too..
Seung ri: yea..
Daesung: let discuss..
big bang discuss what to perform for Dream.. while dream seat and wait..
G-dragon : let start the music..
the music start with "Last farewell"
G-dragon: yea.. this song is for our dream.. we are here for her..
they perform the whole song to her..
Dream clapped her hand..
Dream: perfect performance for me..
Taeayng: in this song is what want to tell you..
Seung ri: we cannot without you..
Dream: haha.. is you cannot without your family and friend..
Dae sung: let play game now..
G-dragon: yea.. how about truth or dare..
Top: cool.. let play..
Seung ri: i go get a bottle..
Dream: a bit werid to play with you all..
Daesung: don;t worry..

Everyone gather in the table with a bottle in the center..
G-dragon: dream start first..
Dream: so.. it is truth than dare than truth than dare.. or the person choose?
Top: the person choose.. if he cannot answer what we want than will be a dare..
Dream: ok..
Dream spin the bottle.. it hit on seung ri..
Dream: so you want truth or dare?
Seung ri: let start with a hot item.. i choose dare..
Dream: erm.. how about dance us a sexy dance.. with the music sexyback..
G-dragon: i agree with it..
Daesung: i go play the music..
Seung ri dance end with a sexy pose..
Dream: haha.. great dance..
Seung ri: my turn to spin..
the bottle hit on dae sung..
Seung ri: hyung.. what will you choose?
Daesung: truth..
Seung ri: you got any girl in mind right now?
Daesung POV: should i say it out? what is her reaction?
Daesung: my mother.. there is no time for dating..
TOP: what kind of answer is this..
Taeyang: not accept..
seung ri: you must do a dare.. let me think.. do a butt dance..
Daesung: ok..
Daesung do a cute butt writing..
Daesung: my turn to spin..
the bottle hit on TOP..
TOP: i choose dare..
Daesung: do a sexy dance..
Seung ri: nah.. treat dream as your girlfriend.. do something romantic toward her..
Dream: hey.. i not doing my dare..
Seung ri: like that more fun..
G-dragon: i disagree on this..
Top: come on.. don;t be jealous..
Top come toward to dream..
TOp hold her hand slowly to her face..
TOP: Dream i love you..
TOp kissed on her forehead..
Seung ri: yeah baby.. that the way..
Top spin the bottle.. it hit on taeyang..
Taeyang: i choose truth than..
Daesung: if you could choose your first love.. who will you choose?
Taeyang: my heartbeat is beat toward a person right now..
Dream: wah.. oppa you so fast in love in a girl..
Seung ri: who.. must tell us..
Taeyang: the person is right in front of me..
Everyone look at dream..
Dream: oppa.. you must be kidding..
Taeyang: nope.. i serious..
Seung ri: wow wow.. i think it gonna a big hit between here..
Dream try to avoid the topic..
Dream: oppa.. spin the bottle..
Taeyang spin the bottle hit on Dream..
DReam: erm.. i choose truth is safe for me,.
Seung ri : ok.. this question i ask..
Dream: go ahead..
Seung ri: in this world.. only left big bang.. who will you choose to be together?
Everyone looked at her waiting for her answer..
G-dragon POV: if you say is me.. i gonna tell her that i had been waiting for her..
TOP POV: be mine..
DaeSungPOV: i gonna tell her my feeling..
Taeyang POV: you are the one who make my heartbeat beat for you..
Seung ri POV: her answer gonna blow us man..
Dream: i will be greedy than.. if not i won;t choose..
Seung ri: why? why?
Dream: it is because you all are too good for me..
taeyang: this answer cannot.. must choose one only..
G-dragon: yea..
TOP: or you just random pick?
Dream: it is really hard for me to choose.. erm.. can i do dare instead?
Seung ri: of cos.. your dare will be kiss each of us cheek..
Dream: erm...ok..
Daesung: really? you sure?
Dream: back in our school.. we treat as greeting people or friend that are close..
Seung ri: than you need to say something to us before you kiss our cheek..
Dream: erm ok..
Dream prepare to kiss seung ri first.. as he is seating next to dream..
Dream: seung ri..
Dream whisper to seung ri: i like the way you dance.. it is so hot..
Dream kissed seung ri's cheek..
Seung ri POV: noona love my dancing..
Taeyang: oh my.. what she say to you?
Seung ri : don't tell you guys..
next is TOP..
Dream: oppa..
Dream whisper in top's ear: your smile had brighten my day..
Dream kissed Top's cheek..
TOP POV: i hoping that moment just stop right now..
Seung ri: hyung your face is red..
TOP: where got.. anyhow say..
next is G-dragon...
Dream: oppa..
Dream whisper to him: i like you a lot..
Dream kissed G-dragon's cheek..
G-dragon POV: are she serious? am i dreaming?
Daesung: hyung.. your mouth cannot close is it..
G-dragon: hey..
Next is taeyang..
Dream just went over taeyang and kissed taeyang..
Taeyang: ohh..
Dream: oppa.. this is the way to surprise your girl.. fighting..
Taeyang POV: that girl is you..
now is dae sung turn..
Dream whisper at dae sung: you are so cute that i cannot forget you the whole day..
Dream kissed his cheek..
DaeSung POV: you are always on my mind..
Dream: ok.. i am done.. let see who is next than..
Dream spin the bottle..

This time hit on G-dragon..
TOP: finally to you..
Seung ri: hyung.. you wanna truth or dare?
G-dragon: dare than...
Dae sung: haha.. you gonna big in big trouble..
Taeyang: strip naked and walk around.
Dream: hey.. i am here.. i am a girl not a guy..
G-dragon: yea.. dream is here..
Taeyang : ok ok.. just joking..
Seung ri: ok.. you need to choose someone and kiss his/ her lip..
G-dragon: why not make it more.. everyone turn around.. than i pull the person and kiss..
dae sung: cool.. ok.. everyone lets turn around..
G-dragon POV: this time i gonna let her know i like her..
everyone turn around and wait for G-dragon to choose..
G-dragon pulled Dream and kissed her..
G-dragon whisper Dream: sarang hae yo..
Dream: oppa.. i..
G-dragon ask dream go back stand so the rest don't know who he kissed..
Dream POV: oppa means i love you as in brother.. must be..
G-dragon: ok i am done..
Daesung: who you kissed?
G-dragon: is a secret..
taeyang: wow.. already 4pm..
daesung: you anything stuff for dinner so we could buy?
Dream: erm i think some chicken will be ok..
Seung ri: hyung we run out of kimchi..
Daesung: i need to buy some clothes thing..
top: than go going to buy?
Dream: can i stay at home and prepare dinner first?
Taeyang: sure.. than we need two person to buy food and another one follow daesung..
G-dragon: than one stay and help dream..
Taeyang: than who wanna to accompany dream.. me?
Top: nope.. me..
G-dragon: nope.. me..
Seung ri: how about the bottle point to who.. than the person stay with dream..
Dae sung : count me out..
Top: let dream spin the bottle..
and the bottle hit on....

Top: ok.. whatever.. i follow daesung..
Seung ri: than hyung follow me go buy food..
Taeyang: ok.. let go.. and we will be back fast..
G-dragon: take your time..
Top: don't do stuff that not possible to..
Dream try to avoid what they are saying..
Dream: i go kitchen first.. you guys take care and be safe home..
Daesung: ok ok..
Taeyang: we go off first..
Top: let go together..
G-dragon: i sent you guys to the door..
Top: don't do anything to my dream..
Taeyang: yea..
all of them went off..
the house only left G-dragon and Dream..


Chapter 37

while dream is busy unpack the food and prepare to cook..
G-dragon hugged her from behind..
Dream: oppa.. erm..
G-dragon: what can i help you?
Dream: help me wash those veg ok?
G-dragon: ok..
Dream: oppa.. you worte a song for girl before?
G-dragon: why?
Dream: i know that you wrote the song "This Love" is for a girl that you like..
G-dragon: ohh.. how you know?
Dream: haha.. i saw it online.. you still contact with the girl?
G-dragon: we just normal friend..
Dream: oppa.. you are romantic.. but the girl already had boyfriend that why you cannot be together with her right?
G-dragon: yea.. that day really hurt a lot..
Dream: oppa.. sorry to bring back your bad memory..
G-dragon: it is ok..
Dream: oppa.. don't worry.. your sister here always love you..
G-dragon: huh? sister?
Dream: yea.. cos i treat my friend as brother and sister..
G-dragon: but.. you know i love..
Dream: oppa.. after wash the veg let go out watch some movie while waiting for them..
G-dragon: you are preparing what dinner today?
Dream: it is a steamboat.. now waiting for the soup to boil and they came back.. than we can eat..
G-dragon: i am done with the washing..
Dream: let go watch some movie..
G-dragon: ok..
Dream: let watching some comdey movie..

G-dragon went to switch on the DVD player and dream sit at sofa..
G-dragon: let watch this..
Dream: ok..
G-dragon seat beside Dream..
Dream just lay on G-dragon's lap..
Dream: oppa.. your lap is warm and nice to lay..
G-dragon: haha..
G-dragon POV: why she think that i love her as sister?
both of them start to watch movie.. but g-dragon keep thinking how to tell dream that he love her as a girl not a sister..
While g-dragon thinking.. he also play with dream's hair..
G-dragon POV: when she is my lap.. i hope she is my girl.. so we can be together like this now.. having our happy moment together..
suddenly dream stood up and accidently hit G-dragon chin..
G-dragon: ouch..
Dream: oh oppa.. i am so sorry..
G-dragon keep rubbing his chin..
Dream look at him in a innocent face..
G-dragon: it is ok..
Dream: oppa.. i am sorry.. i was thinking of..
G-dragon: thinking of..
Dream: oh my.. my soup..
Dream rush to the kitchen..
G-dragon POV: the look she gave me.. make me soft..
Dream shouted: ahhhhh!!
G-dragon running toward Dream..
Dream hugged G-dragon..
G-dragon: what happen?
Dream: there is a big big bee there.. flying around.. i am scare..
G-dragon: don't scare..
G-dragon take the newspaper and hit the bee out of the window..
Dream: thanks oppa.. the soup is done..
G-dragon: i though so serious thing happen to you..
Dream: oppa.. how your chin.. still pain..
G-dragon: it is ok..
Dream: oppa.. you go to the sofa and wait for me..
G-dragon went to the sofa..
after a moment dream came back with a egg..
Dream: sorry oppa..
G-dragon: it is ok darling..
Dream slowly rub the egg at G-dragon's chin..
G-dragon: ouch..
Dream: sorry..
G-dragon POV: she is gentle.. she is so caring..
both of them look at each other eyes..

TOP: hey.. what you guys doing?
Dream: oh.. oppa you are back?
TOP: if i not back.. i don't know what will happen than..
Dream: the soup is done.. today we will having steamboat..
Daesung: really.. that great..
TOP: hey g-dragon.. just now what are you two doing?
Dream: ohh.. i accidently hit onto oppa's chin..
Daesung: what happen?
G-dragon: ohh.. dream was laying on my lap.. she suddenly stood up and hit on my chin..
TOP: what the.. lay on your lap..
G-dragon: yea.. don't be jealous hyung..
TOP: i not jealous about it..
G-dragon: don't fake it..
Dae sung: ok ok.. where is taeyang and seung ri?
Dream: they not back yet..
Taeyang: who is miss us?
Daesung: they are back..
Seung ri: dream.. here is the chicken and kimchi..
Dream: thanks.. you guys go living and wait a moment while i prepare the soup..
G-dragon: i help you..
TOP: nope.. i got something to ask you..
Daesung: than i go help her than..

Daesung and dream went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner..
Taeyang: hyung.. dream and you got do anything together?
G-dragon: ohh.. we had kissed.. hugged.. now we are together..
TOP: what the hell.. you are talking..
Seung ri: hyung.. really?
G-dragon: joking.. if not i will beat up by your hyungs..
Taeayng: thanks god.. nothing happen to my dream..
TOP: but dream lay your lap for what?
Taeyang: what lay on your lap????
Seung ri: wow.. so happening man..
G-dragon: we just watching some movie.. than she is tired and lay on my lap..
Taeyang: ic.. that ok..
TOP: beside that.. nothing?
G-dragon: yea..
Seung ri: don;t tell me.. you guys all like dream?
TOP: hey hey.. don't question us like this..
Taeayng: this a top mission between your hyung..
Seung ri: really.. can i join..
G-dragon: nope.. you are too young for it..
Seung ri: where got such thing..
TOP: i say have than have..
Seung ri: ok than..

Dream: hey guys.. dinner is ready...
daesung: come and eat now..
big bang and dream had a wonderful dinner together..
after the dinner and wash up they gather together in the living..
G-dragon: thanks dream for the celebration..
TOP: yea.. we had wonderful together with you..
Taeayng: hope you can come here again and again..
Seung ri: we are welcome you in here..
DAe sung: thanks a lot for helping in our concert too..
Dream: i should thanks you guys.. for giving this job if not i might not had the chance to meet you guys..
G-dragon: you are so formal..
Dream: oh.. before i forget.. i had something for you guys..
Taeyang: really? what gift?
Dream went her bag to get their gift..
Dream passed each of them a handphone pouch with their fav colour..
TOP: you knit by yourself?
Dream: yea.. i hope you guys like it..
G-dragon: that is so sweet of you..
Daesung: thanks.. i like it a lot..
Seung ri hugged dream.. while the rest stared at him..
Seung ri: noona.. this first time a girl gave me hand made handphone pouch..
Dream: i think i need to go before it getting late..
G-dragon: i sent you home..
Dream: it is ok.. i can go home by myself..
Taeyang: it is not safe for you a lone walk back.. let me fetch you home..
Dream: i think should be ok for me..
TOP: nope.. i must sent you home..
Dream: erm..
Seung ri: why not we spin the bottle again than see who bring dream home..
G-dragon: deal..
TOP: me too..
Taeyang i am fine with..
Daesung: same..
Dream spin the bottle again..
This time hit on Dae sung..
TOP: today is my bad luck or what..
Taeyang: dream.. text me when you are home..
G-dragon: what.. you had her number?
Dream: i though you guys had my number?
G-dragon: nope..
Seung ri: me too..
Dream: ok.. pass me your phone..
Dream save her number to g-dragon and seung ri..
Dae sung: ok.. let go..
Dream: oppa and seung ri take care... hope to see you guys again.. fighting..
Taeyang: we will.. you too..
TOP: i will miss you..
G-dragon: remember to come and find us again.. take care of your elbow too..
Dream: ok i will.. bye bye..
Dae sung sent dream back home..

they reached Dream's house..
Daesung: ok.. see ya soon..
Dream: same to you.. take care.. fighting..
Daesung: remember to go check up for your elbow..
Dream: i will..
Daesung: ok.. i got to go..
Dream hugged Daesung..
Dream: good night..
Daesung smiled at dream..
daesung: good night..
Daesung left..
Dream reached home and take a bath.. went to bed..


Chapter 38

Dream woke up and went to for check up..
Doctor: hmm.. your elbow is recovering well..
Dream: so when i can take out the bandage?
Doctor: you now can take out.. just remember to wear the cast that i gave you..
Dream: yea doctor..
Doctor: you don't need any med.. so you just exercise your hand properly..
Dream: ok.. so when i need to come back?
Doctor: don't need.. unless you feel pain after three days.. meanwhile wear the cast for one week..
Dream: ok..
Doctor: after the one week.. your hand is totally recovered..
Dream: thanks doctor..

Dream called Jungmin..
Jungmin: yoboseyo..
Dream: oppa.. it me..
Jungmin: how are you?
Dream: doctor say my hand is recovering well.. just don't use too much force on it..
Jungmin: ohh.. you now at where?
Dream: at hospital..
Jungmin: after that you going where?
Dream: should be home..
Jungmin: you wanna drop by office for a while..
Dream: sure.. no problem...
Jungmin: ok.. i had the concert video done..
Dream: that great..
Jungmin: Ming also here..
Dream: ohh.. you wanna any lunch?
Jungmin: yea.. it is troublesome for you..
Dream: it is ok oppa..
Jungmin: thanks..
Dream: see you later...

Nurse: hello Miss Dream..
Dream: hello.. how much is my bill?
Nurse: someone already paid for you..
Dream: really? may i know who is it?
Nurse: i not sure..
Dream: ohh.. ok.. thanks..
Nurse: your welcome..
Dream: if your colleagues know who is it.. can contact me?
Nurse: sure.. i will help you check..
Dream: thanks a lot..
Nurse: welcome..

Dream went to buy lunch for them and went back to office..
Dream: oppa.. ming..
Ming: hey.. why are you here? i though you should be resting..
Jungmin: i ask her to drop by..
Ming: how is your hand?
Dream: is recovering.. just wear cast when i was sleeping..
Ming: oh.. that great to heard your hand is recovering well..
Jungmin: by the way i got interview for Dream..
Dream: interview?
Jungmin: yea.. a new reporter wanna to interview you..
Dream: about?
Jungmin: being a great producer with multi talent..
Dream: haha.. nah.. i just normal person..
Jungmin: nope.. you are good producer and a great dancer..
Dream: can don;t go?
Jungmin: nope.. i already help you meet with the person tomorrow..
Dream: ok than,..
Jungmin: also help to promote our company.. by the way.. you in newspaper in today paper..
Dream: how come i don;t know..
Jungmin show dream the newspaper.. it written producer become a dancer in big bang concert..
Ming: see my girl did well in korea..
Dream: erm.. how they know i also the dancer in the concert?
Ming: you are famous now..
Dream: how come i don;t know..
Ming: you are busy working over here and there..
Jungmin: i ask ming follow you for tomorrow interview.. it is at 11am..
Dream: ok.. so what i need to say?
Jungmin: just answer what they ask..
Dream: ok..
Ming: don't worry.. i will be there to accompany you..
Jungmin: let me show you the concert video..
Dream: sure.. i brought you guys lunch.. go have it before it get cold..
Jungmin: ok..
Dream: Ming i also brought yours..
Ming: really?
Dream: really..
While they are eating.. dream watching the concert video..

They discuss how to improve the concert DVD..
Ming: ohh.. already 10pm..
Jungmin: time pass so fast..
Dream: yea.. it time to go home..
Ming: i fetch you home?
Dream: it is ok.. you fetch oppa home..
Jungmin: dream let go together.. beside it is late for you to get home..
Dream: oppa.. only 10om not midnight.. somemore i need to buy stuff on the way home..
Ming: ok than.. reach home than text me..
Dream: sure..
Jungmin: be careful than.. Ming let go...
Ming: ok.. be careful my darling.. see ya tomorrow..
Dream: ok.. take care.. bye bye..
Jungmin & ming: bye...

Dream on the way home.. she went to supermarket..
Dream POV: what should i eat tomorrow?
Dream POV: let eat pancake than..
Dream suddenly miss DBSK..
Dream POV: changmin must be miss my pancake..
After buying stuff.. dream walk back home..
on her way.. she saw a familiar face sitting on a little shop at roadside..
She went forward to see who is it..
It is YooChun..
He was drunk..
Dream: oppa.. oppa..
Yoochun: you are?
Dream: i am dream.. oppa..
Yoochun: really? why you are leaving me?
Dream: oppa.. i never leaving you..
Yoochun: you bluff me..
Dream: oppa.. let me bring you home...
Waitress: hey miss.. he haven pay..
Dream: oh.. sorry.. how much total?
Waitress: he drank four bottles of soju..
Dream: ohh. he drank so much.. ok.. here is the money..
Waitress: thanks.. may i know is he yoochun from dbsk..
Dream POV: if she know he is yoochun it will be big news than..
Dream: ohh.. no.. he is my brother from USA.. a lot people say he look like yoochun..
Waitress: ohh..
Dream: thanks.. i got to go..
Waitress: please come again..
Dream smiled at her.. she carry Yoochun back home..
On the way back.. yoochun keep vomit..
Dream: oppa.. are you okay..
Yoochun: why you want to leave me..
Dream feel worried for him..
Dream called Junsu..
Dream: yoboseyo..
Junsu: hello.. i am not free to answer your call.. please leave a message i will get you back soon...
Dream POV: where is junsu oppa.. never mind..
Dream slowly bring yoochun back home..

Dream slowly put yoochun on his bed..
Suddenly yoochun grab dream and hugged her..
Yoochun: don;t leave me.. you know i love you..
Dream: oppa.. i am dream..
Yoochun: please don;t leave me alone..
Dream: oppa.. i won't leave you alone.. i go get towel for you ok?
Yoochun grab dream face and kissed her...
Dream: oppa.. oppa..
Yoochun: i know you love me..
Yoochun continue kiss Dream..
Dream pushed him back to his bed..
Yoochun just fell asleep..

Dream went to the toilet..
Dream POV: what happen to oppa? must be someone hurt him..
Dream touched her lips..
Dream POV: i cannot anyhow think..
Dream washed her face and grab a hot towel for yoochun..
Dream placed yoochun forehead..
she looked at her watch.. already 3am..
Dream POV: i had interview tomorrow.. i must leave if not i will late for tomorrow..
Yoochun grabbed her hand..
Yoochun: please don;t leave me.. please..
Dream: oppa..
Dream POV: i cannot leave oppa like this..
Dream sit beside him.. and soon she fell asleep...

Dream suddenly wake up..
Dream looked at her watch..
Dream: oh.. already 7am..
She looked at yoochun..
She went to changed the towel for him..
she went to living room.. she saw shoes around..
DReam POV: must be they are back..
Dream went to junsu room.. she saw they are back..
Dream went to cook breakfast for them.. she prepare porridge for yoochun.. she also make hot tea for yoochun hangover..
She placed a med and hot tea beside yoochun table..
Dream: oh.. i need to get back home and get changed..
when dream opened the door.. jaejoong saw her..
JaeJoong: ah.. why you are here so early?
Dream: oppa.. yesterday i was on the way back.. i saw yoochun oppa..
JAeJoong: oh.. what happen to him?
Dream: he is drunk on a roadside shop.. than i bring him back..
JaeJoong: why never call me?
Dream: i forget about it.. but i got call junsu oppa.. but he never answer..
JaeJoong: you bring him home than?
Dream: yea i cannot leave him alone...
Jaejoong: i knew it..
Dream: huh? oppa what happen to him?
Jaejoong: i think he cannot forget his girlfriend..
Dream: oh oppa.. had a girlfriend..
Jaejoong: yea.. she is a dancer.. but now she is getting married..
Dream: that why oppa so sad..
JaeJoong: it is already three years.. but now she getting married..
Dream: ohh.. oppa.. i made breakfast for you guys..
JaeJoong: really? thanks..
Dream but why you not with the rest?
JaeJoong: i had shooting.. than yoochun having off day.. the rest having event.. that why they are back early than me..
Dream: oh.. at the kitchen i prepare porridge yoochun oppa..
JAeJoong: ok.. thanks.. how is your hand?
Dream: it is recovering well..
JaeJoong: stay here with us for breakfast..
Dream: oh no.. i forget.. sorry oppa.. i need to go now.. i had interview later..
Jaejoong: i fetch you back home than..
Dream: it is ok.. oppa you are tired..
JaeJoong: it is ok..
Dream: oppa.. just help me take care of yoochun oppa..
JAeJoong: ok..
Dream: oppa.. take care.. bye bye.. fighting..
JaeJoong: you too..

Dream rush back home and saw Ming waiting for her at her house downstair..
Dream: Ming... why are you here so early?
Ming: i was worry for you.. you didn't text me when you get back home..
Dream: sorry .. i forget.. i was take care of yoochun oppa..
Ming: what happen?
Dream: it is ok.. long story..
Ming: it is ok.. as long you are safe..
Dream: come up to my house first..
Ming: ok..
Ming went up to dream' house..
Dream: ming: you wait for me at the living room.. i go get bath and changed..
Ming: ok.. take your time..
Ming POV: dream must be hungry and forget to eat breakfast..
Ming went to kitchen cook some ramen for her..
Dream: Ming i am done.. let go..
Ming: come over here..
Dream: ohh.. you cook ramen for me?
Ming: yea.. you must be haven eat your breakfast..
Dream hugged Ming..
Dream: thanks Ming.. you know me the best..
Ming: of cos..
Dream: let eat together.. you also haven eat your breakfast too..
Ming: ok..

Back to DBSK;s house..
Changmin: hyung.. are you cooking?
JAejoong: nope.. i just came back..
Changmin: wah.. you cook pancake for us?
JaeJoong: nope.. i told i just came back..
Changmin: than who made breakfast?
Jaejoong: it is dream..
Changmin: oh.. i miss her pancake like crazy..
JAeJoong: all of us miss her..
Changmin: she still remember i need ten pancake from her..
JaeJoong: she always take care of us well..
Changmin: ohh.. where is she?
JaeJoong: she left already?
Changmin: why don;t join us for breakfast?
JaeJoong: she had interview..
Changmin: but why yesterday i never saw her?
JaeJoong: your yoochun hyung get drunk last night..
Changmin: don;t tell me is about his girlfriend getting married that matter..
JaeJoong: yea.. lucky dream saw him on the street and bring him back..
Changmin: lucky dream saw him.. if not today headline will be yoochun get drunk on the street..
JAeJoong: than our manager will scream at us..
Yunho came down..
Yunho: what happen? ahh.. changmin you made breakfast?
Changmin: nope.. it is dream..
Yunho: where is she?
Jaejoong tell yunho what happen..

Yoochun wake up and touched his head..
Yoochun: oh my head pain like crazy..
Yoochun: ohh... there is towel on my head.. what happen yesterday? how i get back?
Yoochun saw a note beside the table..
the note wrote: Oppa.. don't drink so much went you are alone.. if you had any problem want to share.. you can always call me.. i always be with you oppa.. there is med and hot tea for your hangover.. i also cooked porridge is in the kitchen.. please make hot and eat.. always smile.. dream..
Yoochun: is dream bring me home...
Yoochun keep think how dream bring him home..
Suddenly he flashed back.. he kissed dream..
Yoochun: oh my.. will she think i am those anyhow kind person..
Yoochun went out the room and went to the living room..

Junsu: hyung.. are you okay?
Yoochun: yea.. i am fine.. why?
Junsu: we know what happen to you..
Yoochun: huh?
Yoochun POV: they saw me kissing Dream?
Jaejoong: i saw dream this morning..
Yunho: she been taking care of you the whole night..
Yoochun: really?
Changmin: yea.. she also made breakfast for us..
JAeJoong: she made porridge for you.. for your hangover..
Yoochun: i must thank her..
Junsu: you should..
Yunho: yoochun.. are you ok with the matter.
Yoochun: yea.. i been think through.. i am fine with it now..
JaeJoong: that good.. let had breakfast..
they had breakfast together...


Chapter 40

Dream and Ming reached the place where they meet the reporter..
they came into a restuarant..
Reporter: annyong haseyo.. are you dream?
Dream: annyong haseyo with a bow.. yea.. i am.. by the way this Ming..
Reporter: ohh.. he is your boyfriend?
Ming: annyong haseyo.. i wish to.. but i am her assistance..
Reporter: ohh.. as in manager?
Dream: nope.. he is assistance producer in my company.. he is accompany me..
Reporter: oh i see.. sorry i forget tell you my name.. my name is yoona..
Dream: your name is beautiful..
Yoona: thanks.. you look beautiful with out make-up..
Ming: ohh.. you saw her with make-up before?
Yoona: yea.. i saw the BigBang MTV "with you" and i also went the concert too..
Dream: really? thanks for supporting BigBang.. they are great singer..
Yoona: you seem that you are close to them..
Ming: not even close.. they even...
Dream cut Ming..
Dream: we are just brother and sister relationship..
Yoona: oh.. don;t worry.. i am here to write a report on you..
Dream: oh ok.. what you would to ask me?
Yoona: i heard that you came from singapore.. before coming korea.. you did some short film and won awards. you sign contact and came over here..
Dream: yea.. i came from singapore.. i always hope come over korea to develop my dream over here..
Yoona: what is your goal coming here?
Dream: i wish i had chance to shoot MTV famous artist like DBSK or others..
Yoona: did you met DBSK in person before..
Dream POV: should i say yea or no.. will affect them
Dream: not really.. i hope had a chance to work with them..
Yoona: how the feeling working with big bang?
Dream: great.. i can say they are hardworking in their job..
Yoona: it is hard to be producer while become dancer too?
Dream: actually quite hard.. as producer must make sure everything works well for as dancer you need to energy and forcus in your dance too..
Yoona: have you think to become a singer or actress before?
Dream: not really.. i don't think people will use me..
Yoona: haha.. you will never know..
Dream: when the time comes.. than i will know yea..
Yoona: did any company approach you to join their company?
Dream: nope..
Yoona: if have.. will join them?
Dream: nope.. cos Jungmin oppa is the one that bring me over korea to develop my dream here.. there is a lot thanks that i want to thank him..
Yoona: you are quite faithfully to your company..
Ming: yea.. she was like this since i know her..
Yoona: ohh.. when did you know Dream?
Ming: ohh.. we are same school back in singapore..
Yoona: which course you guys take?
Ming: media management.. but dream work in production while she is studying..
Yoona: oh i see.. Dream.. so are you single now?
Dream: yea..
Yoona: haven met your Mr Right?
Dream: i am waiting to happen.. haha..
Yoona: haha.. thanks for coming down..
Dream: i also wants to thanks you for interviewing me..
Yoona: i hope to see more of yours work in future and hope to see you become a star in korea..
Dream: thanks..
Ming: thanks..
Yoona: let me sent you guys out..
Dream: it is ok.. you go busy with your stuff..
Yoona: you want me sent you guys to your company or?
Dream: it is ok.. have you eaten?
Yoona: yea.. i had to rush off to another interview..
Dream: quickly go.. your work is important..be careful and take care..
Ming.. yea take care... bye..
Yoona: thanks.. all the best.. bye bye..
yoona left..

Dream: ming let go some place had coffee than..
Ming: ok.. let go..
when dream standing out her place.. someone knock onto her..
Dream: ohh..
???: see where you are walking..
Dream: sorry..
Ming: you are the one that never look while walking..
???: what the hell you are talking to..
Dream: are you ben?
???: who the hell are you?
Dream: i am Dream.. from your primary school..
Ben: oh.. let me think.. don't tell you are the one like me..
Dream: erm..
Ben: i remember you freak ugly and fat.. but now..
Ming: hey mind your words..
Ben's manager: sorry.. is there any misunderstanding going on?
Ming: ask your friend mind his words..
Ben's manager: sorry about it.. he is my boss.. also the famous pianoist..
Ming: so you are his manager?
Ben's manager: yea.. ohh.. are you dream?
Dream: yea..
Ben's manager whisper to Ben: she is the hot topic now.. she is a famous producer now.. she also a dancer and producer in Big bang concert and MTV..
Ben whisper to his manager: don't tell me.. she is the hot lady in the With You MTV that i told you i wanna meet her in person?
Ben;s manager whisper to ben: yea..
Ben POV: oh dear.. i made a bad impression for her..
Ben: oh dream.. you now are so beautiful..
Ming: ohh faker.. you are the asshole that hurts her in primary sch..
Dream pulled ben..
Dream: nice to see you again..
Ben: i am very happy to see you..
Dream: sorry.. we got to go..
Ben: can i had your contact number? so i can meet you up for a chat?
Dream: ohh.. sure.. here is my name card..
Ben: thanks.. i will contact you soon..
Ben left with his manager..
Ming pulled Dream..
Ming: why you gave him your namecard.. he is not worth to have your number..
Dream: it is ok.. we still are friend..
Ming: this called friend.. you better don't contact him..

suddenly Ming's phone rang..
Ming: yobuseyo..
Jungmin: hey buddy.. please come back company for a while..
Ming: oh okay.. dream needs to be there?
Jungmin: oh.. don;t need.. ask her go rest..
Ming: really?
Jungmin: yea.. i need you contact the sponsor and other people..
Ming: oh i see.. see ya later..
Jungmin: ok.. bye..

Dream: who was that?
Ming: oh.. is jungmin hyung..
Dream: ohh.. he wants us back to company?
Ming: yea.. but only me..
Dream: why?
Ming: he just want to contact some sponsor.. this small matter let me do..
Dream: i go help you too..
Ming: nope.. you go and rest.. you had been never rest since yesterday..
Dream: you too..
Ming: trust me.. i am ok..
Dream: but..
Ming: no but.. just go back and rest..
Dream.. ok than..
Ming: i send you back before i go back company..
Dream: no need.. you fast go there.. than you can go home rest early..
Ming: ok than.. be careful on the way home..
Dream: ok.. fighting.. take care..
Ming: i will.. bye bye..
Ming left..

Dream walk alone in street..
Dream POV: should i go home and sleep?
Dream POV: ohh.. how is yoochun oppa? shall i go see him?
Dream POV; let buy some food for them..
Dream POV: will they be at home?
Dream POV: should i call them or manager first before i go?
Dream POV: nah.. just be surpise for them..
Dream POV: what happen they not in? than i shall go home than..
Dream POV: since my house is near them.. deal..

Dream went to buy some food and stuff and went to DBSK house..
Dream pressed the door bell..
but no one answer..
Dream POV: maybe is my bad luck today..
Dream POV: if i press again no one answer than i shall go back home..
Dream pressed the door bell again..
but no one answer..
when dream was about turn around and walk off..
someone shouted her name..
Dream turn around and saw yoochun..
Dream: oppa..
Yoochun: oh.. i though you had work today?
Dream: ohh.. already finish.. i was come by to see you guys..
Yoochun: oh.. but the rest went for event..
Dream: it is ok.. how are feeling right now?
Yoochun: after taking your med and hot tea you made.. really works for me..
Dream: that great..
Yoochun: i forget to ask you come in..
Dream: haha.. it is ok..
both of them went in the house..
Yoochun: i must ask manager hyung give you a pair keys of the house..
Dream: why?
Yoochun: so you can come anytime you want..
Dream: but.. i don;t think it good..
Yoochun: who say.. i am sure the rest agree with me.. somemore you are our manager too..
Dream: haha.. but this manager never always come to work..
Yoochun: yea.. but we understand you also had to work for your company also your goals too..
Dream.. yea.. had you eaten the porriadge this morning?
Yoochun: yea.. thnak a lot for taking care of me..
Dream: no worries oppa..
Yoochun: you should know what happen right?
Dream: oppa.. forget the past.. we must look forward the future..
Yoochun: yea.. sorry about yesterday.. what i did to you..
Dream avoid the question also about the kiss..
Dream: huh?
yoochun: i not that type of person you think of..
Dream: oppa.. forget about it.. just remember good days is waiting for you..
Yoochun POV: she is understanding and kind.. why i never met her early then..
Yoochun: what stuff you are holding?
Dream: ohh.. i was brought some food for you guys..
Yoochun: really? i think changmin will be the most happy in the house..
Dream: ohh.. why?
yoochun: he love your food like crazy.. when you are not around.. he will keep asking when you are coming..
Dream: haha.. i will my plan for the coming month.. and i will discuss with your manager..
Yoochun: that great..
Dream: oppa.. had your lunch already?
Yoochun: i was about to get out to had lunch..
Dream: that why no one answer the door bell..
Yoochun: i was changing..
Dream: oppa.. let me cook lunch for you.. simple and light lunch for you..
Yoochun: oh really.. thanks..
Dream: yea.. you drink too much soju is harmful to your health.. you should take some light meal..
Yoochun: ok.. thanks..


Chapter 39

Dream went to kitchen cook some food for Yoochun..
Dream: wanna try chinese food?
Yoochun: oh.. can..
Dream: ok..
Yoochun: went up to do something first..
Dream: ok..
Dream finish cooking and placed the food on the table...
Dream: oppa.. lunch is ready..
no one answer her..
Dream: oppa oppa..
still no one answer...
So dream went up and find yoochun..
she heard piano sound came out from the studio..
she open the door and saw yoochun is playing piano..
yoochun was singing too.. but dream don't understand the song he was singing..
all she know he is singing in english and japanese...
after yoochun sing finish.. dream clapped her hand..
Yoochun: ohh..
Dream: oppa.. nice song.. can i know what the song is about?
Yoochun: is a new song.. i writing for a program in japan..
Dream: orh.. no wonder i don;t understand.. but i know is japanese..
Yoochun: haha.. the song called " Kiss the Baby sky".
Dream: nice name..
so yoochun explain to dream what is the song about..
Dream: oppa.. you are great musical artist.. can sing well also can compose song too..
Yoochun: thanks..
Dream: ohh.. the lunch is ready.. let go down and eat..
Yoochun: ok..
both of them went down had they lunch...

Yoochun: there is porridge, egg, kimchi and this is?
Dream: oppa.. it is salted veg with chicken..
Yoochun: cos you say chinese dish than i saw kimchi.. i though you change back to korea dish..
Dream: ohh.. i scare you don' really like chinese food..
Yoochun: haha.. won;t.. i trust your cooking..
Dream: thanks oppa..
Yoochun: so tomorrow you had any work?
Dream: not sure.. must check with jungmin oppa..
Yoochun: jungmin?
Dream: he is my boss..
Yoochun: ohh..
Dream: i met my schoolmate in big bang concert.. he now working with my boss too..
Yoochun: that great.. at least you had friend in korea now..
Dream: yea.. i also have friend like you... DBSK and big bang and production..
Yoochun: so your schoolmate also work same post as you?
Dream: nope.. he become my assistance.. as in assistance producer..
Yoochun: that good.. he can help you..
Dream: he also my best friend back in our school..
Yoochun: great to heard that.. when we are not around there is someone to take care of you..
Dream: oppa.. i can take care of myself..
Yoochun: but you are not really familiar korea.. your friend is koreans?
Dream: yea..
Yoochun: that good..
Dream: i forget to tell you his name.. his name is Ming..
Yoochun: oh.. is Ming.. your boyfriend?
Dream: oppa.. are you kidding with me? he is just my brother.. i treat him as my brother..
Yoochun: haha..
Dream: why you think is my boyfriend?
Yoochun: just ask for fun..
Dream tickle yoochun..
Yoochun: ahh..
Yoochun tickle dream..
Dream: oppa.. stop..
Yoochun: who ask you tickle me first..
Dream.. ok ok.. sorry..
Yoochun: if tomorrow don't have any work you can stay here tonight..
Dream: oh ok.. i call my boss first..
Yoochun: ok.. go ahead..

dream call jungmin..
Jungmin: yobuseyo..
Dream: oppa..
Jungmin: oh my darling..
Dream: oppa.. tomorrow i had anything to do in company?
Jungmin: meanwhile.. don;t have.. cos now we are busy with Concert dvd..
Dream: you need my help for that?
Jungmin: it is ok.. you already did a good job..
Dream: but i am the producer of the work.. cannot be not doing anything..
Jungmin: who say you not doing anything.. after the dvd is done.. you will had a lot work to do..
Dream: oh ok..
Jungmin: meanwhile the video still editing process while Ming contact those sponsor.. there nothing you can do in the time being.. so when i need you back i will call you..
Dream: ok than.. than i will be dbsk house to help them do some stuff.. it is ok?
Jungmin: of cos.. you are their part time manager too..
Dream: haha.. thanks oppa..
Jungmin: haha.. ok.. i got to do something.. call you when i need you..
Dream: okok.. take care oppa.. fighting..
Jungmin: ok.. you too.. bye..
Dream: bye bye..

Dream: oppa.. tomorrow i do have work..
Yoochun: oh.. sad..
Dream: my job is taking care of you..
Yoochun: hey.. bluff me..
Dream: remember i am also your part time manager too..
Yoochun: haha..
Dream: oppa.. let watching some movie..
Yoochun: ok.. let watch some horror movie than..
Dream: erm.. but i will scare..
Yoochun: don;t worry you still have me..
Dream: i go wash up those dishes first..
Yoochun: ok.. i go get the dvd..
dream finish clean up the dish so as yoochun already waiting dream in the living room..
Dream: what horror movie we gonna to watch?
Yoochun: "shutter". it is a thai movie..
Dream: oh.. i know.. i heard from my friend. is really scary...
Yoochun: don't worry.. i am watching with you..
Dream seat next to yoochun closely..
Yoochun: let start now..
the movie started to play..
dream hold yoochun's hand tightly..
suddenly the scary part..
Dream shouted and hugged yoochun..
the movie ended..
Dream: that movie was scary..
Yoochun: relax.. just don't think about it..
Dream: ohh.. already dinner time..

someone called yoochun..
Yoochun: yobuseyo..
Yunho: hey buddy.. tonight we are not coming back.. we will be back tomorrow afternoon..
Yoochun: ohh.. but dream was here..
Yunho: really? i miss it man.. everyone miss her..
Yoochun: yea.. she wanting to cook dinner for you guys..
yunho: ohh man.. i miss her cooking man..
Yoochun: too bad haha..
Yunho: ok.. i go event to go..
Yoochun: bye.. take care..
Yunho: bye..

Dream: oppa.. who call?
Yoochun: oh.. it is yunho hyung.. they are not coming back tonight..
Dream: than how about dinner?
Yoochun: erm.. just only me and you..
Dream: ok than.. oppa what kind food you would like?
Yoochun: up to you..
Dream: than i just cook some simple dish than..
Yoochun: ok.. no problem..
Dream: oppa.. can you accompany me to the kitchen?
Yoochun: sure..
dream cooked kimchi soup and some stir fry beef and some veg..
dream: oppa.. let eat..
Yoochun: ok.. let me help you carry to the table..
Dream: thanks..

after dinner.. dream went to clean up the dishes and yoochun help her out..
yoochun: ok i go bath..
Dream: ok me too..
dream went her room and bath.. after she bath finish find out she didn;t bring any clothes here..
dream POV: oh no.. how? should i ask oppa whether he any clothes for me to put on..
dream tied the towel around her..
she try to shout yoochun from the toilet..
Dream: oppa.. oppa.. oppa..
but no one answer her..
Dream POV: how? i not gonna standing in here..
suddenly flashed back about the haunted movie where the ghost is behind the toilet..
Dream POV: ahhhh..
Dream run up into yoochun room..
just in time yoochun came out from the toilet..
Dream: oppa..
dream hugged yoochun..
yoochun: dream.. are you okay..
Dream: i very scare..
Yoochun: don;t worry.. why you are wearing only towel...
dream accidently tripped and yoochun try to catch her.. instead of holding her hand.. he pulled her towel..
Dream: ahh..
Dream quickly cover her front with her hand.. yoochun quickly turn around..
Yoochun: sorry sorry.. i not purposely..
dream quickly pick the towel and wrap herself back..
dream: oppa..
yoochun: huh?
dream: oppa.. you have any clothes for me?
Yoochun: huh?
Dream: i didn't bring any clothes here..
Yoochun: ohh.. how about wear my clothes?
Dream: ok.. do you have button shirt and shorts?
Yoochun: i do have shirt but i don have short.. i have boxer..
Dream: ok.. can..
Yoochun: really?
dream: yea..
Yoochun: oh.. ok..
yoochun went to his cardboard take the clothes and pass to dream..
Dream: oppa.. i cannot take it.. you are too far from me..
Yoochun: but..
Dream: oppa.. i wrap back the towel le..
Yoochun: ok.. i really turn around..
both of them blushed look at each other..
dream went to yoochun's toilet and changed..
yoochun POV: oh my.. lucky i never saw anything.. but i know her body is hot.. what am i thinking..
dream came out.. she didn't button the first two button.. the shirt also a bit big for her..
Yoochun POV: oh my oh.. she really hot..
dream: oppa.. thanks for the clothes..
yoochun: oh.. welcome..
dream: oppa.. than you had early rest than..
yoochun: sure.. you too..
dream went back to her room..

Yoochun POV: why my mind is filled with her image..
at dream's room.
Dream POV: did oppa saw my.. no no.. don't think too much..
dream dry up her hair and went to bed..
but dream could sleep at all.. her mind is filled the horror movie..
Dream POV: is the thing under bed now?
suddenly the light just went off and turn on..
Dream shouted..
dream run to yoochun room..
back to yoochun's room..
Yoochun POV: if dream is my girl.. how great is that..
suddenly dream just run in and hugged yoochun..
Dream: oppa.. oppa..
Yoochun: take your time..
Dream: oppa.. the thing coming..
Yoochun: what thing?
Dream: in my room..
Yoochun: how?
Dream: my light just went off and come back ownself..
Yoochun: the horror affect you a lot..
dream: oppa.. i am scare..
yoochun: i follow you back the room..
Dream: no.. oppa.. can i sleep with you tonight?
Yoochun: huh?
Dream: i mean only sleep beside you.. nothing else..
Yoochun: can..
Yoochun POV: she wanna sleep with me..
dream: thanks oppa..
yoochun: ok.. let sleep than..
Dream: can i hold your hand while sleeping?
Yoochun: ok.. is i the one make you watch horror with me.. sorry about it..
Dream: it is ok.. i also wanna to watch..
Yoochun: haha.. ok..
Dream: good night oppa..
Yoochun: good night..
dream hold yoochun's hand and both of them fell into sleep...


Chapter 41

yoochun wake up and saw himself hugging dream.
Yoochun POV: she look cute when she is sleeping
yoochun touch dream's forehead to her chin..
Yoochun POV: she had fair skin, round nose, soft lips and a bit round chin..
yoochun cannot stop looking at dream and gentle kissed her lip.
Yoochun POV : now the scene just like drama. she is like my wife or girlfriend sleeping beside me.
yoochun brush dream's hair..
Yoochun POV: i hope this moment can be freeze right now.
suddenly dream rubbing her eyes..
Yoochun POV: oh no.. she gonna to wake up..
Yoochun quickly shut his eye..
Dream sit up and yawn..
dream turn around and saw yoochun..
Dream: oppa.. thanks for accompany last night.
Dream came closer to yoochun face..
Yoochun POV: she gonna to kiss me or?
dream touched yoochun's face..
Dream: oppa. look so cute right now..
dream whisper to yoochun ear: kamsa hamnida oppa..
dream was about leave the bed..
suddenly yoochun grab her hand and hugged her back to the bed..
Dream: oppa..
Yoochun POV: i should act as in i was sleep talking in my dream.
Yoochun: don't leave me.
Dream saw yoochun's eye was closed..
Dream: oppa.. must be dreaming again.. my poor little oppa..
Dream kissed on yoochun's cheek..
dream: oppa.. don;t matter what happen.. dream always be there for you..
Dream slowly came out of yoochun's bed..
Dream: oppa.. i go make breakfast for you..
dream left the room..
yoochun: wow.. that was closer... if she know i was awake.. oh..

Dream was in kitchen busy cooking breakfast for yoochun and herself.
yoochun came down to kitchen saw dream.
dream pull back the collar to behind. she is feeling warm.
she was showing her bare shoulder in front of yoochun without notice yoochun was her back..
Yoochun POV: her shoulder not so board.. her long hair so smooth.. feel just hug her from behind..
dream turn around and saw yoochun..
Dream: oppa.. you are awake..
Yoochun: yea.. what kind food you prepare for breakfast?
Dream: just egg and hot dog.. oh.. also toast..
Yoochun: westerner food..
Dream: yup.. oppa.. thanks for yesterday night..
Yoochun: oh.. it is alright..
Dream: oppa.. you want coffee or tea or ?
Yoochun: or you right?
Dream: hahaha.. is orange juice..
Yoochun: can i have you than?
Dream: oppa.. ahh...
Yoochun: just orange juice than..
Dream: oppa.. breakfast is ready..
both of them had breakfast together..

Dream: i think i need to go back get my stuff.
Yoochun: i fetch you back..
Dream: oh.. it is ok.. i don't want to trouble you.
Yoochun: it is ok. after that we go shopping mall and shop..
Dream: ok than.
Yoochun: i wash up the dish while you go change back your clothes.
Dream: thanks oppa.. oppa don't mind follow me back the room?
Yoochun: huh?
Dream: i scare the light again..
Yoochun: ok..
Both of them went back the room..
Yoochun: dream.. you scared yourself.. just the light is spoiled..
Dream: thanks god.. haha..
Yoochun: ok.. i go wash up the dishes..
after yoochun and dream done their stuff..
yoochun: where is the clothes i lend you?
Dream: when we come back than i will wash it..
Yoochun: it is ok..
Dream: cannot.. i must wash and return you..
Yoochun: ok.. let's go..
Yoochun wear hat and sunglasses so won't easily recognize by his fans..
both of them got up the car.

Dream: oppa.. first time seat your car.. suddenly i felt excited..
Yoochun: haha.. why?
Dream: maybe first time see you drive and somemore it your car..
Yoochun: you are so funny.. like that also excited.
Dream: of cos.. you are my cute oppa..
Dream pinch yoouchun's cheek..
yoochun blushed..
yoochun POV: she make my heartbeat just beat for her.. had she walk in my heart?
Dream: oppa.. you know where am i staying?
Yoochun: nope.. but i heard from my manager you stay quite near our house..
Dream: yea..
yoochun drive dream home.

Dream: while waiting for me wanna go my place had a drink?
Yoochun: ok..
dream and yoochun walking toward dream's house..
Ming: dream.. i been waiting for you.. oh .. who is him?
Dream: you should call me before you come.. ohh he is yoochun..
Ming: annyong haseyo,, i am ming..
Yoochun: annyong haseyo.. nice to meet you..
Dream: ok.. let go in than..
Ming: ok..
Dream: oppa.. ming is the one i told you about.. he is my best friend back in my school..
Yoochun: ohh...
Ming: yea.. she is my good sister..
Dream: i get you guys drink first..
Yoochun: thanks..
Dream: oppa.. what you like to drink?
Yoochun: erm.. just cold water..
Dream: how about ming?
Ming: same than..
Dream: ok...
Ming: oh.. before i forget.. i here to pass you the document about the concert DVD..
Dream: oh thanks..
Ming passed the document to dream..
Dream: ming help me entertain my oppa.. while i go take a shower.. oppa are you okay with it?
Yoochun: yea..
Dream: Ming .. don't bully my oppa ok..
Ming: won't.. haha..
Dream went to shower.. while the living room left yoochun and Ming...
Ming: hyung.. so now what are you doing now?
Yoochun: oh.. prepare for new single in japan..
Ming: that cool..
Yoochun: how about you?
Ming: prepare the Big Bang concert DVD.. now still in process..
Yoochun: oh.. all the best..
Ming: are you close to big bang?
Yoochun: oh.. we meet each other in some event.. just normal talk with them..
Ming: ohh.. heard from dream.. she is you guys part time manager?
Yoochun: yea.. she is nice and caring..
Ming: yea.. she is sweetest girl i meet in this world..
Yoochun: ohh.. why?
Ming: she always put other people in front rather than herself..
Yoochun: ohh..
Ming: you know that the guy that hurt her so much is back now..
Yoochun: huh? what guy?
Ming: ohh.. you know that she learned piano because of a guy when she was a primary school kid.. but the guy told her.. that she is fat and ugly and don't want to be with her... so dream train very hard to slim down but the guy already went to overseas.. so dream don't dare to accept any guys and only guys play piano or other musical instrument will attract her.. that why she like to watch 200 pounds beauty that remind her past... she like the song byul in the movie.. saying she will be waiting for you..
Yoochun: so sad.. that why all along she don;t have boyfriend..
Ming: yea.. but the guy is back.. i scare he will hurt dream again..
Yoochun: you mean dream still waiting for him?
Ming: i hope not.. it had been so long..
Yoochun: now no one chase after her?
Ming: who say.. i know some member of big bang like her and me also..
Yoochun: ohh.. but she know about it?
Ming: i think she don't know about big bang some of them like her.. but she know i like her..
Yoochun: than why she never accept you?
Ming: she say she want me to be her brother not lover.. maybe we are too close together..
Yoochun: so you been waiting for her?
Ming: not sure..
Dream came out...
Dream: hey.. what you guys talk about?
Ming: oh.. we are talking about dbsk doing what now..
Yoochun: yea..
Dream: oh i see.. ok.. i am ready..
Ming: ok.. i need to go back home than..
Yoochun: you wanna me drive you back?
Ming: it is ok.. just take care of my little sister..
Dream: i can take care of myself..
Ming: i go first than..
Yoochun: let walk out together..
at the gate..
Ming: bye hyung... nice to meet you.. bye my little sister.. take care..
Yoochun: bye.. take care..
Dream: bye ming.. take care too..
Ming left..
Yoochun and dream went to shopping mall...


Chapter 42

Dream: oppa.. you feel like buying what stuff?
Yoochun: erm.. clothing?
Dream: oppa.. why not we choose for each of us a set of clothes?
Yoochun: great idea..
Dream: ok.. oppa you first..
Yoochun: ok..
They went into a shop where sell different kind of men clothing..
Dream pick up a few set for yoochun..
Dream: oppa.. go try this few suit..
yoochun went in to the fitting room..
dream seated outside waiting for yoochun..
yoochun came out the first suit..
Dream: oppa.. you should take out your sunglasses and hat..
Yoochun: but why if people saw me..
Dream: ohh.. but now the shop don't have anyone..
Yoochun: the saleperson how?
Dream: oh.. i tell her not to come in.. cos my boyfriend is shy to come out to show me how he try those clothes..
Yoochun: oh.. boyfriend?
Dream: oppa.. just bluff the person only.. i know you won;t like me this type of girl..
Yoochun: who say..
Dream came to yoochun.. help him remove the sunglasses and his hat.. she also help him style his hair..
Dream: see.. this is the way oppa look.. so handsome..
Yoochun: wah.. you know how to style guy hair?
Dream: haha.. oppa.. go try next suit..
yoochun: ok..
Yoochun went back to the fitting room..
Yoochun POV: she told the sale person i am her boyfriend.. i feel like i am trying for my girl to see.. i going crazy for her..
Yoochun came out the next suit..
dream help him put on scarf and help him adjust his clothing..
Dream: oppa.. you look so cute in this set of clothing..
Yoochun POV: she look every detail what i am wearing..
Yoochun: ok.. i going back change another one..
Dream: oppa.. wait.. let take photo..
both of their face stick one and other..
Dream:1..2..3... smile..
Yoochun: ok.. i change to another suit..
Yoochun came out with a white suit..
Dream help him adjust the tie..
Dream: oppa.. you look prince charming.. so handsome.. so sweet..
Yoochun: haha.. so we are choosing which set than?
Dream: oppa.. let take photo..
Yoochun: ok..
Dream: oppa.. whatever you wear it look so nice..
Yoochun: than we will take this three set that you choose for me..
Dream: really.. but it look quite expensive..
Yoochun: it is ok.. i not always buy clothes..
Dream: but..
Yoochun: i going back to changing back my clothing..
Dream: ok..
Yoochun: ok.. it is your time now..

They paid for the clothing.. and went to the next shop where selling woman clothes..
Yoochun pick four set of clothes for dream..
Dream told the saleperson that she is shy.. if can only yoochun and her in the fitting room..
Dream: oppa.. let go in the room..
Yoochun seated outside waiting for dream to change..
dream: oppa.. what kind of dress you had choose for me..
Yoochun: why?
dream hidding behind the curtain..
Dream: i don;t dare to come out..
Yoochun: not fair.. just now i show what you choose for me..
dream open the curtain..
Yoochun: wow.. turn around..
the dress showing dream's back fully
yoochun: you should let down your hair..
Dream let down her hair..
Yoochun: you look great in this dress..
Dream: haha.. ok.. i go change another one..
Dream come out with a jumper..
Yoochun: you look cute in this suit..
Dream took yoochun's hat and sunglasses..
Dream: oppa.. i look like superstar?
Yoochun: yea.. haha..
Dream: oppa let take photo..
dream: ok.. i go change the next one..
Yoochun: ok..
Dream: oppa.. this dress not suit me..
Yoochun: why? you never let me see.. how i know not suit you..
Dream: but.. i am shy..
Yoochun: it is ok.. here only oppa..
Dream come out with a dress showing her cleavage..
Yoochun: wah..
Dream quickly cover herself.
Dream: i told you..
Yoochun: you are sexy in this dress.. if any guy saw your wearing this.. they sure ask you out..
Dream: oppa.. don't tease on me..
Yoochun: really.. you had a grest figure..
Dream: than oppa.. had i attracted you than?
Yoochun: huh?
Dream: joking.. i go in change another one..
Yoochun's POV: you already attracted me even without this dress..
dream came out with another set of clothing.. is a vest with a tube inside and short pant..
Yoochun: you look cute.. also can say sexy too..
Dream: oppa.. but is showing my tummy.. got fats..
Yoochun: haha nope..
Dream: ok.. i going back changing back my clothes..
Yoochun: dream.. i brought all for you..
Dream: oppa.. i don;t want..
Yoochun: but all suit you..
Dream: i buy it for myself ok..
Yoochun: just treat that i thank you for taking care of me and also follow me to shopping..
Dream: it is ok.. cos you are my oppa..
Yoochun: cannot..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. if not i not going to talk to you..
Yoochun: ok ok.. you win..
Dream paid the clothes.. and they went for more shopping..

as they walk.. dream saw a hat that suit yoochun..
Dream: oppa.. try this hat..
Yoochun: ok..
dream: ohh.. also this the glasses..
Yoochun: ok..
Dream: erm.. miss.. can i take a look at the necklance with a M letter with it?
saleperson: sure..
Dream: this necklance is nice.. oppa.. very suit you..
Saleperson: are you yoochun from dbsk?
Dream: ohh.. thanks.. i think we need to go..
Saleperson: ok..
Dream and yoochun quickly walk off..
Dream: oppa.. that was close..
Yoochun: i think we need to go back..
Dream: oh.. yea.. the rest is coming back soon...
Yoochun: you still need buy anything?
Dream: yea.. let go to the bookstores ok?
Yoochun: ok..
they went in the bookstore..
Dream: oppa.. they also sell gaming stuff.. let go adn see..
Yoochun: ok..
Saleperson: hey miss.. are you looking any game for your boyfriend?
Dream & yoochun: boyfriend?
Saleperson pointing at yoochun..
Dream: haha.. he is my oppa..
Saleperson: oh sorry.. we had new game for soccer..
Dream: really? can i had one copy of that?
Saleperson: sure..
Yoochun: you buying for?
Dream whisper to yoochun: it is for junsu..
Dream: he will be crazy for that..
yoochun: ohhh..
Saleperson: hey miss.. here you go..
Dream: thanks..
Yoochun: let go look at books?
Dream: ok.. ahh.. the new serial of books..
Yoochun: go over and see..
Dream: oppa must be like this kind of book.. oh there also have new serial of comic..
Yoochun:ohh you buying for?
Dream: is for changmin and yunho oppa..
Yoochun: i think i need to go supermarket buy food for dinner..
Dream: ok.. let me pay for the stuff first..
yoochun and dream went to supermarket and buy some food..
after they are done.. they are going heading back home..
Dream: oppa.. i forget something that i left the shop when we brought my dress..
Yoochun: oh.. faster go back get.. i will waiting for you in car..
While yoochun waiting dream in his car at carpark..
Yoochun POV: i feel so jealous when ever she think about the rest..
yoochun POV: oh my.. what i am thinking of..
Yoochun POV: don't tell me.. i already like her..
dream come back..
Dream: oppa.. sorry let you waiting.. i so forgetfully.. i left inside the shopping bag..
Yoochun: haha.. you are so blur..
Dream: ohh.. i went by a shop.. there selling earing.. i also brought a pair.. you think is nice?
Yoochun: yea..but it is a men design?
Dream: yea.. it is for jaejoong oppa..
Yoochun: ohh.. let go back than..
Dream: you see the earring inside have a letter H inside..
Yoochun: oh ok..
suddenly in the car when quite..
Dream POV: yoochun oppa angry with me.. never buy anything for him?
Dream: oppa.. why you never talk?
Yoochun: oh.. nothing.. feeling a bit tired..
dream grab yoochun's hand..
Dream: oppa.. your hand is cute and beatiful.. i never take a good look of your hand before..
Yoochun blushed suddenly..
Dream open his hand and place something to him..
yoochun open his hand and see.. it was a photo of him and dream..
Dream: oppa.. be careful..
Yoochun suddenly stopeed the car..
Dream hitted her head..
Yoochun: oh.. dream.. are you ok?
Dream: i am ok oppa..
Yoochun: haha.. i will place it on my desk.. and don;t give me suprise when i was driving..
Dream: sorry oppa..
yoochun went back driving back..

suddenly dream's phone rang..
Dream: yoboseyo..
Jungmin: calling for my dream..
Dream: oppa.. what can i help you?
Jungmin: i need you badly..
Dream: haha.. what happen?
Jungmin: we are done the DVD.. i need you write the proposal for me..
Dream: sure..
Jungmin: Ming pass you the document already?
Dream: yea.. but i haven look throught yet..
Jungmin: it is ok.. after you done the proposal.. i will meet you tomorrow afternoon at 2pm in office ok?
Dream: ok oppa..
Jungmin: so you are in dbsk house?
Dream: yea..
Jungmin: having fun?
Dream: oppa..
Jungmin: ok ok.. see ya tomorrow..
Dream: ok.. take care... bye bye..
Jungmin: bye bye..

Yoochun: who called you?
Dream: oh is jungmin oppa.. my boss..
Yoochun: ohh..
Dream: when the rest coming back?
Yoochun: i think when we reached home.. they should be on the way back too..
Dream: ohh..
they reached home..
Yoochun: let me carry the stuff in..
Dream: oppa.. let me help you carry some too..
yoochun: ok than..
Dream: oppa.. let me put my stuff in the room first..
Yoochun: ok.. i also..
after they went back their room..
Dream came out and prepare food for dinner..
Yoochun came down..
Yoochun: i feel a bit hungry..
Dream: i cook some kimchi pancake for you ok?
Yoochun: ok.. let me help you do the flour and kimchi together ok?
Dream: ok.. than i go prepare food for dinner..
Yoochun: ok.. when they are back.. they can eat already..
When yoochun done with the pancake mixed..
Yoochun: i am done..
Dream: oppa.. you see yourself.. had a mess of flour in your face..
Yoochun: really? i need to go toilet and see..
Dream: oppa.. no need.. let me help you.. close your eyes..
Yoochun: ok than..
Dream come toward yoochun very close..
Yoochun POV: she is breathing in front of me.. are she gonna kiss me?
Dream wipe yoochun face.. without notice dream place something on his neck..
Dream: done..
Yoochun: thanks..
Yoochun notice his neck had something.. he take a look on his chest.. it was the necklance that he saw in shop where the person almost recongise yoochun..
Dream went to prepare the pan to fry the pancake for yoochun..
Yoochun was happy with the suprise that dream give him.. he hugged dream..
Dream: oppa..
Yoochun: thanks so much.. i like it a lot.. how come i don;t know you brought it?
Dream: don't tell you..
Yoochun: but i didn't brought any stuff for you?
Dream: it is ok.. just finish the pancake i cooked for you..
Yoochun: sure.. no problem..
while dream cooking at the pancake.. yoochun stand aside and look at dream..
Dream: oppa.. why you keep smile all yourself while i am cooking pancake..
Yoochun: nothing.. just happy..
Dream: you are so cute.. smiling.. what thing so happy? tell me..
Yoochun: haha.. i don;t tell me..
Dream: ok than..
Yoochun: okok.. i tell you before you are mad with me..
Dream: i never mad at you..
Yoochun: ok.. i just happy.. that i had know you..
Dream: like that also happy?
Yoochun: of cos.. haha..
Dream: ok.. oppa.. you have the pancake first.. while i cook more for you..
Yoochun: ok..
suddenly the rest come back home..


Chapter 43

Changmin: hey.. i smell food..
Dream: oppa..
Changmin hugged dream tightly..
Changmin: i miss you like crazy.. i miss your food so so much..
Jaejoong: hey..
Jaejoong pull away changmin from dream.. and he hugged dream..
JaeJoong: she is mine..
Yunho: who say..
Yunho pull away jaejoong.. and hugged her..
Jaejoong: hey..
Yunho: she belong to everyone..
Junsu: nope.. dream is belong to herself..
Dream: huh? by the way.. i miss you guys lots..
Junsu hugged dream..
Dream: oppa.. welcome home..
Changmin: dream.. what you are making?
Dream: kimchi pancake..
Changmin: oh.. can have it now?
Yoochun: nope.. dream only making for me.. just wait for dinner..
Changmin: please.. i wanna to eat now?
Dream: yoochun oppa please let changmin oppa have it ok?
Dream smiled at yoochun..
Yoochun: well.. ok..
Changmin hugged dream..
Changmin: dream is the best..
junsu: not fair.. i also want..
Dream: than everyone have one than..
yunho: oh yea..
jaejoong: ok.. i go upstair change my clothes..
the rest went to change their clothes while yoochun help dream..

Dream: oppa.. you place the pancake on the table..
Yoochun: ok..
dream: oppa.. this is for you.. plus a pudding..
Yoochun: oh.. only for me?
dream: yea.. faster eat.. don;t let them know about it..
dream wink at yoochun..
Yoochun POV: i gonna be in deep love with her man.. she always giving me surprise without me knowing about it..
yoochun smiled and winked back to dream..
after yoochun finished his pancake and pudding.. the rest came down..
yunho: why only one plate has big portion than the rest..
Dream: ohh.. that one for changmin..
Changmin: dream know me the best..
Jaejoong: not fair..
Junsu: you know our changmin is a big eater..
Yunho: it is ok.. soon we will had our dinner..
Junsu: dream.. thanks for making us food..
Dream : welcome.. but yoochun oppa also got help me with it..
Yoochun: haha..
dream and yoochun prepare for dinner.. while the rest slack at living room watching tv..

Yoochun: hey guy.. dinner ready.. help to layout the table..
Junsu: ok..
yunho and jaejoong layout the table.. while changmin and junsu help to carry the food on the table.. yoochun scoop rice for the rest.. dream washing the dishes..
they started to had dinner...
Jaejoong: so what you and dream do?
Yoochun: we went shopping..
Yunho: oh.. what stuff you guys buy?
Dream: some clothes and food..
Changmin: food????
Yoochun: food is what you eating now..
Changmin: ohh..
Junsu: only buy yoochun clothing?
Yoochun: nope.. also dream..
Dream: yea.. we help each other choose..
Jaejoong: how you guys try it on? yoochun never been spotted by people..
Dream: ohh.. i told the saleperson that my boyfriend is shy.. so hope that the fitting room only me and him..
Junsu: what boyfriend?
Dream: ohh.. i just bluff the saleperson.. so won't spot yoochun oppa..
Junsu: thanks god..
Yoochun: why? someone is jealous..
Junsu: who say...
yunho: dream is helping you yoochun.. if not you think you can buy stuff so easily..
dream: oh.. before i forget.. i also brought stuff for you guys..
Changmin: really?
Jaejoong: my little girl is so sweet to us..
Dream: i pass you guys later after dinner..
Yunho: let eat..
After dinner.. they help to clean up.. and seat at the living room..
dream went to her room to get the stuff for them..

Dream: yunho oppa.. this is for you..
Yunho: oh .. this is the new serial of comic was out yesterday...
Yoochun: when she was shopping all was thinking about you guys..
Yunho: thanks dream..
Dream: this book is changmin oppa..
Changmin: oh.. how you know i this kind of book?
Dream: oh.. when i pack you guys room.. than i saw you like some kind of this book.. hope you like..
Changmin: i like a lot.. just i don;t have the time to buy it... thanks you so much.. no wonder we born the same year.. you know me very well..
Jaejoong: ok ok.. dream know us well ok..
Dream: oh.. oppa.. this ear is for you..
Jaejoong: nice design..
Yoochun: look careful.. inside have a H in it.. stand for your name..
Jaejoong: oh.. that cool.. i just need a earring badly.. i just broken my fav last few day..
Dream: yea.. i saw it.. you place it on your table..
Jaejoong: you are very attentive on us..
Dream: haha.. cos you all are my oppas.. and i am your manager.. must take care of you guy well..
Yunho: yea.. thanks for taking care well..
Dream: haha.. junsu oppa.. can you promise me one thing?
Junsu: ohh.. so sudden.. ok..
Dream: promise me to rest well.. only when you free time than play your game ok?
Junsu: sure.. i will..
Yunho: are you sure?
Junsu: of cos.. i already promised dream..
Dream: ok.. this is for you..
Junsu: oh.. this is the newest soccer game in the market..
JAejoong: you just promise.. don;t forget..
Junsu: ok ok.. i will play during my free time.. thanks dream..
Dream: welcome..
JAejoong: anyway you guy going japan tomorrow afternoon right?
Yunho: yea.. you will be joining us the next three days..
Jaejoong : yea..
Dream: ohh.. i heard from your manager.. but why jaejoong oppa join later?
Yoochun: cos he still have to shooting his drama..
Dream: oh..
Changmin: ok.. i need to go pack my stuff.. good night guys.. i feeling very tired.. thanks dream..
Dream: oh.. ok.. good night oppa..
Yunho: ok.. let go pack our stuff.. before we forget anything before we left japan..
Yoochun: ok..
Jaejoong: i need to rest early.. very tired not enough sleep..
Dream: ok.. me too.. good night oppa..
Yunho: junsu.. you not going to pack your stuff..
Junsu: oh i go get some water first than pack my pack..
Yunho: ok..
Dream: junsu oppa.. you need my help?
the rest went up.. only left junsu and dream in the living room..

Junsu: oh.. it is ok..
Dream: ok than.. i go and sleep.. sleep early ok?
Junsu: dream..
Dream: yea?
Junsu: we will be away for two week in japan..
Dream: oh.. i know.. but you must take care ok?
Junsu: i will.. you also ok?
Dream: i will..
Junsu: but i will call you when i in japan..
Dream: sure oppa.. just call me when you need me..
Junsu: haha.. ok..
Junsu hugged dream..
Junsu: good night..
Dream: good night..
both of them went back their room..


Chapter 44

Next morning.. dream wake up and went to market and brought food back..
she started to make breakfast for dbsk..
she was thinking about jaejoong's birthday..
his birthday is coming the next two days..
while dream is cooking.. junsu came down to the kitchen..
Junsu: dream.. what are you thinking? you are so into your thinking man..
Dream: oh.. good morning oppa..
Junsu: good morning..
Dream: oh.. i was thinking something that i don;t want to let you know..
Junsu: oh.. why?
Dream: just joking.. thinking about some stuff..
Junsu: work stuff?
Dream: maybe.. oh.. before i forget.. on the table there is ginseng product.. is for you guys..
Junsu: oh dream.. you are so thoughtful to us..
Dream: in japan.. weather might be different in here.. i worried that you guys get sick easily..
Junsu: oh.. but you must take care too ok?
Dream: sure.. oppa you too..
Junsu: let me help you to layout the table..
Dream: thanks oppa..

while them are prepare breakfast.. the rest also came down..
yunho: oh.. dream..
DReam: yea oppa?
Yunho: this key is for this house.. yesterday manager ask me to pass you..
Dream: oh.. thanks..
Yunho: so you don;t need to wait for manager or one of us open the door for you..
Dream: but i scare to disturb you guys daily life..
Yoochun: won;t.. we are glad that you are here..
Changmin: yea.. having you in this house is the best thing in the world..
Jaejoong: don;t think too much.. just keep it.
Dream: ok.. let have breakfast.. before that.. you guy take some ginseng product with you guys.. give you guys more energy and help your health too..
Changmin: thanks dream..
Yoochun: you take care well.. you also..
Yunho: we will be away for two week..
Dream: oh ok.. when i am free i will come do some cleaning..
Junsu: it is ok.. i don't think won't be messy when we are not around..
Dream: haha.. so you are the one make the house messy..
Changmin: yea.. all is his stuff.. if not is the others..
Yunho: hey.. you better eat your breakfast..
Dream: ok ok.. let eat than.. after breakfast i need to go back office..
Jaejoong: need me drive you back?
Dream: it is ok.. you still have shooting later..
Junsu: than i send you home..
Dream: it is ok.. you guys later have flight to catch.. don;t worry i am ok..
Yunho: than just text us when you get back..
Dream: ok..
after the breakfast.. they clean up and dream went back home before she heading to office..

dream reached home and texted dbsk. she started to do her proposal for big bang concert DVD..
suddenly dream's phone rang..
Dream: yoboseyo..
G-dragon: hey girl..
Dream: oppa.. how are you?
G-dragon: very bad.. days without you is like crazy..
Dream: hahaha.. you still have the rest in big bang..
G-dragon: it is different..
Dream: you looking for me for?
G-dragon: ohh.. just wanna listen to your voice..
Dream: ohh.. had you eaten your breakfast?
G-dragon: yea.. how about you?
Dream: yea..
G-dragon: anyway.. later are you going back office?
Dream: huh? which office?
G-dragon: your company..
Dream: yea.. after will be going to your company..
G-dragon: really? so i can see you in my company..
Dream: yea.. we are talking about big bang concert DVD...
G-dragon: done already?
Dream: yea..
G-dragon: i can't wait to see..
Dream: it will be a great hit when released in the market..
G-dragon: yea.. it is your hard work..
Dream: nope.. it is you guys..
G-dragon: ha ha.. ok.. than i will see ya later..
Dream: yea.. see ya later..
G-dragon: miss ya..
Dream: oh.. take care.. bye bye..
G-dragon: bye bye.. muacks..
G-dragon kissed the phone and hang up..

Dream POV: oppa so funny.. maybe this how he treat his sister or family..
Dream POV: how about jaejoong oppa birthday?
Dream POV: i cannot do the same thing as junsu birthday party..
Dream POV: somemore i don't have much time..
Dream POV: i know what to give him already.. beside that i bake a cake for him..
Dream POV: ok deal..

After dream finished her proposal.. she went to her office..
dream went to jungmin's office..
Dream knock the door..
Jungmin: come in..
Dream: good afternoon oppa..
Jungmin: good afternoon.. here you come..
Dream: this is my proposal..
Jungmin: what you plan with the DVD?
Dream: i think we should add on a mini photo book of big bang..
Jungmin: had you think the budget?
Dream: yea.. it will push up the sale. if just DVD it will very plain..
Jungmin: yea.. good idea..
Dream: i plan the budget in the proposal..
Jungmin: i trust you.. you get Ming to contact the bigbang manager about their time and the shooting time..
Dream: ok.. i will arrange it..
Jungmin: get it done soon.. cos i don't wanna drag this too longer.. as you know the market..
Dream: yea oppa...
Jungmin: good.. i trust your working ability..
Dream: ok.. oppa i go out and arrange it..
Jungmin: after you settle it.. we need to pass the proposal to YG..
Dream: yea..
Jungmin: ok.. after you done than we will go to their office..
Dream: ok oppa.. than i left first..
Jungmin: ok.. and also thanks you..
Dream: no need thanks me.. this is my job..
Jungmin: ok.. let make this project another great hit..
Dream: yea.. fighting..
Dream left jungmin;s office and she went to Ming's office..

She knock on Ming;s office..
Ming: come in..
Dream: good afternoon Ming..
Ming: good afternoon..
Dream: this is the proposal of the DVD stuff..
Ming: oh.. i should get it from your office.. somemore you are my boss..
Dream: haha.. it is ok.. i need you contact big bang's manager to check their time is best for them to shoot the photo book..
Ming: photo book?
Dream: ohh.. i forget to tell you.. it will come together with the DVD.. cos just DVD is just plain.. also repay their fans for their support toward big bang..
Ming: dream you really wow person man.. can think about different idea man..
Dream: haha.. it just my proposal.. but haven approve by their company..
Ming: i am sure.. they will agree your idea..
Dream: anyway also contact the photographer when the proposal is final..
Ming: ok..
Dream: i will contact soon.. will the proposal is approved..
Ming: ok.. thanks..
Dream: i should thanks you for helping me doing a lot stuff..
Ming: haha.. i should thanks you too..
Dream: okok.. let put our effort in this project..
Ming: yea..
Dream: ok.. i go back to do my stuff..
Ming: ok.. need my help just call me..
Dream: okok..
Dream left Ming's office and went back to her office..
She checked the design of the DVD cover and the info of the DVD..
she also get a prototype of the album..
soon it done.. she went to jungmin's office..

Dream knock on jungmin's door..
Jungmin: come in..
Dream: oppa.. i am done..
Jungmin: ok great.. i already contact YG.. he is happy with your idea.. just we need to go over to sign the contact..
Dream: ok.. i also bring the prototype of the DVD cover and the info of the DVD..
Jungmin: oh dream.. you are wonderful man.. i almost forget about that..
Dream: ok.. i already prepare everything even the contact too..
Jungmin: really? you already can read my mind man..
Dream: haha.. i though it is normal thing to remember..
Jungmin: haha.. you are the best worker in this company man..
DReam: ok.. let go before we are running late to YG company..
Jungmin: okok.. let go..
so dream and jungmin went to YG company...

in YG company..
they went in to YG's office..
Jungmin: hey buddy..
YG: yea..
Dream: good evening oppa...
YG: good evening.. i already heard about your proposal already..
Dream: oh.. ok.. this is proposal..
YG: ok..
While YG reading, proposal.. big bang came in..
Taeyang: hyung.. later going dinner together or.. oh dream you are here..
Dream: hello.. good evening..
taeyang hugged dream..
Taeyang: we miss you a lot..
Dream: haha.. i miss you guys too.
so the rest big bang also hugged dream..
YG: cough cough..
Jungmin: hey you guys.. your boss gonna say something..
Daesung: yea boss..
YG: haha.. i know you guys miss each other.. anyway dream.. your proposal is approved..
Jungmin: yea.. see dream.. i told you your idea is great..
Seung ri: what idea?
Dream: is about you guys concert DVD..
G-dragon: that great.. when will be out?
Jungmin: soon.. but we need you guys..
G-dragon: huh for?
Jungmin: dream's idea was create big bang photo book with the dvd.. also show your thanks to your fans..
TOP: great idea..
Dream: you guys also must write your thanks toward to your fans..
Taeyang: cool.. without them.. i think we are nothing..
Seung ri: haha.. oh my fans is crazy over me again after this DVD came out..
dae sung: stop day dream again..
YG: okok.. we need to get it done fast..
Jungmin: yea..
Dream: ohh.. by the way.. big bang which don;t have event so we can do the photo book asap..
G-dragon: tomorrow we don;t have any event..
YG: than let do it tomorrow..
Jungmin: dream.. contact the photographer and the studio..
Dream: yea oppa..
TOP: ok.. let go for dinner than..
YG: yea.. buddy join us saem as dream too..
Dream: it is ok.. i need to prepare the thing for tomorrow..
YG: buddy you putting your staff so much work..
Jungmin: haha..
Dream: it is ok.. it is my job.. you guys enjoy your dinner than..
Taeyang: i think i cannot join you guy dinner.. i need to practice my dance..
YG: oh yea.. than the rest go for dinner than..
Seung ri : ok.. let go..
so the rest went for dinner only left tae yang and dream..

Taeyang: dream.. you now going where?
Dream: erm.. go home..
Taeyang: i fetch you back..
Dream: it is ok.. i though you got dance practice?
Taeyang: haha.. i just bluff.. cos i have something important to ask you..
Dream: ohh.. about what?
Taeyang: erm.. let go your house talk?
Dream: oh can.. than we take away some food for dinner at my house than..
Taeyang: ok..
so taeyang and dream went to her house..


Chapter 45

At dream's house..
Dream: oppa have a seat at the sofa.. sorry my house a bit messy now..
Taeyang: oh it is ok.. my room is much more messy than yours..
DReam: haha.. really?
Taeyang: yea..
Dream: ok.. let me put those food in the plate first.. any drink for you?
Taeyang: oh.. just ice water will do..
Dream: ok.. just a moment..
Taeyang looking dream living room.. he saw there was a collection of DBSK album and Big bang album..
Taeyang: dream.. you collect our album from the start untill now?
Dream: yea.. being producer need to know your client well..
Taeyang: ohh.. how about DBSK?
Dream: i actually their fans..
Taeyang: really? not big bang fan?
Dream: haha.. i am both boyband fan.. i am those will crazy over you guys..
Taeyang: hahaha.. but i didn;t see crazy over us..
Dream: only you don;t know..
Taeyang: haha.. i know you are joking..
Dream: haha.. opps.. you spot it.. actually i like both big bang and dbsk songs.. it was great..
Taeyang: thanks..
Dream: when you guys sing english.. it give a feel that you all not korea people.. like america born korea..
Taeyang: really?
Dream: yea.. your english speaking is great..
Taeyang: thanks..
Dream: ok.. come over here.. dinner is ready..
Taeyang: ok..
both of them had dinner together..

After dinner, dream clear up the dishes while taeyang clean the table..
Dream: oppa.. what thing so important you wanna to tell me?
Taeyang: actually nothing.. just feel like talking with you and had dinner with you..
Dream: oh really? if you got any problem you can share with me.. i glad to be your listening ear..
Taeyang: thanks.. actually i like a girl.. but i feel like a lot people also like her.. i don't know how to express to her..
Dream: wow.. that girl must be popular among guys.. who also like her?
Taeyang: not sure.. but i am sure that the girl already walked in my heart...
Dream: than just tell her.. maybe she also had feeling for you too..
Taeyang: really?
Dream: you might not know what happen.. just be romantic.. give her surprise and confess to her..
Taeyang: great idea.. what kind of surprise?
Dream: oppa.. this you must think yourself.. it show from your bottom of your heart to her..
taeyang: oh ok..
Dream: fighting.. you can do it..
taeyang: yea.. sorry to disturb you the whole night..
Dream: it is ok oppa.. when you need me.. i will be there..
dream hugged taeyang..
Dream: oppa.. you can do it..
taeyang blushed..
Taeyang: ok.. i think i need to go.. if not the rest will looking for me..
Dream: ok.. you want me send you down?
Taeyang: it is ok.. send me to the door..
Dream: ok..
dream send taeyang to the door..
taeyang: dream thanks for everything..
Dream: i didn't help much.. all you need is your heart toward the person..
taeyang: yea.. take care..
Dream: you too.. always smile.. you can do it.. bye bye..
Taeyang: bye bye..
taeyang left..

Dream went back her room..
she called ming..
Ming: yoboseyo..
Dream: hey brother.. good news.. our proposal is approved..
Ming: that great.. i already book the studio.. they say this week their studio can be use any time..
Dream: that great..big bang is free tomorrow..
Ming: ok.. i will contact the photographer now..
Dream: ok.. thanks..
Ming: i should thank you for checking big bang time for me..
Dream: it just happen to ask..
Ming: haha... ok.. i better contact the photographer.. i call you back later..
Dream: ok ok..

Dream started to do the rundown for the photoshooting..
Ming texted dream that the photographer is confirmed..
DReam texted ming to inform everyone to report at 10am in the studio and big bang at 11am..
after she finish the rundown.. she started to make jaejoong birthday present..
she spend four hours doing it.. now already 4 am in the morning..
Dream POV: i still missing something..
Dream POV: oh.. it is the cake..
dream went to down to 24hours supermarket..
she started to bake the cake..
after she finish baking the cake than she find out that it is already 9am..
Dream POV: oh man.. i feel so sleepy now..
DReam POV: cannot.. later i having work to do..
Dream went to bath and prepare to go the studio..
before that she wrap the present and put the cake in the fridge before she left..

when dream reached studio.. she was late ten minutes..
Dream: sorry i was late..
Jungmin: it is ok..
Ming: i already prepare the set up already..
Dream: ok..thanks.. this the rundown for today..
Jungmin look at the rundown..
Jungmin: ok good..
Ming: dream.. i already brought breakfast for you and the crew..
Dream: thanks ming..
Ming: welcome..
Jungmin: go had your breakfast first..
Dream: ok..
Ming: dream.. you seem to look tired..
Dream: really? i didn't sleep last night..
Ming: poor thing.. what you do last night..
Dream: haha.. don't tell you..
Ming: okok.. fast eat your breakfast.. i go take a look at the set up..
Dream: ok.. thanks..
While dream having her breakfast.. big bang and YG come in..

TOP: good morning dream..
dream stared in the air without reply TOP..
Taeyang: good morning dream...
the rest also greeted her.. but she still no reply..
when G-dragon touched dream shoulder..
Dream was shocked and drop her spoon..
Dream: sorry.. sorry..
Daesung: dream.. are you ok?
Dream: oh.. i am ok.. just thinking of something..
Seung ri: noona.. are you sure?
Dream: don;t call me noona just call me dream.. haha.. i am ok..
YG: ok.. guys go make up and dress up..
bigbang: ok..
Dream: sorry YG oppa.. i was thinking something..
YG: it is ok..
Dream: ok.. i now go see the set up..
YG: ok..

While big bang was dressed up.. than dream confirm everything was done..
than they started to shoot their photo...
after shooting halfway.. they had break in between..
while everybody having lunch..
while big bang wanna look for dream to had lunch together..
they went into the resting room and saw dream sitting at sofa..
when TOP wanna call dream to have her lunch was stopped by Ming..
Ming: shh.. let her sleep..
Taeyang: what happen to her?
Ming: she didn;t get any sleep from yesterday..
TOp: why?
Ming: i think she is prepare the rundown and thinking of idea about the photobook about..
G-dragon: she is working too hard for her..
Ming: she want the best for you guys..
Daesung: so good of her..
suddenly dream wake up..
Seung ri: didn;t we disturb you?
Dream: oh.. sorry.. i fell asleep..
TOP: it is ok.. you can go back and sleep..
Dream: it is ok.. Ming.. what time already?
Ming: now we having lunch time..
Dream: okok.. i go check with jungmin so stuff first..
G-dragon: had your lunch first..
Dream: it is ok.. you guys eat first..
Taeyang: but.. you must had something first..
Dream: i am ok.. i will have it later..
daesung: ok.. we will left some food for you here..
Dream: thanks..

Dream went to find jungmin and YG..
they talking about the cover design and the photo book..
after that.. the photoshooting started again..
dream totally forget about her lunch..
untill the photo shoot is a wrap..
Jungmin: oh.. it is already 8pm..
YG: let go had dinner together than..
seung ri: finally.. it is a wrap...
Daesung: dream wanna join us for dinner?
Dream: it is ok.. i need to stay here to help to pack up..
Ming: you go ahead.. i will help to pack up..
Dream: it is ok.. i am will stay and help..
YG: dream.. go together?
Dream: thanks oppa.. after this.. i need to rush other place..
YG: jungmin.. you are a bad boss..
Jungmin: huh?
YG: after this.. you still have job for dream?
Jungmin: did i?
Dream: oppa.. you misunderstand jungmin oppa.. i going somewhere to find my friend..
YG: oh i see..
Jungmin: see.. i not a bad boss ok..
YG: than we leave first..
Dream: ok.. bye bye.. take care..
Jungmin: you too..
TOP: you sure not joining us?
Dream: nope.. enjoy.. anyway you guys done a good job in the shooting..
G-dragon: all is your effort..
Dream: nope.. it is you guys effort..
Dream hugged big bang.. and they went off with YG and jungmin for dinner..

Ming: dream..
Dream: yea?
Ming: are you rush to somewhere later?
Dream: yea.. i need to get the stuff packed fast than i need to go another place..
Ming: just leave it.. i will get it done..
Dream: but..
Ming: no but.. when it is done i will text you..
Dream: really?
Ming: yea..
DReam hugged Ming..
Dream: thanks ming.. i promise i own you a treat..
Ming: it is ok..
Dream: ok than.. thanks.. bye bye..
Ming: be careful..
Dream: you too.. love ya..
Dream left..
Ming POV: what she say? love me? thinking too much..

dream went home to get her present and the cake that she made for jaejoong..
before that she called jaejoong..
Jaejoong: yoboseyo..
Dream: oppa.. it is me.. dream..
Jaejoong: oh yea.. my darling..
Dream: what time will you back home?
Jaejoong: i still got one more scene.. why?
Dream: can we had dinner together?
Jaejoong: sure.. why not?
Dream: ok.. i will be waiting for you at home..
Jaejoong: but i scare it will the scene will be delay a bit..
Dream: it is ok..
Jaejoong: ok.. it is my turn now.. i call you when i am done..
Dream: ok.. fighting..

Dream think she still have time.. she went to buy some steak and other food and precooked at home before heading to DBSK house...
she was carrying a lot stuff.. but she had forget something important..
when she reached dbsk house.. when she wanna to open the door.. she find out she forget the key that she left at home..
Dream POV: i am so blur.. i remember the food, cake and present and forget about the key..
dream look at her watch.. it is already 9.30pm..
Dream POV: oppa must going finish his shooting.. should i call him?
Dream POV: what if he still shooting.. than will messy up the scene..
Dream POV: i just wait for him at the door than.. or i should go back and take the key? but i am carrying so many stuff.. just wait than..
But the weather suddenly changed.. it rain heavy..
Dream POV: oh my.. my cake and present and food..
Dream take out her jacket to cover the stuff.. while she was soaked with the rain..
Dream POV: oppa.. faster come home.. or i should call him...
dream 's phone rang..
Dream: yoboseyo..
Jaejoong: darling.. i done with the shooting.. on my way home..
Dream: ok..
Jaejoong: where are you?
Dream: i already at your house..
Jaejoong: but why so noisy?
Dream: oh.. erm..
Jaejoong: is there rainy heavily?
Dream: yea..
Jaejoong: i will be home in an hour time...
Dream: ok..
Dream POV: should i tell him that i am outside? never mind..
Jaejoong: see ya later..
Dream: ok.. drive carefully..
Jaejoong: ok.. bye..
Dream: bye..
JAejoong POV: why her background so noisy? maybe she is cooking or something..

when jaejoong reached home and saw a girl was waiting outside..
it was raining heavy that jaejoong cannot take a good look who was that..
he parked his car and come out with his umbrella and he saw dream was waiting outisde..
she was covering the food and stuff..
Jaejoong: dream..
Dream: oppa.. finally you at home..
Jaejoong quickly cover dream.. and help her carry stuff back to the house...
Jaejoong: don;t tell me you been waiting for one hour or more outside the house?
Dream: erm.. ahhh choo...
Jaejoong quickly take out his jacket cover dream and get a towel for dream..
Dream: sorry oppa..
Jaejoong: why don;t use your jacket cover yourself.. instead of the food?
Dream: i scare the food get wet.. than you don;t have dinner to eat..
Jaejoong: you silly girl.. we can go out and eat..
Dream: it is ok oppa..
Jaejoong: why never tell me on the phone that you are outside the house?
Dream: it is ok.. i scare to trouble you.. i don't want you to worry for me..
Jaejoong: you now making me worry for you..
jaejoong hugged dream tightly..
Dream: oppa.. i am sorry..
Jaejoong: i though you have the key for the house..
Dream: i forget to bring..
Jaejoong: you should call me and tell me..
Dream: i scare to disturb your shooting..
JAejoong: so you keep quite.. and waited outside with rain for so long..
Dream: sorry oppa.. ahhh choo..
JAejoong: now i order you get a hot shower now..
Dream: but..
Jaejoong: no but..
Dream: oppa..
JAejoong: what?
Dream: sorry.. the clothes i brought here already wet.. can i borrow your shirt and short?
JAejoong: sorry.. i was angry.. that.. never mind..
jaejoong pass dream a t-shirt and a pant..
Jaejoong: ok.. now go take a shower..
dream went to shower while jaejoong seat at the sofa..
Jaejoong POV: what happen to me? why i am so angry when dream was waiting for me in the rain..
JAejoong POV: it is because she will fall sick easily... but she can just left..
Jaejoong POV: why she never left or call me meet me dinner the next time?
Jaejoong POV: but i shouldn;t angry with her..
dream came out..
dream: oppa.. i am sorry to make you angry..
Jaejoong: not your fault.. i know you want to had dinner with me.. and waited me in the rain..
Dream: it is ok oppa.. oppa.. you go take shower while i make the food..
Jaejoong: it is ok.. let go out and eat..
Dream: never mind.. it will be fast.. go shower..
Jaejoong: ok..
Jaejoong went to shower.. while dream prepare the dinner..

Dream layout the table nicely with candles.. she heat up the food.. and place on the table..
she double check the cake is still ok... and she went to hide before jaejoong come down..
when jaejoong came down..
Jaejoong: dream..
he cannot find dream..
Jaejoong : dream.. where are you?
Dream looked at her watch..
Dream POV: still have 30 sec it will be jaejoong birthday..
dream hide properly that jaejoong cannot find her..
JAejoong POV: will she fainted somewhere in the house?
JAejoong: dream.. where are you? please reply me..
Dream POV: 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..
suddenly the light was off..
JAejoong: dream..
dream carry the cake filled with candles..
Dream: happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to jaejoong oppa.. happy birthday to you..
she placed the cake on the table..
Dream: oppa.. happy birthday to you..
JAejoong hugged dream tightly..
Jaejoong: you scared me when i cannot find you..
Dream: oppa.. i am here.. surprise..
Jaejoong: so you prepare all this for me..
Dream: yea.. it already over 12am.. it is your birthday..
Jaejoong: how you know is my birthday?
Dream: oppa.. you are a star.. everyone know your birthday...
Jaejoong: haha.. i almost forget about it..
Dream: oppa.. faster make a wish..
Jaejoong closed his eye made a wish and blowed the candles..
Dream: happy birthday oppa..
Dream use her hand filled whip cream and place on jaejoong's face..
Jaejoong: hey..
both of them playing with whip cream on each other face..
Dream: ok ok.. oppa you win..
Jaejoong: of cos.. still wanna to disturb me..
Dream: haha.. oppa.. you like this cake?
Jaejoong cut a piece and eat..
Jaejoong: yea.. it is strawberry shortcake.. it is nice..
Dream: hope you like it.. hope don;t taste bad..
Jaejoong: oh.. my dream bake a cake for me..
Dream: hope you like it..
Jaejoong: of cos.. i love it.. it is the best cake i had eaten..
Dream: thanks oppa..
Jaejoong: i should thanks you.. for celebration my birthday with me..
Dream: ok.. let me help you wipe away the cream on your face..
Jaejoong: ok.. now my turn to help you wipe off..
dream closed her eyes..
Jaejoong POV: i am touched by her.. what she done for me that no one had done for me before i meet her..
jaejoong was about kiss dream..
suddenly dream phone rang..
dream open her eyes.. jaejoong pretend he is about wipe the cream at her face..
it is was Ming texted her.. that the studio was packed up and everything went smooth..
JAejoong: who texted you?
Dream: oh.. it is ming.. he tell me the studio is packed already.. ask me don;t worry about it..
Jaejoong: so after your work, you rushed over here..
Dream: yea.. i scare i cannot make it on time for your birthday..
Jaejoong: oh.. so sweet of you..
Dream: cos you are my oppa..
Jaejoong: let me help wipe away the cream first..
Dream: it is ok.. oppa eat the food i prepare for you.. i go toilet and wash my face..
Jaejoong: oh ok..
jaejoong saw the table was nicely decorate by dream..
after dream washed her face...
both of them started to eat dinner together..

After dinner.. they clean up the table and seated at the living room..
Dream: oppa.. i had something for you..
Jaejoong: still got surprise for me?
Dream: yea.. close your eyes..
Jaejoong: ok..
Dream quickly went her room and get the present for jaejoong..
Dream: oppa.. you can open your eyes..
Jaejoong: wah..
it is a picture of jaejoong's face was created a lot photos from his past until now..
Dream: like it?
Jaejoong: i love it man.. how you do it..
Dream: it a gift from my heart..
JAejoong: thanks dream..
Dream: hope you enjoy the birthday celebration i made for you..
JAejoong: it is best birthday celebration i had..
jaejoong hugged dream..
Jaejoong: let watch some movie together..
Dream: ok..
jaejoong play dvd and they seated together...
Dream lay on jaejoong lap while watching the movie..
when the movie ended..
Jaejoong saw dream already fall asleep..


Chapter 46

Jaejoong slowly brush dream's hair away dream's face..
Jaejoong POV: how sweet of her.. plan my birthday without knowing it..
Jaejoong POV: must be very tired.. heard that she had a photoshoot production..
Jaejoong POV: making my present and birthday cake need a lot of time..
Jaejoong POV: she must be don;t have enough time of sleeping.
Jaejoong POV: i most touched by her when she is waiting for me in rain without leave or give up of waiting.. although i am heart pain seeing her getting soaked by the rain.
Jaejoong carry her back to her room.. after that he went to bed..

Next morning..
Dream wake up..
DReam POV: oh dear.. how i get back in my room? i must be fell asleep when watching movie with oppa.. ouch my head feel so heavy..
Dream quickly wake up and went to market buy some food back..
she cooked breakfast for jaejoong..
jaejoong come down from his room..
Jaejoong: good morning my darling..
he hugged dream from the back..
Dream: good morning oppa..
dream turn around and hugged jaejoong..
Dream: happy birthday to you oppa.. sorry about yesterday that i fell asleep while watching movie with you..
Jaejoong: it is ok.. i know you are tired..
Dream: oppa.. i had made chinese food for you?
Jaejoong: ohh.. what is that?
Dream: it is a tradition chinese food.. it is noodle.. only can be eat during your birthday..
Jaejoong: why during birthday?
Dream: don;t know.. this is i learn from my grand parent.. when you eat.. it mean you will have long life..
Jaejoong: hahaha.. that cool..
Dream: but you cannot bit the noodle.. you must eat it without break it..
Jaejoong: ohh ok..
DReam: ok.. go sit at the table.. gonna be ready soon..
Jaejoong: ok..
when the food is ready.. dream bring it to jaejoong..
Jaejoong: wah.. it smell good..
Dream: haha.. hope you like it..
Jaejoong: of cos.. you give me a lot surprise in my brithday..
Dream was wanted to sit down she almost fall..
Jaejoong: hey.. are you okay?
Dream: yea.. maybe not enough rest i think..
Jaejoong: your face look pale.. later i bring you to the doctor..
Dream: oppa.. it is ok.. i will take a rest..
Jaejoong: are you sure?
Dream: yea.. oppa.. later what event you have?
Jaejoong: later i had a shooting than at night having interview..
Dream: oh.. tomorrow morning you going to japan right?
Jaejoong: yea.. later are you going back your office?
Dream: i don;t think so.. i will clean the house..
Jaejoong: if you are tired.. it is ok.. you can go and rest.. don't worry the messy..
Dream: oh ok..
after jaejoong finish the food..
Jaejoong: i need to go.. anything just call me ok?
Dream: yea..
Jaejoong: you sure not going to the doctor?
Dream: yea.. take care..
Jaejoong: ok.. you too..
Dream: fighting.. bye bye..
Jaejoong: bye..
Jaejoong left..

dream started to packed the house.. when she went into yoochun's room.. she saw the photo that dream gave yoochun.. he placed in a photo frame on his table.. he wrote some korea words on it.. but dream cannot sure what he wrote on it.. so she didn't care about it.. she started to pack everyone room..

Dream called Ming..
Ming: yoboseyo?
Dream: oppa..
Ming: huh? are you dream?
Dream: yea.. haha..
Ming: it is weird that you call me oppa..
Dream: haha.. anyway how is the photoshoot?
Ming: picture still in process.. the photo studio and design of the cover will be out tomorrow..
Dream: ok.. that good..
Ming: so today no work for us yet.. where are you?
Dream: ohh.. i at some guy house..
Ming: what the.. doing what?
Dream: hahaha.. i at dbsk house.. remember i am their manager..
Ming: oh.. scare me.. i though the ben..
Dream: huh?
Ming: nothing..
Dream: ok than.. i will see you tomorrow..
Ming: ok.. bye.. take care..
Dream: you too bye..

when dream was about washing the clothes.. suddenly she had bad headache.. she just don;t care and hang those clothes.. when she going enter the house.. she collapsed..

after shooting.. jaejoong had a bad feeling about something..
JAejoong POV: does something going to happen??
Jaejoong POV: this morning i saw dream's face quite pale..
Jaejoong POV: don't tell me something happen to her..
Jaejoong's manager: jaejoong.. we going to have lunch together.. join us?
Jaejoong: give me a moment..
Jaejoong called dream phone..
but no one answer...
he keep calling but still no one answer..
Jaejoong: hyung i not joining you guys for lunch.. i need to go somewhere..
Jaejoong's manager: ok ok.. remember you got interview tonight.. don;t be late..
Jaejoong: ok..
jaejoong left..
while he driving back.. he keep calling dream..
Jaejoong POV: please answer the phone.. please answer the phone..
Jaejoong POV: hope nothing happen to you..

soon jaejoong reached the house..
jaejoong search the whole house.. but cannot find dream....
Jaejoong: dream.. don't play with me..
jaejoong tried to call dream phone again..
jaejoong heard the ringtone came from the back of the house..
he went back and look for dream..
he saw dream fainted at there..
he quickly carried dream into the car..
Jaejoong: dream.. can you heard me?
Jaejoong: god.. don;t anything happen to her..
soon he reached his doctor place..
he carry her and ask the doctor quickly attend her..
when the doctor was out of the room..
Jaejoong: doctor.. how is her?
Doctor: she running high fever and not enough vitamin.. she need to had drip after that she can go home..
Jaejoong: can i go in and see her?
Doctor: yea.. but she now still asleep..
Jaejoong: ok.. thanks doctor..
Doctor: jaejoong.. this is my first time saw you so panic for a girl..
Jaejoong: she is my manager..
Doctor: really? that time your manager sick.. you will not so panic as now.. you like her?
Jaejoong: nope.. cos she was sick just to surprise me..
Doctor: ohh.. so she like you?
Jaejoong: i not sure.. she was waiting for me in the rain just to surprise me..
Doctor: no wonder.. she is having high fever...
Jaejoong: yea.. just of my birthday..
Doctor: oh.. i forget to wish you.. happy birthday jaejoong..
Jaejoong: thanks.. hope she will get well soon..
Doctor: yea.. after the drip she can go home.. she just need more rest..
Jaejoong: thanks..
Doctor: go in and see her.. i going to see another patient..
Jaejoong: thanks..

jaejoong went in and see dream..
Jaejoong POV: my poor little girl.. sorry make you sick..
suddenly jaejoong's phone rang..
Jaejoong: yoboseyo..
Jaejoong's manager: where are you?
Jaejoong: oh.. meeting my friend..
Jaejoong's manager: remember you got a interview later..
Jaejoong: yea hyung..
Jaejoong's manager: don;t be late..
Jaejoong: ok.. bye..
Jaejoong's maneger: bye..
Jaejoong need to leave but dream haven wake up so as the drip haven finish..
so jaejoong told the doctor when dream wake up and finish the drip call him.. and don't let dream go back herself..
jaejoong left for the interview..

soon dream woke up..
Dream: where is this place?
nurse: you in hospital..
dream: how i get here?
Nurse: it was jaejoong who brought you here..
Dream: ohh.. what happen to me?
Nurse: you are running high fever... you also had cold too..
Dream: why i need drip?
Nurse: cos you don;t have enough vitamin..
Dream: oh.. thanks.. so i can leave now?
Nurse: yea.. soon after your drip finish..
Dream: ok.. thanks..
Nurse: you and jaejoong are couple?
Dream: erm nope.. i am his manager..
Nurse: i though his manager is a guy..
Dream: oh.. i am his part -time manager..
Nurse: ohh.. i remember you.. i saw a news about you.. you are a producer of big bang MTV.. also the main girl in the MTV..
Dream: haha.. are you a big fan of big bang and dbsk?
Nurse: yea.. all of them are so hot and handsome..
Dream: haha.. why don't ask them for number?
Nurse: we cannot even had the chance they also won;t give..
DReam: yea.. they are idols..
Nurse: our doctor are dbsk's family doctor..
Dream: oic..
Nurse: our doctor forbid us get their signature and photo.. cos our job is nurse not fans..
Dream:ic.. go fro their autography session than...
Nurse: i wish.. neither i have shift or too many fans.. it is hard to get their autography..
Dream: sorry i cannot help you.. i think their manager will kill me if i do that..
Nurse: it is ok.. i understand.. actually seeing them in real person already very blessed..
Dream: so my drip is done now?
Nurse: let me check..
Dream: ok..
Nurse: yea.. let me inform the doctor.. you rest a while..
Dream: ok.. thanks..
Doctor came in..
Dream: hello doctor..
Doctor: hello.. you know me right?
Dream: yea.. that time when junsu was sick..
Docotr: yea.. you can go home already.. just remember to have more rest..
Dream: ok.. thanks doctor..
Doctor: but you need to wait for jaejoong..
Dream: huh? why?
Doctor: he told me when you are awake must contact him.. i think he gonna to fetch you home or something..
Dream: oh.. it is ok.. you just tell me.. i can get home myself..
Doctor: but..
Dream: doctor i feeling better.. i can walk.. jaejoong have event i don't want him disturb him..
Doctor: ok than.. you just wait a moment while i ask the nurse get your med..
Dream: ok.. thanks doctor..

while nurse get dream's med.. doctor tried to contact jaejoong but his phone is engaged so he leave a message..
Nurse: here is your med..
Dream: thanks..
Nurse: it is great to be their manager..
Dream: haha.. it is not a easy job..
nurse: yea.. i know.. they have a lot of crazy fan than me..
Dream: yea.. maybe..
nurse: get well soon
Dream: thanks..
Doctor: you not going wait for jaejoong?
Dream: nope.. help me tell him i going back to their house..
Doctor: ok.. are you sure to go back on your own?
Dream: yea.. thanks doctor..
Doctor: ok than..
Dream: bye doctor and nurse.. thanks for taking care of me..
Doctor: bye bye..
Nurse: bye bye..
DReam left...

soon after jaejoong finish his interview.. he rushed back hospital..
Jaejoong: doctor.. is dream awake?
Doctor: oh.. did you heard the message i left for you?
Jaejoong: sorry.. i switched off my phone.. i was having interview..
doctor: dream already left..
Jaejoong: oh no.. why you never contact me..
Doctor: i did..
JAejoong: sorry sorry.. i forget..
Doctor: she just left not long.. i think you can catch her on the way.. she told me she is going back to your house..
Jaejoong: ok ok.. thanks doctor..
jaejoong rushed off to find dream..
Doctor POV: he must be in love with her... if not he won;t be so worried..
Jaejoong POV: please nothing will happen to you..
Jaejoong drive slowly to find dream..
soon he find dream along the road.. he stopped his car and run toward dream..
he hugged dream..
Jaejoong: how can you not wait for me in the hospital..
Dream: sorry oppa.. i though you are busy with your work.. i don;t want to disturb you..
JAejoong: you know i going crazy when i cannot find you.. you know the moment you fainted in the house.. you know i was worry like mad.. i am so afraid something happen to you.. the moment i go back hospital and cannot find you.. you know i am worry that on the way you will faint again or something bad happen to you.. my mind is filled all is you..
Dream: sorry oppa.. i don;t know you were so worried about me..
JAejoong: now you know.. don't ever dare leave me..
Dream: oppa.. i am.
jaejoong cut dream with kiss on her..
suddenly aloud horn from a car..
jaejoong's car was blocking the little road that the car cannot pass through..
so they quickly got back the car.. on the way home.. both of them keep quite until they reached home..


Chapter 47

In DBSK's house..
JaeJoong: dream.. before you sleep, remember to take your med..
Dream: yea oppa.. i will take it now before i forget..
Jaejoong: i go get a glass of water for you..
Dream: thanks oppa..
*both of them feel shy talking to each other..*
Jaejoong: here you go..
Dream: thanks oppa..
JAejoong: ok.. i going back my room to shower.. good night dream..
Dream: good night oppa..

jaejoong went back to his room.. while dream packing the clothes that she hang this morning..
Dream POV: jaejoong oppa is leaving tomorrow to japan.. oh i forget to remind him about it..
Dream POV: ohh.. i forget to take photo with him since today is his birthday...
Dream look at the clock in the living.. fifteen minutes gonna to hit in twelve..
Dream faster pack the clothes and also get camera from her room..
so she quickly went up to jaejoong oppa's room.. and she forget to knock the door..
Dream: oppa..
jaejoong come out from the bathroom with a towel wrap his waist and hold another towel to dry his hair..
Dream quickly turn around and face the door..
Dream: sorry oppa.. i didn't see anything.. sorry sorry..
Jaejoong: Aigoo... it is ok..
Dream: oppa sorry sorry..
Dream quickly went out and close the door..
Dream: oppa.. faster dress up.. i got something important thing to do..
soon jaejoong wear a pant and shirt.. and open the door..
Jaejoong: i am done.. what stuff so important?

Dream look at the clock at jaejoong's room..
Dream: ok.. still got ten mintues..
JAejoong: huh?
Dream: oppa.. let take photo..
both of them seated on the bed..
JAejoong: why sudden take photo?
Dream: it is because is your birthday.. i wanna keep a memories for you and me..
JAejoong: ohh..
Dream: oppa.. let take photo.. before it hit twelve..
JAejoong: ok ok..
both of them take lots of photo in different pose..
Dream: haha.. oppa.. you look so cute in this photo..
Jaejoong: haha..
dream: oppa.. before i forget...
jaejoong: huh?/
dream hugged jaejoong..
jaejoong shocked by it..
Dream: it is a hug for your birthday..
Jaejoong: thanks..
Dream: sorry that your birthday still need to take care of me.. sorry for being sick...
JAejoong: what kind of ... *brush dream's hair* there is no need of sorry.. you being thoughtful to plan for my birthday.. just you are planning my birthday and make you fall sick.. it is also my fault..
Dream: oppa.. not your fault...
JAejoong: ok ok.. we don't think about it ok..
Dream: ok.. oppa.. you placed the gift that i gave you on your wall... you like it?
Jaejoong: of cos.. if not i won't place it on my wall..
Dream: haha..
JAejoong: that is your hard work and thoughtfulness for my birthday present.. and i love it lots lots...
Dream: oppa ahhh... ohh.. i forget to remind you.. tomorrow you going to japan.. have you packed your stuff?
Jaejoong: oh.. yea.. i almost forget about it.. thanks for remind me.. if not i gonna to rush to pack my stuff in the morning..
Dream: need my help?
JAejoong: it is ok..
Dream: really?
JaeJoong: yea.. you go and rest.. you just recovered.. doctor say you need to have more rest..
Dream: yea oppa.. can i stay in your room while you are packing? cos tomorrow i won;t be seeing you guys for about one or two weeks..
JAejoong: haha.. sure.. you wanna my photo to paste on your wall so you can see me everyday..
Dream: it is ok.. i rather paste other memeber photo than yours..
JAejoong: how dare you..
jaejoong tickle dream..
Dream: ok ok.. oppa.. oppa.. i was joking..
JAejoong: haha.. u rest on my bed first..
Dream: oppa.. you have printer to print photo out?
Jaejoong: yea..
Dream: can lend me to print some photos?
JAejoong: sure.. it is over there..
Dream: ok.. thanks oppa..

while dream was printing something, jaejoong busy packing his bag..
Dream: oppa.. i done printing the photos.. you still need to use the computer?
Jaejoong : yea.. i gonna check some mails before i went to bed..
Dream: oppa.. had you done packing your bag?
Jaejoong: haven.. why?
Dream: it is ok.. when you done than let me know..
JAejoong: okok.. you rest at my bed first..
Dream: yea oppa.
dream waited jaejoong finish packed his bag.. she already fell asleep..
JAejoong: this little girl..
jaejoong flashback when he send her to the doctor and he kissed her...
JAejoong POV: had i fall in love with her? couldn't be..
Jaejoong saw dream hold something onto her chest..
When jaejoong wanna take a peek on it.. he slowly take away from dream..
suddenly dream woke up..
Dream: oh.. oppa..
Jaejoong: oh.. i was wanted to wake you up..
Dream: sorry that i fell asleep..
Jaejoong: it is ok..
Dream: oppa.. this is for you although is printed from your computer..
Jaejoong take a look on it.. it was a photo of jaejoong and dream..
Dream: oppa.. this is a memories of your birthday..
Jaejoong: thanks.. i will keep it and place into a frame..
Dream: haha..
JAejoong wanna place the photo on his table.. he find behind the photo has a message on it.. when dream saw jaejoong was about turn the photo..
Dream: oppa.. please read after i left the room..
Jaejoong: ohh..
Dream: oppa.. good night..
dream quickly left jaejoong 's room and went back to her room..

Jaejoong take a look the message what dream wrote on it..
it stated:
JAeJoong Oppa..
Happy Birhtday to you.. i hope you enjoy your day on your birthday.. although i fell sick during your birthday.. i am so sorry about it.. but i wish you all the best whatever you do.. hoping that one day that we can cook delicious food together.. knowing that you had busy schedule but you need to take care of yourself and drink lots of plain water.. oppa... remember that i always be there to support you and when you need me i will be there for you.. just remember that we are just a phone call away.. always smile..=)

ps. sorry about my handwriting and my korea words..=p

Jaejoong POV: so sweet of her.. the little note she wrote on the photo really giving me energy for doing anything.. i shall keep it with me everyday..
JAejoong keep the photo on his fav book...
After jaejoong check his mails.. soon he went to bed..


Chapter 48

Next morning..
Dream woke up early to prepare breakfast for jaejoong.. she also prepare other stuff for other members..
Dream looked at the clock.. it is already 7am..
dream's POV: oppa flight should be at 10am.. must be book in 2 hours before the flight..
Dream POV: oh no.. oppa will be late if he had his breakfast..
Dream run up to Jaejoong's room..
Dream: oppa.. oppa.. wake up.. if not you will be late for your flight..
but jaejoong still in his sleep..
dream went close to jaejoong's face..
Dream POV: oppa's face is smooth.. every part is sharp.. no wonder so many fans in love with him..
Dream went blank while looking at jaejoong's face..
at the moment jaejoong open his eyes and saw dream look at him blankly..
Jaejoong POV: my face got something or?
Jaejoong: dream..
Dream regain her senses..
Dream: oppa.. it time for you to wake up..
Jaejoong: my face got something?
Dream: ohh.. nothing..
Jaejoong: really? why u stare my face while i am sleeping?
Dream's face went blushed...
Dream: ohh.. just know that your face is smooth..
Jaejoong: really? or you in love with me?
Dream's face getting hotter and red..
Dream: impossible.. i am your manager..
Jaejoong seat up on his bed.. and pull dream seat beside him..
Jaejoong: but your face has shown the answer to me..
Dream: what answer? erm.. you better go wash up and eat your breakfast..
Jaejoong: don't be shy my dream..
Dream: oppa.. i need to go down to preapre other stuff..
when dream was about stand up.. jaejoong pull her back.. jaejoong put his forehead on to dream forehead..
Jaejoong: tell me that you in love with me?
Dream: oppa.. we are just brother and sister.. or manager and idol..
Dream stand up..
Dream: oppa.. faster get ready.. if not you will late..
dream leave the jaejoong's room..
JAejoong POV: what had i done.. but my heart wanna to know the answer..
Dream POV: that was close.. but i really treat jaejoong oppa as my brother nothing else.. or i had some feeling for him? ohh i think too much.. somemore ben is back...

JAejoong come down with his bag..
Dream: oppa.. breakfast on the table..
Jaejoong: ok.. eating together?
Dream: nope.. you go ahead.. i had something to do..
Jaejoong: ok...
JAejoong POV: she is mad about me? the question i had ask her..
while dream was busy prepare thing and jaejoong was having his breakfast.. there is slience between them...
Jaejoong POV: i cannot stand anymore without talking to her..
Jaejoong: dream.. are you mad about me?
Dream: huh?
Jaejoong: the question that i ask you?
Dream: oppa.. i not mad about you.. don;t worry..
Jaejoong: but.. you since like angry with me..
Dream: ohh.. why u think that way?
Jaejoong: cos you always talk to me while i having my breakfast..
dream walk toward jaejoong..
Dream: how can i angry with my cute and handsome oppa..
jaejoong smiled..
dream bring out a box and give it to jaejoong..
Jaejoong: what that?
Dream: open it when you in the plane...
Jaejoong: ok..
Dream: oppa.. i had make some herbal tea for you and junsu oppa, changmin oppa, yoochun oppa, yunho oppa and manager oppa..
Jaejoong: wah... so many people?
Dream: yea.. don;t mind help me pass to them..
Jaejoong: sure.. no problem..

Jaejoong;s phone rang..
Jaejoong: yobuseyo..
manager: jaejoong get ready in 5min.. i coming over to pick you up..
JAejoong: yea hyung..
jaejoong hang up the phone..

Jaejoong: manager hyung say will pick me up in 5 min..
Dream: oh ok.. had you preapre everything?
JAejoong: yea..
Dream: that good..
Jaejoong: dream come over and chat with me.. if not you need to wait two week..
Dream: oppa.. we can chat on phone while you in japan..
Jaejoong: but oppa wanna take a good look of my dream..
Dream: haha.. you like to joke a lot..
Dream walked over to jaejoong..
jaejoong: oppa will miss you so much..
Dream: me also.. still got other oppas..
Jaejoong: hey.. you should say you will miss jaejoong oppa only..
Dream: oh ok.. i will miss jaejoong oppa... oppa's manager only...
dream stick out her tongue and run away..
Jaejoong: hey..
Jaejoong went after dream..
Dream: ok ok.. i lose..
jaejoong: you know can..
Dream: of cos i will miss u-know oppa..
jaejoong: you ahh..
suddenly big horn coming from otuside..
Dream: manager is here to pick you up..
jaejoong: yea.. ok.. take care my dream.. anything you can call me up..
Dream: same to you oppa...
jaejoong packed his stuff and take his bag walking to the door..
Dream: oppa..
jaejoong turn around..
Dream hugged jaejoong..
Dream: ok.. take care..
JAejoong: you too..
Dream: oppa.. fighting..
Jaejoong: fighting..
this time jaejoong open the door..
Dream: i will miss jaejoong oppa very much..
jaejoong turn around and smiled at dream..
dream smiled back to jaejoong..
jaejoong got up into the car and went to airport..
Dream POV: now the house only left me.. dbsk oppa left to japan already..

In the car..
JAejoong POV: dream already had a place in my heart.. the moment she say she will miss me.. my heartbeat like crazy yet i wanna tell her to wait for me..
Manager: the rest already settle in japan hotel.. they are wait for us to join them..
Jaejoong: yea..
Manager: someone is in good mood..
JAejoong: huh?
Manager: better work hard in japan..
Jaejoong: i will hyung...
when they got in the plane.. waiting to depart..
jaejoong open the box that dream gave him..
the box was filled with food in a shape of heart and his face.. there also a little note at there..
jaejoong read the note stated..


when you read this.. you must in the plane toward Japan.. i was worry that you will be hungry during the journary to Japan.. although i cannot join you guy in japan but i will pray for you guys all the best in japan.. i wanna to see oppa face just like the food that i made.. filled with the love of your fans and your smile.. oppa fighting...

ALways smile=) Dream...

Jaejoong POV: how sweet are you.. you are making me love you more than i could..
plane captain: dear passager.. we are now departing from korea to japan.. pls put on your seat bealt...

Dream was about leaving the house..
Dream POV: goodbye.. i will see you when they are back.. i already miss dbsk oppa..
Suddenly a plane fly over..
Dream POV: jaejoong must be in the plane.. oppa fighting..
Dream POV: i need to get back to work.. dbsk oppa fighting.. dream also fighting..


Chapter 49

Dream reached home.. she packed her stuff and change her clothes before she went back to office..
In Creative Film.
Ming went to Dream's office.
Ming knocked the door.
Dream: come in.,
Ming: hey. wats up girl.
Dream: oppa..
Ming: oppa? should be darling than..
Dream: you should happy if i call you darling..
Ming: of course. when are you marrying to me?
Dream: oppa..
Ming: oh.. calling me oppa.. i feel like heaven to me..
Dream: oppa oppa oppa..
Ming: why you never call me oppa in singapore than?
Dream: that time i don really know about korea langueges.
Ming: yea..
Dream: about the Big Bang concert DVD cover, poster and design everything is ok.
Ming: yea.. we also add in big bang personnal message too..
Dream: hmm.. that good.. tomorrow is the day of release the DVD..
Ming: yea.. hope it will be a great hit.
Dream: of cos. it is BIG BANG.
Ming: do you see the copy of the DVD in the table?
Dream: i even hang the poster in my office.. look at the door next to it.
Ming: oh.. haha.. u must be great fan of big bang..
Dream: kind of. haha.. of course..
Ming: oh.. Jungmin want you pass the rest copy to YG company.
Dream: yea.. he send me an email about it.
Ming: you wanna me follow you? it seem a lot of thing you need to carry.
Dream: it is ok..
Ming: ok.. i go do my work.. call you later..
Dream: ok..

Dream packed her stuff and went to YG company..
Dream: hello.. my name is dream. i looking for YG.
Secretary: hello.. you just go straight and turn right. you will see a meeting room. he is at there waiting for you.
Dream: thanks.
secretary: welcome.
dream walk to the meeting..
Dream knocked the door.
YG: come in..
Dream: annyong haseyo YG oppa..
YG: hey dream..
BIG BANG: hello dream..
Dream: why u guy all here?
YG: they cannot wait to see the DVD stuff..
Dream: oh i see..haha..
Dream layout everything on the table..
Dream: YG oppa.. can i request something from you?
YG: wats up?
Dream: can i have a copy of big bang autography?
Big Bang: sure..
YG: oh.. see you don't need to ask me.. you should ask them instead..
Dream: oh.. i was worried need for your approve..
YG: haha.. it is ok.. for own use right?
Dream: of cos.. it is my own collection...
After showing the DVD..
Dream: oppa.. i need to leave.. see you guys soon..
YG: take care..
Dream: oppa you too..
Big Bang: bye bye..
Dream: bye.. fighting..
when dream left the room...
G-dragon: ohh.. i got something tell dream..
YG: go ahead than..
top: hey.. what you gonna tell her? you can tell me..
without answer back..Gdragon left the room and chase dream..
YG: what happen to you and GD and dream?
Top: nothing.. just make fun..
before dream leaving th building.. she heard someone calling her..
G-dragon: hey dream.. wait for me..
Dream: oh oppa.. i though you guys still having meeting?
G-dragon: yea.. but i got something to tell you?
Dream: oh.. ok..
G-dragon pass a paper to dream..
G-dragon: meet me at this place.. at 10pm.. don't be late.. i will wait for you untill you come..
Dream: oh oppa..
Before dream can say any words..
G-dragon: got to go.. bye bye..
Dream: oppa.. i..
G-dragon went back to the meeting room..
Dream: oh.. oppa so werid.. meet me so random..
Dream look at the paper?
Dream POV: where is this place.. it is written in korea.. i don't really sure where is it.. i never been a lot place in korea.. hmm..
Dream went back company to settle some document before heading home.

at dream's home..
dream was checking email. sudddenly pop up message.
click to webcam..
dream click on it.
DBSK: hello dream..
Dream: oh my.. oppas.. how are you guys?
Yunho: we doing fine.. how about you?
Dream: so far so good.. how you guys know my skype ID?
Changmin: we got it from manager hyung.
Dream: oh.. haha.. how about you guys new song?
Yoochun: now prepare for recording.
Dream: i see.. good.. oppa i got question for you guys.
Jaejoong: wat ups?
Dream: do you know this place?
showing the address.
Junsu: oh my.. why you wanna go that place?
Dream: it is a scary place? cos i meeting someone there.
Junsu: it is a place for people dating. who is the person you meeting?
Dream POV: if i say GD. oh my.. cannot cannot..
Dream: just some client. talking about scene for some film.
JAejoong: i see..
Changmin: dream.. i miss your cooking..
Dream: haha.. soon.. when you guys are back..
Changmin: oh..
Yoochun: yah.. you only think of foods..
Changmin: nope.. i miss dream too..
Yoochun: ya right.
Changmin: what..
Dream: ok ok.. i miss you guys lots..
Yunho: dream.. forget to ask you.. do we disturb you working?
Dream: nope.. i just checking some mails.
Yunho: that good..
Dream: no worries oppa..
Junsu: i think we need to rest so as you..
Dream: yea oppa.. good night oppa.. miss you guys.
Junsu: me too..
DBSK: good nights..
Dream: fighting.. and Always smile..
DBSK: we will.. you too..
end of the webcam message..

Next day, dream went back office.
Ming: My darling dream.. we make it.. Big bang concert DVD was a great hit.
Dream: oh my.. Really?
Ming: yea.. it hit the top chart today.. plus the preorder. It was a great hit.
Jungmin: hey dream.
Dream: hello jungmin oppa..
Jungmin: thanks for putting so much effort in this project.
Dream: also thanks to our crew member and production
Jungmin: Ming tell the rest of the crew member that we going having party tonight.
Ming: yes sir.
Dream: how about YG’s side?
Ming: they have much work to do than us.
Dream: ohh..
Jungmin: yea.. they have promotion around korea plus they got tv station and radio station interview.
Dream: jungmin oppa. So tonight we going where to celebrate?
Jungmin: in our studio. I forget to tell you we also have studio for piano and dance area.
Dream: really? So can I use the studio?
Jungmin: silly of course can. You are the producer in the company.
Dream: thanks oppa.
Jungmin: plus I got good news for you..
Dream: oh my.. what is it?
Jungmin: I give you three week holiday..
Dream: really? So can I go japan to look for DBSK oppas?
Jungmin: of course you can.. it also your job as their manager..
Dream: ok.. I will contact manager oppa.. gonna be big surprise for them.
Jungmin: I think you in love with them.
Dream: oppa ahh.. cos yunho oppa just next week. I thought giving birthday surprise for him.. but since you giving me holiday I will make big for him..
Jungmin: sound cool.. you need any help for it?
Dream: maybe I need your studio to practice it.
Jungmin: haha.. your mind is full of werid idea.
Dream: haha.. yea yea.. come into surprise there always fun or werid will appear in my mind.
Jungmin: ok.. let go buy some food and goodies back.. while Ming calling the rest back..
Dream: ok.. let go than!
Jungmin and dream went to buy lots of food and goodies back to company to celebrate their success in Big bang ‘s project.
After celebration, it was already 10pm. Everyone was packing up, dream went back to her office to et her stuff..
Dream POV: I think I forget something.. something important..
Dream pick her stuff and look into her desk with big bang’s DVD.
Dream POV: oh.. I remember I meeting Ji yong oppa at 9pm at this place..
Dream quickly grab her stuff..
Ming: hey dream.. you are rushing off where?
Dream: sorry ming.. I got to go.. I have something urgent to attend..
Ming: you need me to drive you there?
Dream: it is ok.. you help the rest clear up the place.. thanks.. and sorry..
Ming: it is ok.. take care.. anything just call me..
Dream: I will..
Dream hop into a cab..
Dream: hello uncle.. I need to get this place..
Uncle: ok!
Dream: thanks uncle.. don’t mind can drive faster cause I am late..
Uncle: I try my best..
Dream: thanks uncle..

Dream reached the place.. she looking at her watch already 10.30pm..
Dream's POV: oh dear.. where is ji yong oppa..
Dream try to call GD.. but no one answer the call...
Dream walk around to look for him.. but only two couple around..
Dream's POV: oppa.. something happen to you?
Dream feel like crying.. the feeling like lost..
Dream's POV: oppa.. please be safe...
Dream keep calling and calling GD's phone.. but no one pick up..
Suddenly, the whether changed.. it become cold and colder it rains.
Dream's POV: oh dear.. i cannot leave this place until oppa come..

GD: meet me at this place..at 10pm.. don't be late.. i will wait for you until you come..

Dream's POV: oppa.. please be safe..
Dream went to grab a cardboard to cover her head..

In radio station..
DJ: once again thanks big bang for the interview..
Seung ri: yeah.. time for break.. right hyung?
Manager: yea yea.. don't be too excited..
Daesung: not fair.. i still have shooting for family outing..
TOP: too bad.. i will see you working hard from the TV..
Taeyang: yea.. i need to prepare for my album..
GD: i gonna write some song too..
GD flip open his phone...
Stated: 50 missed call..
GD's POV: oh dear.. who the hell call??
Caller: Dream *MY LOVE*
GD POV: oh shit.. i forget about our date..
GD: hey guys.. i need to rush off to some place.. bye guys..
The rest: to where?
GD left the radio station and grab a cab..
TOP: weird guy.. don know what he thinking.. so randomly left us..
Manager: let go for supper..
Seungri: yeah..

On the way..
GD's POV: oh dear! it is raining.. already 11.30pm...
GD listen to dream voice message..
*message 1*
Dream: oppa.. where are you? i am sorry that i am late..
*message 2*
Dream: oppa.. oppa.. i can't find you.. please call me...
*message 3*
Dream: oppa.. i really scare.. don't scare me please..
*message 4*
Dream: oppa ahh.. please be safe.. i will be waiting for you until you come..
*message 5*
Dream: ~sob~sob~ oppa.. please be safe..i should be here early.. i am sorry..
*message 6*
background sound: raining heavy..
Dream: oppa.. i will be here waiting for you..
GD: uncle.. can you drive faster..
Uncle: i try.. now having traffic jam..
GD try to call Dream.. but it is unavailable..
GD's POV: dream please be safe..
GD: uncle take how long to reach..
uncle: it might take 30 min..
GD: uncle no another way to reach there early?
Uncle: sorry.. don't have.. we already at the highway...
GD's pov: dream be safe.. i am sorry..

Dream still waiting at the same spot..
Dream's POV: oppa ahh.. i feel so cold and my head are so heavy right now..
Dream look at her watch.. already 12am..
Dream try to call GD again but her phone batt are low..
Dream's POV: oh dear.. how oppa gonna contact me..
Dream started to imaging that something bad happen to GD..
dream cannot help it but cry and wait for him..

The moment GD reach the place..
GD: thanks uncle.. keep the change..
GD saw a little girl holding cardboard..
GD shouted: DREAM ahh!!
dream's pov: did someone shouted my name? or just my imaging again?
GD run toward Dream..
Dream lift her head and saw GD..
Dream huggged without any thinking..
Dream: oppa...~sob~sob
Dream: oppa.. i though something bad happen to you.. i am sorry that i am late..
GD: babo.. not your fault.. you should leave but not wait like this..
Dream: you say you will wait for me until i come.. i scare you cannot find me if i left..
GD was touched the words dream said..
GD: let's go..
Dream: yea oppa..
Dream feel something so heavy in her head and make her faint..
GD: dream let's go..
GD wanted to hold dream yet he saw her collapse..
GD: dream ahh..
GD quickly grab dream..
GD's POV: oh dear.. she running high fever..
Gd quickly sent dream to hospital...

In hospital..
GD: doctor faster...
Doctor: we will take over from here..
GD's POV: dream please be safe..
after 15min.. doctor come out..
GD: doctor.. how is her?
Doctor: i already give her injection. her temperature has lower down.. lucky she was sent in early.. if not it might worse and affect her brain and heart..
GD: thanks doctor..
Doctor: you can go in..
GD: thanks a lot..
GD saw dream laying on the bed.. her face look pale..
GD: dream.. i am sorry.. i should come early.. i am the one who at fault.
GD hold Dream's hand..
GD: please forgive oppa.. i don't know what will happen if i come later..
GD touch dream's forehead..
Dream: oppa..ji yong oppa.. please be safe..
GD: dream.. i am here..
dream open her eyes..
Dream: oppa..
dream hugged GD..
GD: dream.. i am sorry..
Dream: thanks god.. you are safe..
GD: how silly you are..
Dream: i am worries.. where am i?
GD: silly girl.. you for me in the rain.. when i found you.. you just hugged me and suddenly fainted..
Dream: i am sorry oppa..
GD: babo.. i should say sorry to you..
Dream: as long you are safe.. i am ok..
GD: ok.. rest well...
Dream: oppa.. you not leaving me here?
GD: you just lower your temperature.. you should staying here rest..
Dream: oppa.. i am scare in place that i not familiar with..
GD: don't worry.. i will be here with you..


always smile..=)

ps. i will write one chapter per day.. unless i not free to write..

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